(Clearwisdom net) A police officer at a certain labor camp once said to a Falun Dafa practitioner: "No one in China has ever come up with a good solution to educate people how to become good people. However, Falun Gong can solve the problem." He also said: "I'd like to read and collect Falun Gong materials."

While I was still detained in the labor camp, one day a policeman asked me to help him with some accounting work because I'm a professional in this area. I took the opportunity to clarify the truth to him. I told him a few things about how I benefited from Falun Dafa, and he listened attentively. I asked him: "What do you think about Falun Gong practitioners?" "We all know you're good people." He answered. "You know Falun Gong practitioners are good people. Why do you still persecute us?" I continued asking. He dropped his head and did not say anything. He then patted my shoulder, shook his head and left without a word.

After I was released from the labor camp, one day I was walking on the street with another practitioner when I heard someone call my name. I noticed the voice came from a car parked at the curb. I walked up and realized it was a police officer from the labor camp. He asked us to get into his car. Then he asked us: "How are you? Be careful these days." "We are fine. Thank you very much." We answered. "Do you have any new truth-clarification materials?" he asked again. We took some for him and he was very glad. He thanked us and made an appointment with us about how to keep in touch with us to get new materials when they came out. As I recall, we never saw him persecute Falun Gong practitioners in the labor camp.