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III. Cases of Falun Gong Practitioners Suffering Mental Collapse and Disability Because of Psychiatric Abuse

1) He Xianggu, A Nurse at the Health Center for Women and Children in Hunan Province, Is Reduced to Dementia at the Hunan Mental Hospital

He Xianggu, female, 39, worked as a nurse at the Health Center for Women and Children in Hunan Province. Xianggu started to practice Falun Gong in November 1997. On December 12, 1999, she was detained for 15 days after she went to Beijing to appeal. On January 1, 2000, Xianggu was forced to go to Hunan Mental Hospital for the first time by her work unit.

On August 18, 2000, her work unit arbitrarily opened her locker and found some Dafa (Great Law) books. On the next day, she was bound and sent to the mental hospital for the second time. The following was an eyewitness account after visiting Xianggu in November 2000:

When I saw her, my eyes were brimming with tears. Xianggu didn't look like a human being any more, but a serious mentally disabled figure. She stood there with a dull look in her eyes, with no expression on her face. Her back was hunched with her hands placed in front of her abdomen. She did not respond when being spoken to, and she could hardly utter a sentence even after being questioned for a long time.

I asked her: "Did your husband come visit you?" She shook her head and finally told me: "Some officials from the Health Center for Women and Children had been here and brought some newspapers. They said I would be treated as a counterrevolutionary if I continued to practice. I was just given a shot a moment ago. Nowadays, I am given this kind of shot twice a month. Even for a [real] mental patient, injection of this drug normally would be once a month."

The environment at Hunan Mental Hospital was very bad. In addition to the double iron gates, the hospital is surrounded by high walls. It was dark and gloomy in the room, often with a lot of water on the ground. There was some urine and stools from patients on the floor. There was loud crying, yelling, singing and screaming all day and night. The patients often fought with each other until each was badly hurt and bleeding. It was hard to find a quiet moment.

If something were brought in, no matter whether it was food or articles for everyday use, they would all be snatched away by other patients. Personal belongings including clothes were often missing, either worn by other patients, or would end up in the trashcan or bathroom. Sometimes, you would find someone put some dirty trash under your quilt, or a very dirty person lying in your bed, and worse yet, he or she was defecating or urinating.

The drug that Hunan Mental Hospital injected into Dafa practitioners was fluoro-hydroxypiperidine, a long-term retardant to the nervous system. This is the most potent drug used against schizophrenia, and it is usually used to treat very severe cases of schizophrenia. While injecting the drug, the doctor lied by saying it was used to protect the brain.

The response after injection of this drug: Within half an hour of the injection, one would feel the chest is very painful, like having a heart attack. Due to its long-term effect, as time went by, the whole body starts to tremble, and it becomes hard to stand, sit or lie down. Arm and leg movements are impaired. Every minute feels unbearable. If one tried to do something to divert the attention from this painful feeling, the limbs would be too weak to move. The eyesight becomes blurred and one would slobber unintentionally. One would rather not say anything because it would take a great deal of effort to open the mouth. There was no motivation and often one would be emotionally aggravated. It was very painful in the brain as though a knife was scraping it. One would sometimes cry without any reason. Sometimes one would feel very cold, and the chilling seemed to come from the spine. The intelligence level was even lower than a preschool child, needing assistance even for walking. It was difficult to raise the feet or move the hands. The face was distorted and dull.

2) Elderly Couple Both Lose Their Eyesight Due To Persecution by "610 Office" in Changde City, Hunan Province

Ms. Hou Jinyuan is 59-years-old, and her husband, Mr. Jia Shilin, is 62. They are residents of Baiyanghu Village, Hunan Province. As they were both Falun Gong practitioners, they were forcibly taken to the Changde City Brainwashing Center on December 24, 2000. Because over 60 Dafa practitioners detained there had righteous thoughts and refused to cooperate with the brainwashing center's demands, the brainwashing failed. All the Dafa practitioners were sent back to their respective districts for detention on March 18, 2001.

On January 13, 2002, Hou Jinyuan conducted a hunger strike to resist the illegal, long-term detention. On January 17, 2002, Qin Chunping, the vice-director of the "610 Office" [an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems] in Shimen County took Hou to the No. 13 section (psychosis ward) of the People's Hospital and forcibly injected her with an unknown drug. It was entirely the choice of Qin Chunping to decide what drug was to be used. That day, he administered Hou Jinyuan with an intramuscular injection and IV fluid for 4 hours. After the injection, the elderly lady felt that her forehead and tongue had become numb. When the nurse gave the injection on the third day, she told Hou Jinyuan in low voice: "Aunty, you have to eat. With continued injections of this kind, your whole body and all your internal organs will wither, so you will suffer agony until death." After the injection on the fifth day, both of Hou Jinyuan's legs became numb and lost feeling when she tried to stand. By the end of January, both of the elderly lady's legs were paralyzed, and both eyes were blurry. After the Chinese New Year (February 12, 2002), she was completely blind in both eyes.

The elderly Jia Shilin was detained in a dark and damp ward on the first level of the County Detention Centre. Due to the long-term detention, he also lost his eyesight in July 2001.

When Hou Jinyuan was detained in the hospital, the "610 Office" ordered the town of Mengquan to send 2 people to monitor her, but the "610 Office" refused to pay for it. The Mengquan Town government could not afford it. Moreover, they knew that Jiang's regime had allocated 80,000 Yuan [500 Yuan is the average monthly income for an urban worker in China] to the "610 Office" to persecute Falun Gong, so they withdrew those 2 staff members on March 22, 2002. Under this situation in which nobody was willing to help the wicked people do bad deeds, the "610 Office" had to send the two elderly practitioners, who had both lost their eyesight, home on March 24, 2002.

Because both are now blind, it has become very difficult for them to take care of themselves.

3) Ms. Zhang Jinlan from Shaanxi Province Completely Paralyzed After Being Injected with Unknown Drugs

Zhang Jinlan, 53, was illegally sentenced to forced labor education several times for her persistence in practicing Falun Gong and going to Beijing to appeal. Not long after she was released, she was sent to a brainwashing class organized by the "610 Office" of Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province. Due her righteous thoughts and determination to practice Falun Gong, she was released from the brainwashing class. But later she was sent to Ankang City Prison's Hospital that is operated by the public security bureau. She went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. A police doctor injected her with an unknown drug that immediately caused her lower body to become paralyzed. That night her entire body was paralyzed and she went into coma. However, the doctor kept on injecting the same drug to her for seven consecutive days. In the first several days of these injections her lower body started to fester. After seven or eight days of these injections, she looked like she was dying, only then did the hospital send a "critical situation notice" to her family, and she was taken home. Now she is paralyzed, lying in bed and cannot recognize people. Her festered lower body is too horrible to look at. Even so, her home is still under "610 Office" surveillance and her family phone is tapped.

People at the hospital who were responsible for the persecution of Ms. Zhang include: charge nurse Liu Qi, Dong XX, Chen XX, section chief Wei Yujun, Hong Kui and criminals Gao Ming and Dong Hongtao.

4) Song Xiangzhen's Mental Health was Jeopardized by Torture

Song Xiangzhen, a 57 years old female practitioner, lives in the Tiexi District of Shenyang City, Liaoning Province within the jurisdiction of the Shi'erlu Police Station. She went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong on October 15, 1999 and was illegally sentenced to a forced labor camp for one year. In July 2000, she was arrested again and sent to a mental hospital, where she was persecuted to the point that she became mentally disordered. She was unable to speak or eat. She was released; however, in October 2000 she was arrested again. She held a hunger strike for nearly two months. During the detention, she was injected with medicine that can damage the nervous system. Her family members carried her home when the officials thought that she was ready to die, and released her. Currently she remains mentally disordered due to the abuse.

5) Song Yulong Becomes Mentally Disabled After Forcibly Given Electric Shock Therapy and Injected with Drugs that Damage the Central Nervous System

Twenty-nine-year old Song Yulong was an employee of Lanshan District Water Conservation Company in Linyi County, Shandong Province. In 1999 he went to Beijing to appeal and was arrested. He was detained in the Linyi Detention Center. He went on a hunger strike to protest and was put on shackles. He wasn't released until the seventh day of his hunger strike.

During the first five or six months of 2000, unlawful people at his work unit forced him to watch videos slandering Falun Gong. In May or June of 2000, because he still refused to give up his belief in Falun Gong, his work unit forcibly sent him to a mental hospital where he was devastated for over one month. There everyday the police forced drugs into him that damage the central nervous system. At the beginning he refused to take the medicine. The police then subjected him to electric shock therapy. According to his accounts, the police attached plugs to his two ears, temples and head. They then turned on the switch, causing him excruciating pain. Every second felt like unbearable. However, this torture often lasted over 30 minutes. Whenever he refused to take the drugs, the police would torture him this way. He had to take the drugs in the end. However, as soon as he took the drugs, he felt a sense of fear he had never experienced before. Every night he would wake up from nightmares. Even after he was released, he was still haunted by nightmares. He became mentally disoriented from the drugs. A fellow practitioner who he knew well went to visit him; however, he couldn't recognize this practitioner. He only had a dull look.

His fiancée Wang Mingyan is also a Falun Gong practitioner. She was arrested in November 2001 in Lu'nan County, Shandong Province. She was later sentenced to a labor camp, and was then let out on parole for medical reasons.

IV. Throwing Practitioners to Mental Hospitals is a Means Used to Cover up the Facts of the Persecution

1) Fang Lihong Beaten to Death for Accepting An Interview by Overseas Media

China Times reporter Zhu Jianling reported from Taipei on August 27, 2002: Like other Falun Gong practitioners in China, Fang Lihong was fired by his work unit for practicing Falun Gong. And then he was arrested and forced to go through month-long brainwashing sessions. One thing that differed him from other practitioners was that he was later sent to a mental hospital, but he managed to escape and accepted an interview by an overseas media.

While being interviewed by Washington Post in 2001, Fang Lihong, a practitioner from Anshan City, Liaoning Province said, "I do not have any mental illness, however, I was forced to stay with mental patients for 16 months. While in the Kangning Mental Hospital in Heilongjiang Province, I was forced to take in some unknown medicine every day. Later on the doctors simply gave the pills to me and asked me to take them in my own ward. The doctors told me that they knew I was not sick, but they had to follow the authorities to give me 'treatment'."

During the 45-minute-long interview, Fang was very rational and he appeared to have very good logic. However, he was arrested again in Fujian Province in February 2002. He was beaten to death while in detention.

A doctor at the Kangning Mental Hospital confirmed that Fang once received treatment there and they learned of his death. But this doctor refused to provide further information.

2) Female Navy Officer Li Qiuxia sent to Mental Hospital for the Second Time

Female officer Li Qiuxia of Primary Navy Hospital was released from the 261 Mental Hospital of People's Liberation Army in a hurry on August 2, 2000. However after finding out that she intended to post her detention experience in the mental hospital on the Internet, the Navy Hospital detained her again immediately, with all communications severed. After a few days, suspecting her of passing out flyers, the Navy Hospital once again detained her indefinitely waiting for higher directors to pass down a verdict.

Ms. Li was sent to the 261 Mental Hospital of People's Liberation Army on June 2, 2000 with the consent of the Navy Hospital. At first, she refused to take medication, so the nurses pried open her mouth, and then inserted a nasal tube to her stomach. Through the tube they injected drugs.

Once when Ms. Li was reciting Hongyin (poem collection of Teacher Li), the nurses asked her what she was doing. After finding out the answer, they became quite angry. They bound her to a post and gave her electro shock therapy with two electrical needles to her temple to shock her. Because the needles penetrated into the flesh plus the muscles went into shock, it was very painful. She was tortured with this method three times while she was in the mental hospital.

When her family came to visit, the hospital personnel would say: "Ms. Li is an army officer, and we'll treat her nicely. We won't treat her like other patients, please don't worry too much." As a matter of fact, it's a common occurrence for the nurses to beat and abuse the patients. They forced her to take 13 pills of Perphenazine (a description of the drug can be found from http://www.perphenazine.com/) every day, but the pills didn't have any effect on her.

3) Engineer Liu Jianli Tortured to the Point of Being Disabled For Exposing Falsehoods in CCTV's Propaganda

In Yutian County of Hebei Province, a petty thief was caught. When asked by the police why he stole, the thief lied to the police, hoping to get out of his situation. He made up a wild story saying that he was a Falun Gong practitioner and obtained such a supernormal ability that he could steal anything without being seen by others. However, toward the end of the interrogation, the thief admitted that he had never practiced Falun Gong. Although they knew the truth, the local police used this incident to curry favor with the higher authorities. The officers went so far as to tell the thief, "You just say that you are practitioner of Falun Gong and make an appearance on the TV news. If you do this you will get a reduced term." In this way, the police department of Yutian and the China Central Television Station (CCTV) conspired to fabricate an ugly farce, and aired it on CCTV's "Focal Point" show to frame Falun Gong and deceive the public.

After the TV program was broadcast, Liu Jianli, a young engineer in his thirties from the Linnancang Coal Mine of Yutian, printed more than 200 cards that clarified the facts and went to Tiananmen Square in Beijing to expose the fabricated CCTV report. In front of both domestic and overseas reporters and bystanders, Liu Jianli revealed the truth to people by talking through an audio amplifier and exposing the ugly act of Jiang's regime to frame Falun Gong and deceive the public. He also handed out his cards explaining the true situation to the reporters and bystanders in the crowd. Afterwards, Liu Jianli was taken away by the Tiananmen police.

Liu Jianli's exposing CCTV's lies was a righteous act and completely honorable. However, vicious people from the "610 Office" of Tangshan City and the Bureau of Kailuan Coal Mine brutally and inhumanly persecuted him. In the beginning, Liu Jianli was illegally detained in the city's detention center, and then was admitted against his will to a mental hospital to receive a different form of persecution. Pressured on all sides, his family members paid five thousand Yuan as a so-called penalty to obtain his release from the hospital. Right after that the authorities began to persecute him by sending him to various places for detention and persecution on a rotating basis. He was sent by the "610 Office" of the Bureau of Kailuan Coal Mine to the brainwashing center of the Tangshan Textile University. After being released from the brainwashing class, he was again sent to the city detention center and then transferred back to the mental hospital, where he was tortured to the point of becoming disabled.

V. Psychiatric Abuse is a Brutal Means Used to Force Practitioners to Give Up Their Belief in Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance

1) Dalian Dafa Practitioners Injected with Harmful Drugs at the Lushun 215 Mental Hospital

On March 31, 2004, Clearwisdom.net published a letter written by a retired worker of the Dalian Harbor Bureau, in Dalian City, Liaoning Province, who described in details how she was devastated at the Lushun 215 Military Troops Hospital, a mental hospital. For the full text, see http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/3/31/46589.html. Below is excerpt from this letter.

"In February 2002, I was again taken hostage by the Dalian City Public Security "610 Office" and transported to a drug rehabilitation center where they informed me that I would have to write the so-called "guarantee not to cultivate" statement in order to go home, or face brainwashing classes indefinitely. Practitioners who were taken hostage resolutely refused to write the so-called "guarantee statement" and undertook a unified action to hold a hunger strike. Failing to hold a brainwashing class, they then sent practitioners to various places, including detention centers and mental hospitals. At that point, several people from my work unit came and took me to the Lushun 215 Military Troops Hospital, a mental hospital.

After being admitted to the hospital, I was taken to a meeting room on the second floor. The staff momentarily left the room and I couldn't hear what they were talking about, but I felt that something was wrong, so I picked up my clothes and went downstairs. No sooner had I reached the door, than they caught up with me and were dragging me backward. I held on fast to the door knob, yelling, "Why did you lie to me?" The five or six male staff members firmly grabbed me and pried my hands free. They dragged me to the third floor, to Mental Health Ward III. I was stripped of my regular clothes, put in a patient garment and injected with unknown drugs. In a short while, I was no longer myself. I kept hallucinating that my relatives were standing around my bed. I wanted to tell them how I was being persecuted, but I could not move my mouth to utter a word.

I felt dizzy and drowsy for the entire day. The night duty nurse was kind enough to get my home phone number from me, so she could call my family, but I could neither move my mouth nor express myself clearly. My legs would not move freely either. I was barely able to make it to the cafeteria, where I fell on the floor and could not get up. A kind-hearted nurse carried me back to my bed and brought food to me, but I could not use my hands very well, nor could I use chopsticks, so I didn't eat. Then I fell asleep again. I didn't know how much time had passed when I was awakened and forced to take some pills. In this manner, I was given one injection a day and forced to take oral medication in the morning and evening. I was dizzy and drowsy every day and was always hallucinating.

After a week, I was transferred to a hospital room nearby, where they stopped giving me a daily injection, but they still made me take medicine orally, twice a day. Gradually, I was able to get up from the bed to walk. Every morning I was supposed to stand up beside my bed, waiting for the Ward Chief to make his rounds of the wards and question me. One day, the Chief asked me, "How have you been feeling for the past few days? Are you still associating with them [Falun Gong practitioners]? Are you still going to Beijing?"

I realized that he meant no good, so I didn't want to say much. I just said, "I didn't cause any trouble."

He then asked, "So, what is on your mind?"

I didn't know how to answer, so I just mumbled, "I never thought about it."

He said, "Then you think hard about this!"

On the second day, they increased my medicine dosage. When he checked the wards, the Ward Chief asked me again, "Have you thought this over?"

I said, "Not yet." As a result, they increased my medicine dosage again. For a few days in a row, they kept increasing my medicine dosage, starting at three pills per time, and finally to a dozen pills per time. Each time, I had to go to the pharmacy and wait in line to get my medicine, swallow it with water in the presence of the pharmacist and then open my mouth to prove that I had indeed swallowed the pills. Besides regularly increasing my medicine dosage, every Friday they also took me to a lab where they closed the door and made me swallow two big yellow pills. They let me out only after opening my mouth and allowing them to carefully check whether the pills had been swallowed. After taking those pills, I felt dizzy, nauseous and weak all over my body. I decided to go to the Ward Chief and ask him not to increase my dosage. I explained to him why I practiced Falun Gong, and how much I had benefited from the practice. He certainly didn't understand. All he knew were the lies made up by the government's mouthpiece. I told him that Falun Gong teaches people to become good people, that freedom of belief is a citizen's right and that it was wrong to suppress Falun Gong. At last, I requested that my dosage be lowered, and the Chief said that he could do so, but only by two small pills.

Not long after I had been admitted to the mental hospital, my work unit sent in another practitioner, one with whom I had once attended a brainwashing class. After she was injected with drugs in an intensive care ward, she first fell unconscious, and then later began to hallucinate. She squatted on the floor and tried to pick up things from all over the floor, claiming that it was covered with bugs. I felt so bad for her and took her back to her bed. After awhile, she repeated the same process again. They wrote both of our names on the blackboard in the ward office and requested that hospital staff strictly monitor our medications.

I was detained in the mental hospital for over four months, during which I was always dizzy and drowsy from the daily torture of the medicine. I also felt nauseous and weak, and had edema all over my body. My whole body had become totally disfigured. What was even more painful was that I was required every morning to go with the mental patients to a "club" for the so-called "mental treatments," which included singing and dancing. The two of us could only sit in the last row and recite the Fa. Often there were a few specific male and female mental patients who sat in the back and pulled some obnoxious stunts. In such a filthy place, had I not kept my mind on the Fa, I would surely have had a mental breakdown. There were also times when my mind was in chaos, and I felt that I could no longer bear the psychological stress. It was as if I could no longer stand it for even another minute. I was also afraid that I would become unable to control myself, so I kept telling myself not to go crazy and I recited the Fa over and over again, suppressing all kinds of bad thoughts. I eliminated all sorts of interference and tried hard to calm my mind. The Jiang regime tried to use torture as a means to turn good, innocent people into mentally ill people. It was Dafa that helped me make it through the most difficult crises.

Four months later, the Ward Chief contacted my work unit and they sent someone to pick me up. When I left the hospital, the Chief walked me to the front entrance with guilt written all over his face. Not long after leaving the hospital, my eyes began to fester, and even opening them became difficult. The insides and outsides of my ears also started to fester and ooze yellow fluid, as did my scalp and neck. It caused itchiness and simply heart-wrenching pain.

The festering began in the summer of 2002. To date, the insides and outsides of my ears and scalp still ooze yellow fluid. The worst festering that I endured occurred during the two years between 2000 and 2002. Were it not for being a Falun Gong practitioner, I would have become completely festered and possibly died. Old acquaintances that saw me couldn't bear to see me looking like that, and after learning what had happened, they all cried.

I was not the only one who went through this. In 2002, while I was in the drug rehab center, Li Hong, a Dalian Second High School teacher, was also admitted to the Dalian City Mental Hospital. First, after leaving the hospital, both of her eyes began to fester. Because she told her supervisors and colleagues in her work unit about the persecution that she had experienced in the mental hospital, they reported her to higher authorities. As a result, Li Hong was then sentenced to two years of forced labor in the notorious Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. The last time anyone visited her, they reported that her body was still festering, her hair had turned completely gray and she had become disfigured beyond recognition."

2) Outstanding College Professor and Dafa Practitioner Ms. Wu Xiaohua Injected with Drugs While Illegally Detained in a Mental Hospital

Wu Xiaohua, associate professor of Anhui Province Architecture College, was kidnapped by the authorities and forcibly taken to a mental hospital in October 2001. She was forced to take medicine, endure injections, and electro-shock therapy, which have caused her indescribable pain. After being medicated and injected with powerful drugs against her will, she became sleepy all day, lost her judgment abilities, became restless, suffered headaches, had serious vomiting, irregular menstrual periods and memory lapses. Her memory deteriorated; her vision periodically got poor. She could not see people clearly close-up, had hearing loss, suffered from weakness and sometimes fainted three or four times a day. Following are some details:

Around October 11, 2001, Wu Xiaohua had returned home from her parents' place in another area. The associate director of the college security division, Lu Changwei, along with security department head Hong Houlai and 6 or 7 security guards rushed to Ms. Wu's home in two minivans attempting to kidnap her. A few minutes later, Wu's house was surrounded, causing Wu's family and her neighbors to feel nervous.

On the second day of the stake-out, Hong from the security department and two police officers entered her home, telling her family members and visiting relatives that because of the Shanghai APEC summit meeting in October, (2001) Jiang had ordered to closely monitor Falun Gong practitioners.

Wu's colleagues and students all knew she was a good person. Especially after she took up the practice of Falun Gong, she was voted "excellent teacher" in 1999. However, because she was a practitioner, the higher education department dared not approve this. The Architecture College was supposed to protest its faculty and students, yet it sent people to surround Wu's home. The notice the college got from the authorities was to prevent practitioners from going to Shanghai. However, on the third day, October 13 at around 5:00 p.m., security division head Lu and another security department supervisor brought forward the leaders of Wu Xiaohua's husband's work unit and forced Wu's husband to open the door under their threat and deception. Without any due legal procedure, 7 or 8 young security guards rushed in, kidnapped over 50-year-old Wu Xiaohua and sent her to a female forced labor camp.

To resist the unjustified illegal persecution, Wu Xiaohua started a hunger strike in the confinement room, without taking food and water. Ten days later, the labor camp leader escorted her to a mental hospital. They also forced Wu Xiaohua's husband to sign the hospital admission form.

While she was being locked up in the mental hospital, the doctors forcibly gave her drugs, and shocked her with electric needles, which put her in a daze. It felt like her head was wearing a big metal pan cover all the time. She felt fidgety and as if in a trance. The doctors and policemen all tried to force her to give in. One day, they locked her in a 150 square-meter bathhouse from that afternoon until the morning of second day. The bathhouse was filled with garbage. Only she was locked there and nobody paid attention, though she shouted loudly in the darkness at night. All the mosquitoes in the bathhouse came to bite her. All of her exposed skin was bitten over and over. Her hands were cuffed behind her back. When she touched the exposed skin, her hand would be covered with blood. The nurses of the hospital were shocked when they saw her. Not long after they locked her in the bathhouse, she needed to use toilet. The police would not let her go. After she shouted for a long time, the second division chief ordered somebody to push her into a pigpen full of spider webs. The pigs were squealing, and the guard was shouting. The guard started to urge her to hurry up not even 5 minutes after they pushed her there. They just tried to humiliate her and made her suffer.

3) The Granddaughter of Famous Painter Qi Baishi Is Detained in a Mental Hospital for Practicing Falun Gong

Ms. Qi Bingshu is over 60 years old, and is the granddaughter of the famous painter, Mr. Qi Baishi; she is a well-known painter herself. Before she began practicing Falun Gong, Ms. Qi was diseased all over her body and had a serious bleeding problem. Her face was always as white as paper and she was frequently bedridden. After Ms. Qi practiced Falun Gong though, all her diseases miraculously disappeared.

On April 25 of 1999, Ms. Qi Bingshu stood in the first row of practitioners who went to Zhongnanhai (Chinese central government compound) to appeal to the government. She stood for the whole day without eating, drinking or even sitting down. After July 20, 1999, she went to safeguard and validate Falun Dafa many times and was thus arrested - she is very determined in Dafa. Because Ms. Qi insisted in her belief of Zhen-Shan-Ren (Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance), her brother forcibly sent her to a mental hospital with help from the local police station and the doctors in Daliushu Mental Hospital in Dabeiyao Town, Chaoyang District of Beijing. The doctors in the mental hospital said that she had a "Qigong mental disorder" and gave her forced injections and medicine. They also claimed that she couldn't be released until the incident with Falun Gong was over. Before Ms. Qi was detained, she looked as young as a lady of over 40 due to practicing Falun Gong. Since she was illegally detained, Ms. Qi was tortured to such an extent that the hair on both sides of her head all became white and her hands constantly shook, making it extremely difficult for her to paint any more.

Though Ms. Qi was detained alone, she still insisted on memorizing Master Li's books and articles, practicing the exercises, and never forgot to assist Master Li to rectify and validate Dafa. During her illegal detention in the mental hospital, she tried to run away once. However her brother colluded with the staff from the hospital and locked her up again.

Before Ms. Qi practiced Falun Gong, she suffered from hemorrhage. She suffered a lot when giving birth to her son. Later her husband divorced her and she went through tremendous hardships to raise her son all by herself. However, while she was being detained in the hospital, her son only went to visit her once. Someone asked her son why he did not try to get his mother out, he said, "Get her out? Then someone would come to arrest her again!" He was supposed to take good care of his nearly 70-year-old mother, but he just let his uncle, the police station and the mental hospital to torture his mother. People sighed, "What's wrong with Chinese society? Jiang's persecution of Falun Gong has driven the general public to the abyss of moral collapse."

4) Staff at Baimalong Labor Camp in Zhuzhou City Hunan Province Inject Nerve Damaging Drugs Into Captive Women

The Baimalong Labor Camp authorities took turns putting Falun Gong practitioners into the so-called "Transformation Team," "Strict Education Team," "Determination Team," "Production Team," "Closed Team," etc. In July 2002, the "Steadfastness Destruction Team" (targeting those people who were steadfast in their belief in Falun Dafa) was formed by the head of the labor camp, Zhao, deputy director of the labor camp, Zhao Guibao, and supervisor Ding Cailan. Zheng Xia was appointed as the team leader in charge of persecuting Dafa practitioners.

In November 2001 Ding transferred Dafa practitioner Ms. Chen Chujun from the "Production Team" to the so-called "Transformation Team" to be brainwashed. Chen Chujun is about 30 years of age, and she worked at the Haihua Rail Station. The day Chen Chujun was sent to the "Transformation Team," the police ordered administrators to push Ms. Chen down to the floor and tie up her hands. They pushed her face against the floor and cut off her hair against her will. Chen protested this brutal maltreatment by holding a hunger strike, and the camp director sent her to the "Production Team." In Baimalong Labor Camp, you can be tortured in a multitude of ways if you are determined to practice Falun Dafa. After six days, Chen was sent to the medical office for injections. After half a month, the director ordered two officers to watch her in the medical office. According to witnesses, the staff injected glucose, along with a nerve-damaging drug called Thorazine* into Chen's bloodstream. After being injected with this drug, a person will gradually suffer memory loss and will want to sleep all the time. The medical staff injected Chen with small quantities of this drug each day, causing her to slowly become sick, as if she were suffering from a chronic disease. Doctor Lu from the Baimalong medical office, deputy director Zhao Guibao's wife, is primarily responsible for the harm done to Ms. Chen's health.

The medical office blocked all information about Ms. Chen. Later, a practitioner received a note from Chen, telling us that she could no longer remember the short formulas recited before doing the Falun Gong exercises. Then Chen was sent to the Employee Medical Center of the Zhuzhou Chemical Plant. Many other practitioners have been hospitalized there before. Chen was force-fed during her detention in the hospital, and her stomach, gall bladder, and lungs were all damaged from this torture. After 22 days of hunger strike, Chen was sent to back to the medical office at Baimalong. After meeting with her sister, she began eating some food. Her family was promised that she would be allowed to go home after having a stomach operation. However, Ms. Chen was not allowed to go home. So on January 2, 2002, Chen once again started a hunger strike. Seven days later, she was sent to Zhuzhou Second Hospital, and we have not heard from her since.

In Baimalong Labor Camp, this type of brutality is common. We often do not know whether practitioners have been allowed to go home or have been tortured to death. The known death cases at Baimalong Labor Camp include: Liu Qingxi, Wen Huiying, Jin Fuwan, Guo Zhaoqing, and Qi Manying.

Dafa practitioner Xia Ting is 29 years old. She is originally from Zhejiang Province and now lives in Shenzhen City. Ms. Xia has also been detained in Baimalong Labor Camp. Xia was once sent to the medical office after holding a hunger strike. She was held there for more than one month, and she was injected with Thorazine, which made her sleep around the clock. Now her vision is poor, she is sluggish, her back is crooked, her shoulders are unbalanced, and she cannot balance herself well when walking. Other than "Lunyu" (the preface to the Falun Dafa book Zhuan Falun) Xia Ting cannot remember anything she had once learned from the Dafa books, and she repeatedly has to ask for today's date.

One time, Xia Ting wrote a health report to the labor camp with the help of another practitioner. Then, Zhao Guibao brought her to a private room for interrogation. At that time, we were working nearby, and we saw Zhao Guibao threatening her if she did not recant her statement.

There is yet another practitioner we know of who suffered from injections of Thorazine. This practitioner's name is Yu Yingzhu. She's 29 years of age and from Hunan Province. She has been detained for over 3 years. Ms. Yu was put in the same team as Xia Ting, and they went on hunger strike together. After Yu was injected with Thorazine by labor camp medical staff, she felt like she had lost all her strength. Every time she was injected, there would be some pink fluid in her discharge. Yu felt that something was wrong after 4-5 days of receiving the injections, and she firmly refused to go to the medical office again. Right now, she is most likely still being held in the Baimalong Labor Camp.

* The psychotropic drug Thorazine (also known as Aminazin, Chlorpromazine, Largactil, Thorazine or Wintermin) is a strong tranquilizer that used in the treatment of psychiatric patients. Thorazine in particular can have powerful side effects, such as tardive dyskinesia (a serious, irreversible neurological disorder), tardive dementia (a global deterioration of her mind and mental faculties caused by the drugs), general dulling of awareness, emotional numbing, and cognitive dysfunction. Symptoms of tardive dyskinesia involve uncontrollable movement of various body parts, including the body trunk, legs, arms, fingers, mouth, lips, or tongue.

According to Amnesty International's medical advice, these drugs are not in themselves sinister. There are specific disorders for which they are prescribed, but they should be administered by qualified doctors, and their use monitored. In the light of cases of torture and ill-treatment of Falun Gong practitioners, and in the absence of evidence that they suffer from any psychiatric disorder, it is evident that the administration of such drugs are a punitive measure. In other words, Falun Gong practitioners have been inappropriately administered psychotropic drugs in order to punish them for their spiritual belief in Falun Gong.

5) Ms. Zhou Caixia, the General Assistant of Falun Gong Assistance Center in Jiaozhou, Was Sent to a Mental Hospital; Newly imported psychiatric medicine will be experimented on Falun Gong practitioners

Zhou Caixai, female, 50, is the general manager of Jiaozhou City Rubber Production Company, and also happens to be the general secretary of the company's Communist Party branch. For the past thirty years, she has dedicated herself to work in local-owned businesses, and has held them together as a manager for the last twenty years. When it comes to work, she has always held herself to an extremely high standard, yet she has always been kind and understanding toward the people who work for her. She conducts herself in a virtuous manner, and is highly regarded as an excellent manager. She has a terrific family and is well liked by her neighbors. Her reputation as a devoted wife and loving mother is well known in and around her community.

In 1996, she began to cultivate herself in Falun Dafa because she was suffering from a number of illnesses, and no medicine could help to alleviate her suffering. Both her body and her spirit improved a great deal through her cultivation. The medical problems that she had endured, including chronic gynecological problems, dizziness, and severe headaches, all disappeared without any further medical intervention. In order to let more people benefit from cultivating in Dafa and to make a contribution to society, General Manager Zhou often used her spare time to voluntarily spread Dafa. Her efforts led many people to Dafa, who through their cultivation saw improvements in their own health. This is a well-known fact in the city of Jiaozhou. Soon afterwards, she volunteered to act as the head of the Jiaozhou Falun Dafa Assistance Center.

On May 13th of this year, World Falun Dafa Day, Zhou Caixia decided to travel to Beijing to appeal to the government on behalf of Dafa. She overcame a great deal of difficulties in doing so, and all she wanted to do was to speak her mind and let the leaders of China know that "Falun Dafa is good." Because of this, she was arrested and placed in Room 16 of the 13th Detention Center in Beijing. She refused to tell police her name and started a hunger strike which lasted 7 days. In the end, the police recognized her from the information on the Internet. On May 26, she was sent back to Jiaozhou. Her actions made some people in the city government very angry. She was interrogated continuously for three whole days. In the midst of her ten-day hunger strike, she was locked into the local mental hospital against her will. She has been forced to endure shots, medicines and other treatment designed for treating mental patients.

Because there were always people going to the mental hospital to visit her and other Dafa practitioners who are confined there, police suddenly decided to set up a station in the mental hospital. They were prepared to arrest anybody who dared to visit them. Some policewomen even disguised themselves with nurses' uniforms, so they could eavesdrop on the conversations of the Dafa practitioners and learn their "motives and future actions."

Recently, a few words began to spread among the people of Jiaozhou:

The Jiaozhou Policemen have their hands full -

They do not stay in their police stations, but take over the mental hospital.

The practitioners are treated as elephants:

They are pushed down and tranquilized.

When they wake up, their arms and legs are tied.

They are put into jail and no visitor is allowed.

They are given tranquilizers and anti-depressant medications,

Who cares whether the practitioners have human rights or not?

Wear you down until you fall apart,

Wear you down until you can't walk.

They are only afraid that you are going to Beijing,

They are only afraid that you continue your cultivation.

They are only afraid of your determined heart,

They are only afraid of your strong mind.

Let's see who can cross this blockade!

According to an information source, a new psychiatric drug will be imported from abroad in recent days. Experiments will be conducted on the practitioners to test how effective it is. Practitioners who are being held in psychiatry hospitals will face new waves of suffering.

* * * * * *

Mental hospitals are supposed to be places where mental patients can be treated and recover. However, amidst Jiang's campaign against Falun Gong practitioners, they are turned into places where practitioners are being devastated both physically and mentally. Some U.S. psychiatrists point out that such action has violated the international rules and medical ethics. WPA also points out that belief, politics and culture cannot be used to determine if someone has mental disease.