Ms. Yu Huijuan, a Practitioner from Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province was Put into Solitary Confinement in Masanjia Labor Camp

After protesting her mistreatment by means of a hunger strike, Yu Huijuan was finally released in February after being held for over one month. She was reunited with her young daughter. However, two weeks later, on April 3rd, she was once again abducted by Longcheng Public Security Sub-bureau. The decision to arrest her was made by Huang Dianxiang and others. The next day the authorities sent her to the notorious Masanjia Labor Camp. At present, Yu Huijuan is on a hunger strike and is being tortured. She has been put into solitary confinement.

Ms. Jiang Wei, a Practitioner from Chaoyang City, Liaoning Province, Became Extremely Weak as a Result of Torture

Jiang Wei was sent to the Masanjia Labor Camp at the same time as Yu Huijuan (above). She was severely tortured and became extremely weak. The labor camp later sent her back to Chaoyang City, but her local police still refused to release her. She is now detained at the Shijiahetao Detention Center. Police are trying to keep her situation secret. At present, Jiang Wei and her daughter are detained in the same cell.

Jiang Wei once had a happy family. However, the persecution shattered the four-member-family. She was first detained at Masanjia Labor Camp for nearly two and a half years until she became suffered a mental collapse as a result of torture. Upon her release, she could not return to her home in order to avoid persecution and arrest. With help from fellow practitioners, she finally recovered. After being separated from her mother for several years, her older daughter Xiaoxiao was afraid to leave her. At present, both mother and daughter are detained. These are pictures of their home after it was ransacked.

The other photo shows the food left uneaten when police arrived and arrested practitioners at Jiang Wei's home.

Telephone number of Chaoyang City Wujiawa Detention Center: 86-421-3814329

Shijiahetao Detention Center: 86-421-3902127

The director Sun: 86-421-2732175 (office)

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