(Clearwisdom.net) In the north, the wind following the winter snow added to the bitter cold. The thick snow on the ground squeaked and crunched under each footstep. As I pushed my bike on my way home, my 6-year-old daughter wearily tagged along.

"Mother, look!" My daughter stopped and squatted down. I turned around and saw her pick up a piece of yellow paper. "Mother, look! Falun Dafa is good!" Whenever we see truth clarifying materials lying on the ground, we always pick them up and stick them back on the wall. This has become a habit of ours, so my daughter takes note of every piece of paper on the ground and picks them up to see if they are truth clarifying materials.

"Where should we paste this?" I asked. She replied, "I will stick it in a place that no one can miss!" With great effort, she ran through the snow to a school's wall. She tried to put up the paper several times but could not get it to stick. She then ran to a phone booth and stuck the paper so that it directly faced the street. It was rush hour, it wasn't dark yet, and there were many cars and pedestrians. My daughter ran back to me. When she saw me looking around, she smiled and asked, "Mother, are you afraid?" As an adult, I take a lot of things into consideration, yet she had only one thought, "I will put it in a place that no one can miss!"

After we arrived home, I began to tell my own mother about the incident. My daughter listened intently and then said, "You know what? I want to put it on a white cloud!"