(Clearwisdom.net) On March 28, 2004, an event to introduce Falun Gong and demonstrate the exercises was held in Tucheng Recreation Park in Northern Taiwan. The two-hour event attracted many people to learn the exercises and find more about the practice. A visitor said, "I often saw you practicing Falun Gong outdoors and found you very peaceful. I also read some positive reports from some specialists or scholars in newspapers. I've been very curious about Falun Gong and I'm very happy to have the chance to meet with Falun Gong practitioners today. I hope to learn more about Falun Gong."

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Exercise demonstration Exercise demonstration People learning the exercises

Two passersby had never heard of Falun Gong before. Through practitioners' introduction, they said that they felt this practice very peaceful and good. They immediately started learning the exercises. Practitioners participating in the activity included housewives, working people and retired people who have greatly benefited from the practice. They came from different walks of life and their ages varied. They used their holidays to go to the park and practice Falun Gong exercises together. They demonstrated the 5-sets of smooth and elegant exercises to the public, hoping more people would benefit.

Ms. Xie Jinshen, a resident from Tucheng, Taipei, said that she had practiced other types of Qigong previously but found the effect was quite limited. Later, she saw people practicing Falun Gong in a park. Deciding to give it a try, she started learning and practicing Falun Gong. Thus since June 1999, she has kept on practicing Falun Gong without interruption. Previously, she had to take medicine every day to treat her climacteric diseases, but now she has recovered without medicine and she feels more energetic.

Ms. Lin Meiman, a housewife, has practiced Falun Gong for one and a half years. She is a devoted reader of the Epoch Times newspaper. When she read articles in the newspaper written by Falun Gong practitioners, she felt very curious about the practice and started learning the exercises. She mentioned that her sensitive physique often caused allergies to food and airborne particles, but now her health has improved a lot and she has become even-tempered as well. Witnessing the great change in her, her husband and children all very much support her practice of Falun Gong.

Mr. Lee Hsun-tsuan, who works for China's Electronic Communication, learned about Falun Gong from his colleagues. The main book of Falun Gong, Zhuan Falun, allowed him to understand the real meaning of life. He believes that only through cultivating one's heart nature so as to be a good person in accordance with "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance," can one's fate be changed. He once experienced a terrible car accident in which his car was completely destroyed, but he was not injured at all. He personally experienced the miracle brought by Falun Dafa. Now his wife has also started practicing Falun Gong. In their spare time, they often participate in activities to promote Falun Gong, hoping to tell more people that, "Falun Dafa is great!"