(Clearwisdom.net) To commemorate 4.25, some practitioners from Denmark and Sweden came to the largest square in the capital of Denmark and used pictures, banners and leaflets in different languages to tell people the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong and commemorate the 5th Anniversary of the "4.25" peaceful appeal.

Five years ago, in order to uphold the right to cultivate "Truthfulness, Compassion, Forbearance", 10,000 Falun gong practitioners requested the release of Tianjin practitioners who were detained for no reason. Faced with a totalitarian government known for its violence, Falun Gong practitioners appealed peacefully to the Central Appeals Bureau in Beijing's Fuyou Street in an upright manner. Their courage, sense of righteousness, great compassion and forbearance as well as noble character touched the hearts of the leaders and police officers present. Consequently, the matter was peacefully resolved that day. This gesture by the Chinese government was praised internationally and regarded as a display of the Chinese Government taking a step towards democracy.

However, three months later, under the instigation of Jiang Zemin and his followers, China began a brutal suppression on Falun gong practitioners. Amongst the many excuses for this persecution, one of the charges was distorting the "4.25" peaceful appeal to become a "siege" of the government site Zhongnanhai.

For five years, under the brutal suppression and persecution, Dafa practitioners all over the world have persisted in explaining the facts to people in order to remove the hatred in people's hearts caused by the lies propagated by Jiang Zemin. An important aspect of clarifying the truth is to tell people the facts of the "4.25" peaceful appeal, to let them know about this historic event.

Seventy-year-old Paul Anderson was the first westerner to practise Falun Dafa in Denmark. He started practising Falun Dafa nearly the same time as the "4.25" peaceful appeal and the subsequent suppression -- when the persecution was severe. Dafa miraculously cured him of his illnesses. The brutal persecution in China also encouraged him to go to different places during these five years, appealing for an end to the persecution. Today he said, "Every one of us should have the freedom to believe in what we believe. I hope more people will pay attention to this ridiculous persecution that is happening in China. To rescue kind hearted people, tell the Chinese Government: Stop the persecution."

Many people stopped to look at the pictures carefully, had long conversations with practitioners, expressed their support, and signed the petition. A tourist from Israel said that he could clearly feel the energy, peace and serenity of the practitioners.

Danish and Swedish practitioners hung banners, exhibited pictures and sent righteous thoughts at the Chinese Embassy in Denmark. After silently observing us for five years, the enmity of embassy staff, poisoned by lies, has waned significantly. When they saw practitioners gathering at the embassy again, they asked quietly out of curiosity, "What has happened?" Hopefully, as time goes on, they will continue to make progress in understanding the truth about Falun Gong.

Ms. Yida Kelao, who was born in Korea but grew up in Denmark, has practised Falun Gong for three and a half years. Today, in front of the Chinese Embassy, she said, "I want to say a few heart felt words to the staff in the embassy. I hope they will not follow Jiang Zemin in persecuting their own fellow compatriots again. I hope they can relay the appeals of people all over the world to the Chinese government, to stop the persecution."

Mrs. Tan from Malmo said, "I am a handicapped person sitting in a wheelchair. I overcame many difficulties and inconveniences to come to Copenhagen. But I still want to come here in order to help those Falun Gong practitioners in China who are not allowed to speak out. I appeal to kind hearted people, let us stop this persecution together."

While practitioners sent righteous thoughts, from time to time, cars would drive past and people in the cars would gently hoot the horn, while some waved expressing their support and sympathy. A reporter stationed in Denmark from the New Tang Dynasty TV station made a full report of the day's activities.

Source: http://www.clearharmony.net/articles/200405/19350.html