(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, Clearwisdom published the kidnapping incident concerning Ms. Yu Yingzhang (National exemplary teacher in Shandong Province Zaozhuang School for blind and mute children) and her son Zhang Peng. The local officials were shocked when they learned their crime had been exposed and published on the Internet. However, they did not repent their wrongdoings. Instead, they started to mass arrest Dafa practitioners. Plainclothes police appeared everywhere. They have now detained several more practitioners in the Zaozhuang Detention Center.

The corrupt police received many phone calls from overseas practitioners asking them to stop persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, and they also read the article posted on Clearwisdom about the persecution Yu Yingzhang and her son suffered. The local authorities were both shocked and scared that their crimes were exposed. In order to retaliate against those responsible for exposing their crimes, the police tried hard to find out who leaked the information. Several more practitioners have been arrested, including Mr. Niu and Ms. Zhang Jingju. They also sent three practitioners to a brainwashing center.

Mr. Zhang Peng has been detained for over 30 days since his arrest on February 4, 2004. After his father was forced to pay 5000 yuan as bail [500 yuan is the average monthly salary for an urban worker in China] the police transferred him to a brainwashing center. They also forced his father to accompany Zhang Peng for a month in order to try and make him give up his belief. When they saw that Zhang Peng kept silent and refused to eat or drink, they realized that he was not going to renounce his faith. So on March 5, 2004, they sent him to the Zaozhuang Mental Hospital to torture him further.

Zhang Peng's mother, Yu Yingzhang, is still detained at Zaozhuang No.2 Detention Center. Because she refused to renounce her belief, the police plan to send her to a brainwashing program for intensified torture.

Zhang Peng got a university degree in 1999, and was assigned to work at Zaozhuang Teachers' College. Because of his belief in Falun Gong, the school did not allow him to begin his employment there. Instead, they gave him only a mere 200 yuan per month as a living allowance. Recently the school principal said, "So he still practices [Falun Gong]. Let's stop his 200 yuan allowance, we'll see if he still practices." Both Zhang Peng and Yu Yingzhang's employers are under Zaozhuang's Education Commission. The commission's leading person for persecuting Falun Gong, Li Huaijin, recently agreed to suspend Yu Yingzhang's salary to force her to stop practicing Falun Dafa.

Yu Yingzhang and her son Zhang Peng's house was illegally searched by police three times. The first time was in July 2000. The police confiscated a computer from their house. They sentenced Zhang Peng to a two-year forced labor term and stopped paying his salary, causing him more than 20,000 yuan in direct financial losses.

Responsible parties: Zaozhuang Police Department Yicheng Branch political security section, Wang Qizhong, Xing Lin, Liu Jinliang.

The second raid happened at noon, April 30, 2001. The police seized Falun Gong books, audio-tapes and video-tapes. Police officer Zhou from the Kekou Police Station was the main person responsible.

On February 11, 2004, their house was raided for the third time. This time the police seized Falun Gong books, Master Li's pictures, a printer, a scanner and other equipment, packing everything in three cartons.

Responsible parties: Di Hao from Shizhong branch of Zaozhuang Police Department, Kong and Zong from the local police station and Li and Wang from the neighborhood committee. There were 12 people involved altogether.

Another practitioner being held in the brainwashing center is Sun Zhonghua. He was just released in February 2004 from a forced labor camp after completing a two-year term there. Mr. Sun was a lecturer at Zaozhuang Teachers' College. The police arrested him while he was teaching his class in front of his students.

The more relentless, the corrupt police become, the more it shows how scared and desperate they actually are. We appeal to all fellow practitioners who happen to read this article to send forth righteous thoughts to help Zhang Peng and his mother, and to eliminate all the evil elements in Zaozhuang area, especially in the brainwashing class.

Please call the following numbers to clarify the facts: (dial 86-632 before all phone numbers except cell phone)

Zhang Peng's employer: Zaozhuang Teachers' College, principal Xu Jinggao, 7727668(office), 3310721(home)

Zaozhuang City "610 Office": 3252060Zaozhuang City Police Chiefs: Sun Jingrui, Du Xueping
Shizhong District Party Committee "610 Office"
Shizhong District Police Branch "610 Office": 3347644
Director: Wang Hengdai, 86-13963296595 (cell), 3371595(home), 3304610(office)

Deputy Director: Liu Jianjun, 86-13001598203 (cell), 3355290(home)Deputy Director: Wang Wei, 86-13969456615 (cell), 3341801(home)Deputy Director: Wang Ling, 86-13806323588 (cell)Deputy Director: Hao Yuyin, 86-13181426718 (cell), 3315137(home)

Shizhong District Police Branch "610 Office"

Di Hao, main responsible person in the persecution of Falun Gong in Shizhong District Police Branch. Since July 20, 1999, this individual went all out to harm Dafa practitioners, and personally plotted and carried out numerous house searches, kidnappings and interrogation: 86-13969469868 (cell), 3399355 (home), 3347644 (office), 3392257 (office)

Li Changming, Director: 86-13606322672 (cell), 3330672 (home)

Xuecheng District "610 Office", Chen Shaopeng: 4432679 (office), 86-13062062229 (cell), 4411623 (home)

Shanting District "610 Office"
Shang Peijin: 8818237(office), 86-13606321597(cell)Zhou Qingxin: 8818056 Ext.516 (office)

Yicheng District "610 Office"
Director: Pi Xueqi, 86-13706327709 (cell), 7713321(home)
Guan Xianghai: 86-13153065175 (cell), 86-13153065178 (cell), 7711001 (home)

Xuecheng District Police "610 Office"
Director: Wei Xueguang, 86-13906374892 (cell), 4412936-3063(office), 4419026(home)