Words Slandering Dafa are Erased from a Blackboard

The days after March 2001 were among the most horrendous at the Dalian Labor Camp. Words attacking Falun Gong were everywhere: written on blackboards, played by audio recordings, shown on television, and shouted from the mouths of the camp guards.

At the time, my heart was very uncomfortable. I pondered about how we could erase the words slandering Dafa that were on the blackboard. During that time, we were in a strictly monitored class designated for male Falun Gong practitioners who had not been "transformed." It was impossible to go and erase the writing on the blackboard, so I was very irritated. As I thought and thought, suddenly, the words from one of Teacher's articles came into my mind,

"...with righteous thoughts many disciples are able to use them at will--whatever they want to use, they almost always have it. For example, to freeze those wicked evildoers that persecute Dafa disciples, they just need to say, 'freeze' or 'stay there and don't move,' or point to the group of evildoers, and then they definitely won't be able to move; afterwards they just need to think 'release,' and it will be lifted."

("What Are Supernormal Abilities" in Essentials for Further Advancement II)

I wanted to use wisdom to have the guard himself erase the three ugly sentences written in chalk on the board. So immediately I repeated in my heart, "Jiao Bo, immediately go and erase those three sentences on the board, or else you cannot leave this room." Right as he prepared to leave, I thought, "You cannot leave yet." Then, I silently repeated in my heart, the principles of Falun Dafa: "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance...Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." He then walked around the blackboard area. After pacing for some time, he at last shouted, "Yes, wipe it off!" In the end, only after wiping the blackboard completely nice and clean, did he walk out of the classroom.

A Labor Camp Guard is Thwarted in an Attempt to Beat a Practitioner

From March through May of 2001, labor camp guard Jiang Tao was working hard trying to brainwash me. He used both soft and hard tactics. However, during that whole time I firmly kept a clear and level mind and would definitely not be deceived. After that period, he told me many times while grinding his teeth, "You just wait and watch how I deal with you." One day after eating lunch, Jiang Tao suddenly came to me and pointed at my face yelling, "Get up!" I did not panic, and remained very calm. I walked in front of him as he followed behind me. In my head I recited Teacher's poem, "Mighty Virtue" from Hongyin:

"Dafa never leaves the body,
Heart harbors Zhen-Shan-Ren;
A great Arhat in the world,
Spirits and ghosts fear the most."
(Unofficial translation)

Jiang Tao wanted to find an empty room where he could "take care of" me. However, he looked into five or six rooms but all of them had people inside. It is usually the case that after people finish their lunch, they go outside to walk around, and accordingly there should not have been anyone in the rooms. This made him so mad that he shouted, "Get out of here, go back!" After returning to the class, fellow practitioners asked me how I was. I told them there was no problem. We are dignified Dafa practitioners, and no one can move us.