(Clearwisdom.net) A couple was detained in a forced labor camp for three years because they insisted on practicing Falun Dafa. About ten days before they were released, both of them wrote so-called guarantees to "stop practicing the exercises". They gave up their cultivation after release, stopped associating with practitioners and refused any truth-clarifying materials. Employees of the "610 Office" (1) visited them several times, bribing them with gifts and promises to help them increase their salary or arrange a job for their son, with the condition that they be agents to provide information about Falun Gong practitioners' activities to the "610 Office".

I did not know this couple, but I went to their home one night on a referral from a friend. After I introduced myself briefly, they became curious about my being a new practitioner and let down their guard as "agents." They were particularly surprised to know that I began practicing because a fellow practitioner clarified the truth to me online, asking with astonishment, "Can one learn Falun Dafa on the internet' How boundless the mighty power of Dafa is!"

I shared with them my cultivation experience. When I mentioned some practitioners they knew, they began open up. "Yes, there are truly many miraculous stories," the husband said, "I was present that day too and saw in person that this elderly woman's crooked hip bones straightened right up. It was so touching that many people were in tears." The wife sitting next to him also shared a story of how a young man who almost died from leukemia recovered quickly after practicing Falun Dafa. She said it was a true rebirth.

I informed them that a young man had died several years ago since the "610 Office" forced him to write a guarantee to stop practicing Falun Dafa. She was very surprised upon hearing this, and said, "The "610 Office" is too cruel. They even forced such a person to write the guarantee statement'"

I asked them how their health was and whether they had illness or not. "There is no situation where those who agreed to give up the practice don't become sick," the wife
said, "In the forced labor camp, every one looked healthy before they signed the statement. They were very energetic and free from illness no matter how hard they had to work. As soon as they wrote the guarantees, their faces would turn black the next day and various illnesses would come. This is the truth. Everyone was like this. There was not even one exception."

"Why did you write the guarantee statement then'" I asked with confusion.

The husband said, "I could not let go of sentimentality. My child was home alone. I worried because he had to leave the light on for the whole night. Also, they threatened to cancel my pension if I refused to write the guarantee statement."

I said, "Since you know that Dafa is good, what a pity it would be if you just gave up like this. If you know to come back from being lost and start all over again, Master will forgive you. Those so-called guarantee statements would only be considered a test you did not pass well in the process of your cultivation."

The wife said, "Yes. I know too that Master is benevolent. But we've already decided..."

I said, "Please read Master's new article since I've brought it here. You will understand what happened and you will know what to do after you read the article."

"No. You take it home," she said, "We dare not accept any articles. There are people monitoring us all the time."

I looked at her calmly and said, "I know that there are people monitoring you, but I still wanted to come. My home is far away from here. I left at 6:00 o'clock. It took me an hour on the bus and another two hours waiting for you at your door. I haven't even had breakfast yet. I did all this for the purpose of delivering Master's new article to you."

I continued, "You are clearheaded people, since you know Dafa is good. I wouldn't be fulfilling my obligation to help you if you made a wrong decision just because you had not received the new article, and did not know the situation.

I added, "Similarly, it will be your choice if you still decide to give up and if you are not moved at all by Master's words after you've read the new article. Then you can return the article to me and I won't come to disturb you any more."

She lowered her head and became silent. The husband said, "Let us read it since you've brought it here."

I left after I told them my contact information.

Several days later, the couple came to my office, asking me with a low voice, "Have you ever sent solemn declarations saying the guarantee statements are null and void for others'"

I said, "If you have declarations written, I can help you."

(1) The "610 Office" an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.