(Clearwisdom.net) After the persecution of Falun Gong began on July 20, 1999, the "610 Office" (1) in Mengzhou and the police department headed by Li Guangjun, Liang Hongfei, Liu Xizhong, Li Shaobing and Li Peisheng viciously persecuted the local Dafa practitioners to gain promotions and obtain monetary rewards.

Dafa practitioners in Mengzhou suffered devastation, many were forced to become destitute and homeless, their fields unplanted, families broken up and decimated, and some of them were even persecuted to death or disability. Here we give a partial account of the facts of the persecution in the area, and hope that all kind-hearted people in the world will help to stop this inhuman persecution in China.

Geng Xuecai and his wife Shen Guangbai, elder daughter Geng Xiaocui and younger daughter Geng Juying were arrested in 2000. Geng Juying was taken to the detention center together with her eight-month-old baby. The infant was starved and cried all day because the mother did not have enough milk due to the poor nutrition in the detention center. When the baby wet its pants, even on cold snowy days, the baby was not allowed to have its diaper changed. A baby was thus made to suffer along with the mother. Shen Guangbai went on a hunger strike to protest and was force-fed. Even after Shen and her elder daughter were sent to Shibalihe Labor Camp later, Li Shaobing and others continued to go to Shen's home to harass the family and ransack their home many times.

On May 25, 2002, Li Shaobing and others jumped over the wall into the courtyard of Geng's house, and without any warrant arrested Geng Xuecai, his wife Shen Guangbai, their son Geng Huaming, and daughter Geng Juying. To send Geng Juying to labor camp, they forced her to have an abortion. They forcibly gave her injections to induce abortion. When she was in unbearable pain, several policemen looked at her and laughed cruelly, and as they watched her abort, they said lewdly, "Aren't you pretty' We just want to watch you have an abortion." Thus Geng Juying lost the baby under the malicious eyes of these wicked policemen. Afterward, Geng Juying was put into a brainwashing center in Jiaozuo City, Henan Province.

Shen Guangbai and Geng Huaming were released on December 17, 2002. But because he refused to give up Falun Dafa, the police kidnapped Geng Huaming again while he was shopping in the market and sent him directly to Xuchang Labor Camp. Geng Juying is still incarcerated in Shibalihe Labor Camp at present. All the family's comings and goings are under surveillance by Li Shaobing's gang. Whenever relatives or friends visit them, they will follow them into the house and interrogate them. Sudden bursting into the house to harass them is routine. Geng Caixue was sent to Jiaozuo brainwashing center again in October 2002 and was not released until January 28, 2004. On February 8, he was kidnapped to the brainwashing center once more, and has not been released as yet.

Zhao Yongzhong of Linqian Village, Zhaohe Town, was locked up in detention center in 2001. He was released after he went on hunger strike to protest the illegal arrest. Afterwards Li Shaobing often came to his home to harass his family. Zhao was forced to leave home and travel about destitute. He was arrested when he bumped into Li Shaobing one day in July. In the detention center, he went on hunger strike to protest and was force-fed. Several people held him on the ground and inserted plastic tubing into his nose to torture him, and to make him relent. They also often beat him viciously. Zhao was tortured until he was nothing but skin and bones, and unable to walk. His life was in danger so the detention center released him fearing the responsibility. At home, through studying the Fa and practicing the exercises, Zhao started to regain his health. But before he recovered, Li Shaobing and his gang again sent him to Xuchang Labor Camp, and he has yet to be released.

Tang Keyu, from Leiqianta Village, Xiaochou Town, was forced to leave home to drift about destitute after the police ransacked his home many times. In 2000, he was fined 2000 Yuan (2) for saying the true situation of Falun Gong. In 2001, police ransacked his home and took away all his belongings, including the seeds for his bean crops. Tang's wife protested the ransacking of their home and was given a beating by Mi Gelin and Xu Heping from the town's "610 Office." Tang was also kidnapped to the detention center, and beaten and tortured. Two months later his life was in danger. The detention center sent him home for fear of having to take the responsibility for his death. When Tang regained his health, he repeatedly asked to have his belongings back. Eventually, he was forced to make a payment to get back his own belongings. One night in January 2003, he was kidnapped to Mengzhou detention center. In June 2003 he was transferred to a brainwashing class. At the brainwashing class, there were 3 beds in each room, one for the practitioner and the other two for the guards. He was not allowed to leave the room or say anything to anyone. He was watched constantly, including going to the toilet and having a meal. At night he slept with his hands cuffed to the bed. Because he insisted on practicing Falun Dafa, he was sent to Xuchang Labor Camp 2 months later for 3 years of forced labor. He has yet to be released.

Fifty-eight-year-old Yao Guijiao, from Xihan Village of Mengzhou, was imprisoned in Mengzhou detention center in January 2001, because she went to appeal in Beijing. She was sent to a brainwashing center in June. In May 2002, she was reported when visiting a fellow practitioner, and was kidnapped by Li Shaobing and his gang. After a warden named Liu Ye in the detention center slapped her, she lost her hearing for days. She was put on heavy fetters that weighed a dozen kilograms or more, and her ankles were abraded and bled. In November 2002, she was transferred to Wenxian detention center. She was still fettered there and given very little to eat every day. Upon returning to Mengzhou detention center, her weight reduced from 180 pounds to below one hundred pounds. One month later, she died in the Mengzhou detention center.

Xing Linge's family (at Xiaochou Town of Mengzhou) never had a peaceful day since July 20, 1999. Her husband and daughter (both are Dafa practitioners) were forced to leave home and travel about homeless to avoid further persecution. Li Shaobing often came to Xing Linge's home looking for them, and searched and ransacked her home. She was often locked up, beaten and fined. In February 2000, police took her away and claimed that she had passed out Dafa materials. Policeman Li Guangjun slapped her, pulled her hair and handcuffed her to the railing of the stairway. She was denied food from the morning to midnight. In 2000, she was fined 2000 Yuan for speaking up for Falun Gong. The police forced her to report to them twice a day. Once, when the police could not find her, they arrested her husband immediately. Zhao Baozhong, Xu Heping and Mi Gelin tortured him viciously. The second day, they broke into their home and took away electrical appliances, farming tools and they even stole peanuts. The third day, Xing Linge was kidnapped and viciously tortured by the above people. Her elderly parents, who also lived at their home, could not bear the constant torment and passed away.

Zhao Jiao, Dafa practitioner from Mengzhou, was detained at the Shibalihe Labor Camp. The marks on her face and arm that were caused by a beating with leather shoes by Liu Xizhong and Li Peisheng still have not vanished after two months in Jiaozuo brainwashing center. Zhao is still incarcerated at the labor camp.

The list of the wicked people in Mengzhou:

Liang Hongfei, head of police department. Tel: 86-391-8192922 (Home), 86-391-8193900 (Work).

Li Guangjun, former head of politics & security department. He was promoted to team leader for actively persecuting Dafa practitioners. Tel: 86- 0391-8193618 (Home).

Wicked policemen:

Li Shaobing,

Liu Xizhong,

Wang Tongjun,

Wang Shihu.

Jiaozuo Brainwashing Base:

Political instructor: Guo Xueping,

Head of department: Cui Xiaobai,

Police staff: Feng Can.

Tel. of the brainwashing base: 86-391-2800850

Shi Quancai, mayor of Mengzhou.

Tel: 86-13839131888 (Cell phone)

Li Yuanting, head of politics & law department.

Tel: 86-391-8193251 (Work)

Tang Tianyou

Tel: 86-391-8193211

(1) "610 Office": a bureau specifically created by the Chinese government to persecute Falun Gong. It has absolute power over each level of administration in the Party, as well as over the political and judiciary branches.

(2) Yuan: Chinese currency, the monthly salary for an average Chinese urban worker is about 500 Yuan.