(Clearwisdom.net) Li Lin, a Dafa practitioner from Yushu City, Jilin Province, was abducted by the Yushu City Public Security Bureau and the 610 Office and detained at the Yushu Detention Center for one and a half years simply because he was determined to continue practicing Falun Dafa. He was so severely tortured in detention that he became blind in both eyes.

The public security personnel used many devices to torture him, including electric shocks from high-voltage electric batons. They also covered his head with a plastic bag and secured the bottom, nearly suffocating him. They did not loosen the bag until he was near death. They repeated this torture several times. They used plastic pipe to beat him on the chest which causes internal injuries leaving little external bruises. They hit his feet with bamboo sticks until they were severely swollen, then the guards would step on his feet, trampling and crushing them. The guards hung him from his handcuffs starting with half an hour, but sometimes lasting an entire day. He was in so much pain from being tortured that he frequently lost consciousness. Shi Hailin, who is from the National Security Team of Yushu City commented when he was beating him up, "Li Lin, this guy is really determined ..."

Li Lin gradually lost his eyesight during this severe persecution. He completely lost his eyesight after he was illegally sentenced and sent to the No. 2 Jail in Jilin Province. In February 2004, the prison guards extorted four hundred yuan from his family, stating that it was to pay for his medical treatment. In April, the prison extorted another two thousand yuan from his family using the same excuse.