Dafa practitioners clarify the truth with compassion. Over half of the inmates in a prison cell start to learn the Fa

Since July 20,1999, many Dafa practitioners have been detained in the city's No.1 Detention Center because they went to Beijing to appeal or distributed materials clarifying the truth about Dafa. Even while imprisoned, they still conducted themselves like cultivators, acting according to "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance"

Their words and deeds have received high praise, and most people agreed that Falun Dafa was indeed good. One guard said to the prisoners, "You should learn from Dafa practitioners to search inward when you encounter conflicts. If you all behaved as well as Dafa practitioners, we wouldn't have to worry about you." The prisoners nodded in agreement.

Dafa practitioner Wang Guihua has been treating each person with a kind heart. She would rather suffer cold and hunger than not provide a quilt, clothes and food to others. Her actions spoke louder than words: More than 90% of those in the prison cell readily agree that Falun Dafa is good, and 50% have started to read Zhuan Falun and learned to recite Teacher's collection of poems. Everyday Wang Guihua seizes every free moment to study the Fa, practice the exercises, send forth righteous thoughts, and clarify the truth. Whenever new prisoners are transferred in, she takes care of their needs and tells them the facts of the persecution. Within six months, over one hundred prisoners were able to position themselves well and understood that Falun Dafa was indeed good.

Public outcry after informant turns in Dafa practitioners

Dafa practitioners Wang and her mother from the Shuangji area of Jilin City were reported for distributing materials clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa on February 17, 2004. They were arrested by three people (one by the name of Xie) from the security division of Factory 5704 and sent to the city detention center. The daughter escaped with righteous thoughts. The mother's current situation in the detention center remains unknown.

Afterwards the incident caused quite a stir in the Shuangji factory area. People called the informer and criticized her for her actions. Dafa practitioners also went to the informer's home to clarify the truth, explaining in detail what Falun Dafa was about.