Not long ago, Zhou Gang, a section manager in the safety division of the Farming Development Bank in Hubei Province, participated in local "610 Office" (1) activities. He helped abduct practitioner Chen Guozhen, into a brainwashing class by using deceptions and lies. After this event, practitioners from all around the world called Zhou's house and other evil people's homes to clarify the truth, and within three days, truth-clarifying letters were posted on his door and in the local neighborhood.

His mother pointed to a letter that was posted on the door and said to him, "Such a good person, and it is the Buddha Fa, how dare you do such a thing!" Zhou Gang regretted his actions and said "I don't know where they sent the practitioner, Chen Guozhen. This was all ordered by the '610 Office' and the bank director Zhou Guoshui."

Later, the "610 Office" found Chen Guozhen's sister, Chen Hua, and asked her if she knew who wrote the letter distributed in the local neighborhood. Chen Hua replied, "How should I know who wrote it? The day that my sister was kidnapped, there was a whole crowd of people in the bank and they all scolded you guys for arresting a good person, and said that you are no better than criminals." The "610 Office" staff member said, "Chen Hua, you really have great influence in town and within three days, the flyers had spread around the whole town."

According to a reliable source, Chen Guozhen's father (a non-practitioner) and her ex-husband were all upset about the abduction. They were preparing an appeal to the city's administration. If that fails, they will appeal to the provincial or central government. Chen Guozhen's father said, "My daughter was taken away in a good health condition. If something bad happens to her, we will fight to the end."

People Invite Practitioners to Their Homes to Clarify the Truth

One day, an elderly practitioner went out to post truth-clarifying materials. When she posted a flyer on a door, two middle-aged ladies came out. They invited the practitioner into their house, asked for some truth materials, and also listened to the practitioner tell them about activities of overseas practitioners and the wonderfulness of Dafa.

Stories of "Good is Rewarded and Evil Provokes Retribution" Help Stop Police Brutality

Mr. Wang, a policeman at the Ping'an Police Station of Shulan City, used to participate in Jiang's persecution campaign against Dafa practitioners. Later, he got diabetes mellitus, and he knew that this was retribution for his sins. Whenever he saw practitioners from then on he would hurry over to them and say: "I will not participate in the persecution of Falun Gong any more." and "If I practiced Falun Gong, would my sickness be cured?" A practitioner told him: "Do not persecute practitioners any more and do some good things to make up for it, then your health will improve." Thereafter this policeman no longer arrested practitioners.

Words from Students' Parents: "Wei is a Wonderful Teacher."

One time I clarified the truth to a tricycle rider, and mentioned to him that Falun Gong teaches people to become good people. He said: "I know that. Wei Minghua, from Qingyuan Middle School, is a Falun Gong practitioner and she is my kid's teacher. Teacher Wei is a very good person and all the parents and students say that she is a very good and kind person, has good patience, and it will be very hard to find a teacher as good as her. It is said that she was fired from school because she refused to give up her practice of Falun Gong. In the current society, there is no place [for practitioners] to appeal."

(1) "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.