(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, one evening while distributing various materials that explain the facts regarding the persecution of Falun Dafa I felt as if there were obstacles blocking my way and I found myself searching for excuses not to go out that day. Lately I have not been studying the Falun Dafa teachings very diligently and did not put my heart into my study. Consequently, my attachment to comfort grew stronger and the materials for clarifying the truth began piling up in my home.

It wasn't until I had a dream a few days ago that I realized how urgent it was to use these materials to save all beings. In the dream, I saw a huge pile of VCDs in front of a door. In an instant, all the VCDs turned into Gods and Buddhas with infinite rays. They were dressed in golden clothes and stood on lotus flowers. Sometimes they held their palms erect and sometimes they did the lotus hand gesture. The highest Buddha among them spoke first because he was embodied in the VCD that contained the most complete content. At first I could not understand what he meant. Then I heard him say, "I contain the most information. The world's people should watch me first. All of us should try our best to let them watch us." As he said this, each Buddha, embodied in those VCDs, raised their heads higher for people to see. I recall saying in my dream, "Oh! They also worry about being left at home! They are actually lives too!" Then I woke up.

I remember a practitioner wrote in an article published on Clearwisdom that every object is most joyful when it is put to full use. Indeed, how could the VCDs and fliers not be worried when they couldn't play a part in saving people? This dream was obviously a lesson for me. I hope that practitioners who are in similar situations will take this seriously. We should distribute truth clarification materials in a timely manner, treasure each flier and VCD and put them to their full use. As we hand them out, let us try our best to let them play their role in saving all beings.

Through this incident, I realized that the old forces will take advantage of any omissions. The old forces seized onto my attachment to comfort. If I had not realized it, this incorrect mentality would have surely expanded. This would have pleased the old forces and accomplished what they set out to do.

This is just my personal understanding. If there is anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out.

March 18, 2004