(Clearwisdom.net) Once again, the photos of Ms. Wu Lingxia, before and after her death (for comparison), have been published by Clearwisdom.net. After I grasped that her twelve-year-old son had forever lost his mother, I was unable to remain composed. Today I will let the kindhearted people of the world know about the origin of the photos.

Wu Lingxia and her son before she was sent to forced labor camp

Wu Lingxia after being sent to Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. She was suffering from liver failure and ascites (severe fluid retention in the abdomen), with both legs festering.

I met Wu Lingxia at the Jiamusi Forced Labor Camp. One afternoon in July or August 2001, some collaborators (former practitioners who have turned against Dafa due to brainwashing and torture) and criminal inmates sent her to my cell. Others had informed me some time ago that she had never renounced her belief under threat by her persecutors. We shared about how a practitioner could maintain her belief in such an environment. This was the only occasion we spent some time together. Later, we heard that she was sent home as she was suffering from liver failure and ascites as a consequence of the persecution.

After I had struggled through the perils and difficulties at the forced labor camp, I was told about some of her experiences. She went to Beijing twice to appeal and clarify the facts about Falun Dafa to the government. The Beijing Police and the police on duty at the localities she visited persecuted her. Her husband was forced to divorce her. She had no alternative but to return to her parent's home in Shuangyashan with her son. One day in 2001, she went to the house of a fellow practitioner and was arrested there. After being detained in the Shuangyashan detention center for more than two months, she was sent to the forced labor camp in June. At the center, the police did not allow her to sleep for several days and nights. Police officers Yu Wenbin, Liu Yadong, Zhang Xiaodan, Liu Chaoxu, Chen Chunmei, and Liu Chunlan, as well as collaborators Zou Guizhen, Gao Yuxia, Liu Hanmin, Yang Shufen, and Han Qingbo forced her to watch propaganda videos that distorted the facts. But all these did not confuse Wu Lingxia and she walked her path steadfastly. She continued to explain the facts of the persecution to the police, the criminal inmates and to brainwashed former fellow practitioners.

During the period from July to August 2001, many people at that forced labor camp had diarrhea or were vomiting. She was one of them. Because she did not renounce her belief under the threats by the officials, they made things difficult for her. On one occasion she defecated in her pants and the prison police reprimanded and degraded her. It was very warm weather in the Northeast during that season. The doors were locked and she was not allowed to go to the toilet. From that time on, her health deteriorated significantly. A fellow practitioner recollected: "I shared the room with her for two weeks. During that period, the forced labor camp took in another group of Falun Gong practitioners. The prison officials had no alternative but to force more of the practitioners to share cells. After the newly arrived practitioners had attended brainwashing sessions by the prison police officers, they would be sent to the Seventh Intermediate Brigade to work. By then, there would be spare cells. We would then be separated. When I saw her, her abdomen was severely distended, and she could only drink a little soup. If she did not eat she would be hungry. But when she ate some food, her stomach would swell and she could not stand it. From her chest down, her body and her lower limbs were swollen. Due to the swelling, her skin looked shiny. Her lower legs were swollen to the size of the pillars. Her legs and thighs were the same size. Her feet were swollen and she could not put on her shoes. She could not bend down. When she lay down she could hardly breathe. The practitioners took turns reciting the Falun Dafa teachings, and 2 weeks had elapsed. The prison doctor allowed her to go to the hospital for an examination. Her whole abdominal cavity was filled with fluid, and the doctor recommended that she stay at the hospital because her life was in danger. The doctor said that it was difficult to believe that given such a condition, she could still be in such good spirits. She clarified the facts to the doctor, and told him that she was an innocent person that was being persecuted. When she practiced Dafa she was free from illnesses. Such a magnificent practice, and yet she was prohibited from benefiting from it; instead she was sent to this camp and persecuted to such an extent. She was released the next day. She had to foot the bill for her taxi fare to go to the hospital and the police who accompanied her ate their lunches at her expense. Though the police obtained some money from the main brigade for her, they used the money on themselves, only leaving the little that was left for her. The leftover money was not even enough for her fare home, and her sister had to come and get her."

We visited her and met with her and her son. The youngster was helping his grandparents look after his mother. He was doing well in his studies. Her parents were very kind and sincere elderly persons, even assisting her in her cultivation and reminding her to send forth righteous thoughts.

They lived in the suburban district in impoverished conditions. The local practitioners helped with cleansing her wounds. We shared, studied the Fa, and sent forth righteous thoughts. She was totally out of shape, which could only be described as shocking, as her body was in terrible condition. Her face, and arms were just skin and bones, and her neck did not have the strength to hold up her head. Her arms looked like two pieces of dried wood and were placed on the armrest. Her ribs resembled those in the X-ray films, each one could be clearly seen and counted. Her abdomen was so distended it seemed about to explode. Her skin was so extended that there was not a wrinkle to be seen. Her belly button was pushed so far out, it seemed to have been turned outwards and was about the size of a hen's egg. She had a piece of cloth wrapped around her lower back and her buttocks had several ulcers with pus oozing out. Both of her legs were swollen and had turned blue-black in color. The limbs below the knees were utterly devastated, with both calves, heels and toes having decayed. The clothing around these areas were completely soaked with pus. Her feet rested on a board with absorbent material placed around them to soak up the pus. Her instep was swollen and was green in color. In spite of being in that condition, she persisted in Fa-study, practiced the exercises and sent forth righteous thoughts. She was unable to lie down day or night and could only lean against something for a moment. Even in this condition, the local police still came to harass her. I feel all these facts must be documented to let the world know. Someone who had been healthy in body and spirit, a good and kind soul, had been persecuted to such a deplorable condition, and only because she practiced Falun Dafa. This is the truth that will expose the lies told to the world. As a result of my asking for opinions, the fellow practitioners and Wu Lingxia agreed to leave behind the photos. Later, I visited her several times as her condition worsened. On every occasion, Wu Lingxia dragged her rotting feet and struggled to the door to see us off. After she passed away, her voice still echoed in my ears: "Give me more truth clarification materials." She still remembered her duty. Her father told us that if she could only walk, she would go on the road, and to the police station to say, "Falun Dafa is Good! The persecution of Zhen, Shan and Ren (Truthfulness, Compassion and Forbearance) is a crime that cannot be forgiven."

After she passed away, the wicked perpetrators severely and recklessly persecuted several practitioners involved in the release of the photos to the world. One of them was tortured in prison and was later diagnosed with cancer. His life was in critical danger and he was thus released. Two of these practitioners were sentenced to lengthy prison terms. One practitioner had his spine broken in prison and is now paralyzed. Mr. Ji Songshan was arrested by the policemen Du Zhanyi, Li Hongbo and Liu Weiguo from the Shuangyashan "610 Office" (1). Within five hours after his arrest, Ji Songshan was beaten to death. The day when young Mr. Ji was arrested, the neighborhood in the location where he was arrested, including his home was hit by a frightful thunderstorm. The deafening thunder shook the earth and the windows of the houses rattled loudly. Heaven was warning the world! It was regrettable that young Mr. Ji did not leave a single photo, as the police had an order for his arrest and all his photos at his home were destroyed. I am also on the list of those to be arrested, so I have left home to avoid persecution.

Our revered Teacher has taught us what is really good and what is evil. During this magnificent historical moment, let us use every method to expose the evil and eliminate it. Let us use all the strength that Dafa has endowed us with to praise our Teacher and the principle of Truth, Compassion, Tolerance! No matter how often we shed tears and feel broken hearted when remembering what has taken place, we still do not wish that others should suffer as we have. Thus, it is necessary for us to record all that has taken place. Our fellow practitioners have given their lives, yet, why are the criminal elements still persisting? Are there responsibilities that we had not borne well? Let us remember those fellow practitioners that have sacrificed themselves. Have we fully immersed ourselves in clarifying the facts as those fellow practitioners had done day and night? Let's remember that our revered Teacher has come from the most holy and pure place to a filthy world, just for us. Think about the immense hardship our esteemed Teacher has to bear for us in order to lead us from the past into the future!

(1) "610 Office": a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches.