(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Wang Dayuan, thirty-six years old, a resident of Harbin, was a lecturer and faculty member in computer studies at Harbin Institute of Technology. On April 2, in order to compel him to write a statement criticizing Falun Gong, the prison police took turns to beat him up and punish him by making him stand in painful postures for a whole day. He was not given any food. On April 3, Wang Dayuan was forced to write a self-criticism statement under undue pressure from the violent beatings. On April 4, he tore up the statement and the prison police increased the intensity of the torture on him. In the end, Wang Dayuan could not stand, so the police made him crawl down the hall and threw him into a storage room. On April 5, Wang Dayuan was in a very bad condition but the police still forced him to work. They also violently beat him in the afternoon. On April 5, 2004, Wang Dayuan stopped breathing.

The police are trying to cover up this news and hide the truth from the world (including from the relatives and friends of Dayuan).

Meanwhile, the police in Harbin Prison are still doing evil things to Dafa practitioners. Since the first day Wang Dayuan arrived in the training team in Harbin Prison with us, the prison police have made us sit on folding chairs every day. We are not allowed to move or else we are beaten up with their fists and kicks. We had to sit there until midnight. For a few days without stop, the duration of the torture kept on increasing. At one point, it started at four in the morning. We were forced to write renouncements of our practice of Falun Gong. Our buttocks were very sore from the long sitting. On the fifth day, we refused to sit like that anymore. A dozen police surrounded us and in the end locked us up in small solitary cells. There, the handcuffs were tied to our leg shackles and then onto metal rings on the ground. Thus we could not stand up nor could we lie down. Two persons took turns to forbid us from sleeping and from having enough food. At the same time, they tried to force us to give up our practice of Falun Gong.

April 9, 2004