(Clearwisdom.net) Liu Haibo was a doctor in the CT section of the Luyuan District Hospital in Changchun City, Jilin Province. He began practicing Falun Dafa in 1995 and was considered to be an honest and kindhearted man. He was well liked by his section leader and colleagues because of his diligence and hard work on the job. He never made a cent by taking advantage of the state; even when his family went to have CT scans, he still insisted on paying the full amount for the procedure. For this reason, many people laughed and thought him to be "foolish."

He had a feeling that he was given this life for the sake of Falun Dafa, so he tried to help other people learn about Dafa. Every holiday, when he visited his hometown village, he would take videos of Teacher's lectures and allow the people to watch it on his TV. He also bought Dafa books and tapes for them.

A few days before National Day in 1999, while Liu Haibo was working at the hospital, he was summoned to the Xijiaolu Police Station, in the Luyuan District of Changchun City, under the pretense of discussing something. Once he arrived, the police illegally detained him in the Guangda detention center for 15 days, as a means of preventing him from going to Beijing to appeal against the maltreatment of Dafa practitioners. During his detention, he was forced to sit on a wooden board for several hours each day, which was very painful.

In November of 1999, Liu Haibo and his pregnant wife decided to go to Beijing to appeal on behalf of Falun Dafa again. They arrived in Beijing the following day. He was having a chat with a fellow practitioner that afternoon on the street, when he was suddenly arrested by the local authorities and sent back to the city where he lived. The tight handcuffs used by the police seriously injured his hands. Later, Liu Haibo was released into the custody of the hospital director, Wang Jinghong. He was also denied his salary for that month. Thereafter, Secretary Liu Bo of the Luyuan District Health Bureau frequently talked with him and tightly monitored his actions. Hospital Director Wang Jinghong and Secretary Liu Guirong also tried to pressure him to renounce his belief in Falun Dafa. Finally, the health bureau and the hospital succeeded in forcing the doctor and his wife to write "guarantee statements" that they would not go to Bejing to appeal or practice Falun Dafa in public. Later on Dr. Liu regretted that he had been coerced into signing the statement, which was not in accordance with the requirements of Dafa practitioners. He declared to Liu Bo that his guarantee statement was null and void and did not represent his thoughts. This act greatly shocked them. Liu Bo along with the Xijiaolu police station immediately forced him into the Tiebei detention center in Changchun City. This occurred two days before New Year's Eve in 2000, when his wife was due to give birth. It was disclosed by inside sources, that Liu Bo said: "I only sent him to the detention center so he would be safe." Liu Haibo was sentenced to the Weizigou forced labor camp in Changchun City to serve a one year sentence without an trial or legal procedure. While visiting him in the forced labor camp, his family discovered that he had been injured and had wounds on his body. After Liu Haibo was released, he told his family that the Weizigou labor camp was hell on earth and the guards there were very vicious. Practitioners were beaten many times and forced to sit on a wooden board (1) for long periods of time while their legs were folded into a full lotus position. They also had to keep their backs totally upright without any movement no matter how much pain they experienced. The longest period they were forced to sit like this was for a period of about ten hours. Later on Liu Haibo was transferred to the Fenjin labor camp in Changchun City. The long-term effects of the physical, mental and spiritual torture were more than he could withstand. Semi-conscious, he was easy prey for their deception of offering "relief." Under coercion, he wrote the "guarantee statement." Because of the statement, the labor camp agreed to release him the following week. When his family went to pick him up, he was fully conscious and declared that his "guarantee statement" was null and void. He said to his family: "I was in tears day and night after writing that guarantee statement." His righteous thoughts came forward and he felt that nothing could shake his belief in Dafa. He would rather be in the jail the rest of his life than agree to the persecution and renounce his belief. Because of his stand, he was not allowed to leave the forced labor camp.

Around November of 2000, while he was working outside, he decided to escape from the camp. He still had many things to do and knew he should leave. However, his righteous thoughts were not strong enough to facilitate his escape. He was captured and sent back to the disciplinary unit for persecution. His term was also prolonged for an additional eight months without visitation priviledges. In May 2001, he was transferred to the Chaoyanggou forced labor camp in Changchun City. The director of the camp came to oversee the guards efforts to force practitioners to renounce their belief in Falun Dafa and he instructed the police to show the a propaganda video of the government's version of the staged "self-immolation incident in Tiananmen Square." At that moment a Dafa disciple's righteous thought caused him to bravely stand up shout: "Falun Dafa is good! The self-immolation incident is a fabrication!" Immediately, others stood up and shouted "Dafa is good". This act shocked the guards. The brutal guards were thrown into confusion at firs, and then they started shocking practitioners with several electric batons.

In August 2001, Liu Haibo was released from the labor camp. Because he refused to write "the guarantee statement" giving up his Falun Gong practice, the Luyuan District Health Bureau and the hospital terminated his employment. Fellow practitioners provided him with accommodations and again he positively joined the powerful current of Fa-rectification. He took in many homeless Dafa practitioners so they had a place to study the Falun Dafa teachings and share their cultivation experiences with each other every day. He constantly went to the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp along with fellow practitioners to set up loudspeakers, which broadcast the facts of persecution against Falun Dafa and helped the public learn the truth. He and other practitioners also released balloons carrying large banners which were seen by large numbers of policemen who were at a loss of what to do. During the Spring Festival of 2002, he went back to his hometown to clarify the truth. He clarified the truth to the villagers in various ways, including playing a Dafa CD while riding the bus to the village where he was from.

In March 2002, the Nanguan District Court in Changchun City was preparing to illegally bring Dafa practitioners to trial. On that day, Dafa practitioners one after another went to send forth righteous thoughts and posted truth-clarifying materials around town. The scene was very magnificent. The police department sent out large numbers of officers to arrest the Dafa practitioners. Liu Haibo was arrested on the spot, but he did everything to resist arrest and in the process he had his eyes blackened by the police' beating. With righteous thoughts and Teacher's help, he escaped from their malicious hands.

About 9:00 p.m. on March 11, 2002, Liu Haibo, his wife and three-year-old child, and another practitioner were forcibly taken away from his home by the police. They were taken to the criminal processing team at the Kuancheng District Police Station in Changchun City. His home was searched. The police forcibly obtained confessions from them by means of torture, and his wife was beaten until her mouth and eyes were swollen beyond recognition. She was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment. After many days, she was transferred to the Shuangyang Detention Center. Later on, she was transferred to the brutal environment of the Hezuizi Forced Labor Camp in Changchun City and illegally sentenced to three years of labor education. In the labor camp, she was forced to make various handicrafts and childrens toys. After being subjected to intensive brainwashing and torture, she renounced her belief in Dafa. At present she is still being detained there.

Liu Haibo was accused of providing a hiding place for Dafa practitioners who had broadcast the truth about the persecution on the national TV system. For this reason, The authorities brutally tortured Liu in order to obtain a confession. About 1:00 a.m. in the morning, he was tortured so severely that his heart stopped beating (It is not known what method of torture or measures were used by the police). He was sent to the emergency center at the Changchun City Hospital, but the staff officially claimed they could not revive him, even though the emergency center was well equipped with the proper equipment and trained personnel to successfully revive him. His family was not informed of his death. Liu Habo's father is over 70 year old and still doesn't know his son has been tortured to death. His 5 year old son is being raised by his grandmother.

People responsible for Liu Habo's death:

  1. Liu Bo, the secretary of Luyuan district health bureau in Changchun city, male, aged about 40, middle size, brown skin, curly hair. He was responsible for illegally sending Liu Haibo to the labor camp in Spring Festival of 2000. (His phone number is currently being sought)
  2. The chief and police of Xijiao police station in Luyuan district of Changchun city (the names and phone numbers of these people are currently being sought)
  3. Ai Limin from Kuancheng district in Changchun city, was one of the commanders while arresting Liu Haibo. The leader of 2nd sub-team in the criminal team.
  4. Zhou Chunming, the director of the Kuancheng district police department in Changchun city,.

(1) Sitting Board - Each day, practitioners are required to put their hands on top of their laps, with backs straight (in this case they were required to sit with both legs double-crossed, which is extremely painful if done for extended periods of time) and sitting on benches up to 18 hours per day. This could be continued for over fifty days. The authorities even limit practitioners' restroom use. Because of the long time spent sitting on hard benches, practitioners' buttocks develop large sores that are very painful. Practitioners could not even urinate normally because of the pain. Because the labor camp was very humid, the police would not allow practitioners to have ventilation or a chance to get some sunlight. They were locked up for so long, countless red scabies grew on their entire body and were incomparably itchy and painful.