(Clearwisdom.net) Li Jin is a thirty-seven-year old female Falun Dafa practitioner who lives in the countryside. When Li Jin was three years old, she experienced a strange illness. One morning, she found many purple spots on her body. In the evening, the purple spots turned black. They began to ulcerate all the way to the bone. Very soon, both of Li Jin's kneecaps were completely destroyed. The doctor thought her condition was incurable and could not do much for her. Li Jin somehow managed to survive without treatment, but she became deaf and unable to speak from that time on. Without kneecaps, it was very difficult for her to walk.

Li Jin's sister, who lived in Panjin City, Liaoning Province, practiced Falun Dafa. Their mother obtained a copy of Teacher's picture from the sister. With hand-signs, Li Jin communicated to her mother that Teacher's picture was alive and was smiling at her.

Li Jin had never written anything, nor could she read. Since she had become deaf at three years old, she did not even know the pronunciation of many words. In 1998, inspired by her sister, Li Jin started to transcribe Zhuan Falun. It was an extremely difficult task for her. She was really "drawing" rather than writing. She would copy one stroke at a time. After two years and many difficulties, Li Jin succeeded in carefully and neatly transcribing a copy of Zhuan Falun. Now she has started to transcribe Zhuan Falun a second time. Since starting to transcribe Zhuan Falun, Li Jin has learned to read and write many words. Here is one page of Li Jin's second transcription of Zhuan Falun.

Without kneecaps, Li Jin had to walk with crutches, and it was very difficult. It was very hard for her to do the Falun Dafa standing exercises. When she did the "Falun Standing Stance" exercise, it was so painful that her face turned red. Still, she persisted. After doing the exercises for six or seven days, Li Jin no longer needed the crutches.

Li Jin was at her mother's place when she sent forth righteous thoughts for the first time. It was a Sunday, the day when practitioners around the world send forth righteous thoughts together three times. During those two hours of sending forth righteous thoughts, tears ran down her face. Li Jin's third eye was open. Her tears revealed what she had seen -- the magnificence, dignity, and sacredness of sending forth righteous thoughts.

One day in June 2003, Li Jin fell down on the ground and twisted both her ankles. Her feet and legs were severely swollen. At her sister's reminding, she asked Teacher for help. After she placed her hands in "Heshi"(holding palms together vertically in front of the chest, a gesture of respect) for three or four minutes, her feet and legs improved. Within ten minutes, her feet and legs returned to normal. She said that right after she had placed her hands in "Heshi," she saw a shining, golden Falun rotating at the place of the injury and making adjustments, and then she recovered.

Li Jin can now read articles on Clearwisdom.net and experience sharing articles by fellow practitioners. After practitioners heard about Li Jin's perseverance and determination in transcribing Zhuan Falun, they were deeply touched and encouraged, so I have recorded her experience to share with Dafa practitioners around the world.

March 18, 2004