(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher told us in the "Fa Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.," 'In the past it wasn't called "sending forth righteous thoughts," it was "divine powers"--using divine powers, Buddha Fa's divine powers. Everyday people have referred to it as "supernormal abilities."' In the short article, "What Are Supernormal Abilities," Teacher also told us, "Dafa disciples have already been bringing their supernormal abilities into full play in Fa-rectification." Five days ago, I personally experienced the power of Dafa and righteous thoughts.

On the afternoon of February 26, I brought with me dozens of stickers imprinted with the words, "Falun Dafa is good, remember 'Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance' and you'll be rewarded with good." I posted these stickers along my way. After a while, I arrived at a residential area. There were several new apartment buildings with 'smart anti-theft doors.' The doors to each stairway of the apartments were tightly secured. I thought, "It's hard for the residents here to receive truth clarification materials; they should not be denied this opportunity." While I was thinking this, I saw that one of the doors was ajar, so I opened it and entered. I posted the stickers at various places, so that the hallway maintained its order and neatness. I was posting from the top floor downward. Just as I finished, the entry door on the first floor opened and a woman entered the building and shut the door. She went up the stairs. I could not open the door when I tried to leave the building. I felt very nervous and afraid. My heart was beating fast and I was sweating.

At first, I wanted to lie to the resident in the first floor apartment and tell them that I was looking for someone here and ask them to help open the door. Then, I thought, "No, I cannot lie, I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner! Yes, I'm a Falun Dafa practitioner! What I'm doing is a most sacred thing; I should not depend on ordinary people. The evil wants to stop me. I can't let them succeed. After my righteous thought came out, I felt much calmer. I asked Teacher, "Teacher, Please help me strengthen my supernormal abilities; let me open this door. I need to get out!" At the same time, I pushed the door unintentionally. The door opened!

In the past, I always thought, I'm about 60 years old and did not get much education. I didn't feel that I did as well as other Dafa disciples. How could I obtain those supernormal abilities? I always felt that those things only happened to other people. Therefore, I never thought more about Teacher's lecture about supernormal abilities. I just read about them. However, this experience changed my understanding. It's not at all an illusion; Teacher lets us experience, "While righteous thoughts display the might of Gods!" I know that Teacher opened the door for me. Teacher strengthened my confidence in Fa-rectification and encouraged me to "stay diligent on the path to godhood" with "Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions."

April 10, 2004