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II. Case reports of Falun Gong practitioners who died from psychiatric treatments

Because Jiang's group tries its best to cover up the truth about the persecution of Falun Gong, what is reported here represents only some of the actual persecution cases that were able to surface and be reported on Clearwisdom.net.

Case 1: Young computer engineer Su Gang died after drug injection

Su Gang, male, 32 years old, was a computer engineer in an instrument workshop, Alkene Plant, Qilu Oil and Chemical Company, Zibo, Shandong Province. He was the first reported Falun Gong practitioner to have died from injections of nerve-damaging drugs.

On May 23, 2000, police and the company in which he worked forcibly took Su Gang, who was completely healthy at the time to Changle Mental Hospital in Weifang for his refusal to renounce Falun Gong. In the hospital, Su was forcibly subjected to daily overdose-injections of drugs which, if improperly administered, can damage the central nervous system. On May 31, Su Gang's uncle, Mr. Su Lianxi, learned the news of Su Gang's detention in Changle Mental Hospital and started a hunger strike to protest the illegal detention. After nine days of torture in the mental hospital, Su Gang was sent back to his father, Mr. Su De'an. At this time, Su looked miserable; he had a dull look in his eyes and his pale face was expressionless. His reactions were slow and his limbs looked stiff. Su's body was extremely weak and in a wretched condition. On the morning of June 10, 2000, Su Gang died from heart failure.

On June 18, 2000, Reuters reported the death of this young computer engineer from Zibo, Shandong Province, who died as a result of repeated drug injections at a mental hospital for practicing Falun Gong.

Human rights organizations quoted Su Gang's father Su De'an as saying that Su Gang was healthy before the police took him away, but when discharged from the hospital, he was dull, slow, and weak and could not eat. He passed away on June 10.

After Su Gang's death, the police monitored his family. On June 14, Su Gang's father and uncle prepared to deliver an open letter to the supervisors of the Qilu Oil and Chemical Company. Security officers stopped them at the entrance to the company. Dozens of people came and interfered with them. Su Gang's father and uncle were sent to the police station for interrogation, and the police monitored their residence around the clock, making it impossible for Su Gang's family to protest his death to related agencies. Su Gang's uncle Su Lianxi was sent to a labor camp for three years for exposing the truth about Su Gang's death.

On June 23, 2001, The Washington Post published a commentary. The article condemned the Chinese Communist Party's continuing persecution of Falun Gong practitioners by forcibly sending them into mental hospitals for psychiatric "treatment," and called on the democratic governments in the world and international human rights organizations to further expose such inhumane actions.

Case 2: Female worker Xu Guiqin Died from Forced Drug Injections in the No. 1 Female Labor Camp in Shandong Province

Dafa practitioner Xu Guiqin, female, 38, from Taian City, Shandong Province was an employee of Dahe Cotton Mill. Before Xu Guiqin began practicing Falun Dafa, she was often sick and could not work regularly. She suffered from severe and painful arthritis and had difficulty walking. In 1998, she began practicing Falun Dafa. She quickly recovered and all of her illnesses disappeared. Her life was filled with hope and she told everyone she knew about the goodness of Falun Dafa.

Xu Guiqin

In December 2001, she clarified the truth about the persecution of Falun Dafa and distributed truth clarification flyers in a market. She was reported to police. They arrested her and sent her to the No. 1 Female Labor Camp in Jinan City, Shandong Province, where she was detained for one year. She was brutally tortured in the camp, such as being forced to stand for a long time, being brutally beaten many times, not allowed to sleep; additionally, she was forced to bend her body at a 90 degree angle and to work for extended periods of time. Once she was beaten so severely that she lost consciousness, and was badly disfigured.

Two days before her release, guard Wang again tried to force Xu Guiqin to write a "guarantee statement," but she firmly refused. Guard Wang beat her for several hours until her whole body turned black and blue. Before releasing her, the guards forcibly injected her with four bottles of drugs. The drugs made her dizzy and her face became swollen. Her tongue became stiff and her body went numb. She could not eat and her memory was rapidly failing. When her family went to pick her up from the labor camp, they were told to keep an eye on her and not to let her wander off by herself; otherwise her life would be in danger. After returning home, Xu Guiqin's nervous system gradually failed and she passed away nine days later on November 7, 2002 of the Chinese lunar calendar [December 9, 2002].

No. 1 Female Labor Camp in Jinan City, Shandong Province

Address: No. 20 Jiangshuiquan Road, Jinan City

Phone number: 86-531-8552194

Case 3: Former Division Head Meng Xiao at Chengdu Iron and Steel Works Died from Injection of Nerve-damaging Drugs

Ms. Meng Xiao was a 37-year-old Falun Gong practitioner in Chengdu City, Sichuan Province. After being savagely tortured, force-fed, tied up and injected with toxic drugs, Meng Xiao died between January 8 and January 12, 2004 in Jintang County, Chengdu City.

Meng Xiao, a university graduate, was an employee and division head at Chengdu Iron and Steel Works. She began practicing Falun Gong in March 1999. On November 17, 1999, Meng Xiao and other Dafa practitioners unfurled a banner that read "Falun Dafa stands in the world forever." Afterwards, Meng Xiao was unconstitutionally detained and sentenced to two years in prison. She was savagely beaten in Beijing countless times; she was cuffed with her hands behind her back and shocked with electric batons. The police slammed her head against a wall while grabbing her hair and then tied her up.

On April 22, 2000, Meng Xiao was sent to Sichuan Province's Female Prison in Yangmahe, Jianyang, during which time Meng Xiao was detained in solitary confinement numerous times for a very long period for doing Falun Gong exercises and upholding her belief in Falun Dafa. The authorities and inmates beat her on countless occasions, and also dragged her down the stairs, shocked her with electric batons, tied her with ropes, threw her outside in the winter with only thin clothes on, and hung her on the window frame with her hands behind her back for several days and nights.

After her sentence expired, Chengdu Iron and Steel Works fired her and sent her to a brainwashing class in Tangchang Town, Pi County, where she was tortured until she suffered bone fractures and couldn't stand up. People from her work unit picked her up when she was on the brink of death. They locked her in the security office and then in the hospital of the company and injected her with large doses of drugs that damage the central nervous system. Later, Meng Xiao broke free with the power of her righteous thoughts, but was forced into homelessness for over a year.

On November 19, 2003, with orders from the "610 Office," police officers from Chengdu City Riot Control Division and from Jintang County's Police Department abducted Meng Xiao from her rented home on Heping Street, Jintang County. Authorities from the "610 Office" and from the police department tortured her cruelly. After saying "Falun Dafa is good" Meng Xiao remained silent, despite the savage torture she endured.

At Jintang County Detention Center, Meng Xiao held a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The guards sent her to the No. 201 Hospital many times, where she was forcibly injected with toxic drugs. Every day she was injected with two doses of Valium and one dose of Thorazine [also known as Aminazin, Chlorpromazine, Largactil, Thorazine or Wintermin, a strong tranquilizer and psychotropic drug used in the treatment of psychiatric patients]. Each time after the injection, Meng Xiao would suffer constant body aches, muddle-headedness and muscle weakness. Her mind would not become clear again until after two or three days of sleep. As soon as she came to, she would immediately be sent back to the hospital to suffer the same torture and would have the same symptoms all over again. Several times, Meng Xiao was at death's door. Later, after she clarified the truth to the doctor, he stopped giving her these toxic injections and the symptoms disappeared.

The police then decided to stop sending her to No. 201 Hospital. Instead they sent her to No. 1 People's Hospital in Jintang County for intravenous infusion, after which Meng Xiao went into a coma for two to three days. When she regained consciousness, she experienced body aches and vomited, and she could not speak clearly. The doctor's diagnosis stated that Meng Xiao had only two to three more days to live. Meng Xiao's family begged the police to release her, but the police replied, "Only our superior can determine if she can be released. What we say doesn't count." The authorities for Jintang County Detention Center inquired of Chengdu City "610 Office" if Meng Xiao was to be released. The response was, "Just let her die at the hospital or detention center. Don't release her!" As a result, the abuse against her escalated. Jiang Zengyao, head of the detention center, shouted at the detention center personnel, "Meng Xiao won't be able to get out with a hunger strike; if she is going to die, she'll have to die at the detention center or the hospital." After that, each time she was sent to the hospital, numerous police officers would tie her up tightly and give her injections by force. Following each injection, Meng Xiao was seen covered with bruises and deep cuts and blood on her hands and feet. It was also discovered that her ribs were broken from beatings.

On January 8, 2004, Meng Xiao was again sent to No. 1 People's Hospital in Jintang County and never returned to the detention center. It was later learned that Meng Xiao was tortured to death at the hospital between January 8th and 12th, 2004 and her body, which was covered with bruises, was immediately cremated without her family's knowledge.

Meng Xiao's parents live in Xichong County. Her father is paralyzed and her mother had a mental collapse due to the persecution.

Case 4: Two Female Practitioners Died after being Force-Fed with Unknown Drugs in Maojiashan Labor Camp in Chongqing City

Yang Ming, leader of the 4th Team in Maojiashan Female Forced Labor Camp in Chongqing City has always used sinister means in persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. Under her orders, Falun Gong practitioners Zhou Chengyu and Wang Jiqin died after being injected with unknown drugs.

Zhou Chengyu

Zhou Chengyu, female, was born on September 9, 1946. Zhou Chengyu had a few boils on her feet and Yang Ming used it as a pretext to force a "medical treatment" on her. The abusers force-fed Zhou Chengyu with medicine for over a month. The infusion caused edema all over her body and made her lower abdomen swell up like a watermelon. Ms. Zhou felt extremely uncomfortable in the area of her heart and could neither sleep nor sit. She told the doctors in the forced labor camp about the strong reaction to the drugs she was being forced to receive, but the doctors continued to force the injections and infusions on her. Zhou Chengyu was unable to eat anything and was in mortal danger when Yang Ming had two imprisoned drug-users carry her on their backs to the hospital. Ms. Zhou said, "I can hardly breathe. There is too much infusion in my abdomen. It is putting pressure on my heart. I feel miserable." Yang Min didn't care at all. Eventually the infusion damaged Ms. Zhou's heart and caused her death.

Wang Jiqin

Ms. Wang Jiqin, 29 years old, was cruelly tortured, punished and sustained severe bodily injuries. Yang Ming said that Wang Jiqin had heart disease and high blood pressure, so she instigated seven or eight drug addict criminals to force-feed Wang Jiqin with unknown drugs in the name of "taking care of her." Ms. Wang passed out on the spot as a result of such torture. Seeing that Wang Jiqin was near death, the labor camp sent her home in order to avoid responsibility. After returning home, Wang Jiqin remained in critical condition, spitting blood and had blood in her stool. She also had difficulty breathing, coughed, vomited, had diarrhea, and felt sharp pain in her abdomen. She had severe dropsy from her chest down and was weak in the limbs and could not sleep. On September 23, 2002, Wang Jiqin died at the age of 29.

The authorities of Maojiashan Female Labor Camp in Chongqing City tried to block the news of her death and locked up several Falun Gong practitioners who knew the truth in solitary confinement for several months before they were sent to Nanmusi Labor Camp for further persecution, in an attempt to block the news of Wang Jiqin's death for a long time.

Case 5: Dafa Practitioner Ms. Yu Lixin Died after being Injected with Nerve-damaging Drugs at the Jilin Province Police Hospital

Ms. Yu Lixin, 36 years old, was from Jilin City. On March 8, 2002, Ms. Yu was sent to Jilin Province Female Prison where she began a hunger strike to protest the persecution. Later, she was sent into Jilin Province Police Hospital. At that time her blood pressure was so low it could not be measured, yet the police still wouldn't release her. The staff at the police hospital injected her with strong drugs. On April 5, Ms. Yu was in a coma and her body was convulsing. The hospital staff injected drugs directly into a blood vessel, and consequently, on May 14, 2002, Ms. Yu passed away after 66 days on hunger strike.

Yu Lixin

The death of Yu Lixin left her 70-year-old mother-in-law and 8-year-old daughter without care. Ms. Yu's husband had been illegally sentenced to two years of forced labor for practicing Dafa and was detained at Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp at that time. On the day Ms. Yu passed away, her mother-in-law repeatedly begged the authorities at Chaoyanggou Forced Labor Camp to allow Ms. Yu's husband, Liu Hongwei, to see Ms. Yu for the last time, but her request was denied.

Yu Lixin was an official at Jilin City Workers' Union [a government department] in Jilin Province, a Party member and a university graduate. Prior to practicing Dafa, she was suffering from nine different diseases. She went to many renowned doctors, but all of them failed to cure her. With no choice left she turned to Falun Dafa in 1997. Several months later a miracle took place: all nine of her diseases disappeared! During two years of cultivation, Ms. Yu conducted herself according to the moral standard of Falun Dafa, as she became a truly good person. She was a good staff member at work, a good wife at home, and she even took her mother-in-law into her home, to whom she hardly spoke before cultivation. Her mother-in-law was very happy and said, "My daughter-in-law is the best person in the world!" At work, she was awarded the titles "Outstanding Official" and "Outstanding Party Member" every year. She always worked hard and never complained.

On July 20, 1999, dictator Jiang Zemin launched the persecution of Falun Gong. In order to let the government officials know about the physical and moral improvements she experienced from Falun Dafa, Ms. Yu went to Beijing to appeal. She was arrested and taken back by police from Jilin City's Police Department and suffered inhuman tortures. Because she refused to give up Falun Dafa, she was expelled from the Party and fired from her job; in addition, she was illegally sentenced to five years in jail. She protested and appealed, but no lawyer dared to speak for Falun Gong. So she started a hunger strike to protest the persecution.

In Jilin Province's Female Labor Camp she was tied onto a bed for four months. When she was on the verge of death after four months of hunger strike, she was released in October 2001. After she returned home, the local police still kept harassing her at her home and in the end, Ms. Yu was forced to leave home and became destitute to escape further persecution. On March 5, 2002, the police arrested her at her rented residence. The police at Jilin City Zhihe Police Station exhausted all kinds of brutal tortures on Ms. Yu, such as the "Tiger Bench." [See illustration at http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2001/11/24/16156.html] Additionally, they tied up Ms. Yu's emaciated body and hung her up with ropes. More than once, Ms. Yu was at death's door as a result of the brutal tortures. On March 8, 2002, Ms. Yu was again sent to Jilin Province Female Prison and was later transferred to Jilin Province's Police Hospital where she was tortured to death.

Case 6: Dafa Practitioner Ms. Ma Yanfang from Weifang, Shandong Province, Died as a Result of Persecution in a Mental Hospital

Ms. Ma Yanfang was 33 years old. She was born in 1967 in the Xingshigou Village of Darenhe Town in Zhucheng, Weifang, Shandong Province and was an employee of the Zhucheng Ceramics Factory. She had one older sister, two younger sisters and a younger brother. Her mother spoke of Ms. Ma's outstanding kindness.

Ma Yanfang

Ma Yanfang started practicing Falun Gong in 1998. She first went to appeal in Beijing in October 1999. She was stopped half way and was sent to the detention center in Zhucheng where she was detained for 30 days and fined 3,000 Yuan. She was then sent back to her factory to work under supervision. The factory paid her 120 Yuan every month, which barely covered food costs. In addition, the factory administered another punishment: she was to be allowed to work there for only two more years.

Ms. Ma went to Beijing again in May 2000. She had not a cent on her and was forced to beg along the way. She traveled on foot for 17 days to reach Beijing. On her way, in order to raise some money, she even cut off and sold her long hair. She was arrested in Beijing and was sent back to her workplace to be detained. She went on a hunger strike to protest the detention. The factory officials sent her to a mental hospital in Zhucheng.

The mental hospital staff treated her as a patient with mental illness. The staff forcibly injected her with unknown chemicals and also forced her to take other medications. After two months in the mental hospital (in August of Chinese Lunar Year), Ma Yanfang died from this mistreatment. Ding Yixin, deputy head of the hospital, said Ma Yanfang committed suicide. But according to an eyewitness, though there was a dark deep bruise on her neck, her facial expression was calm. There were no signs of a painful struggle. Her tongue did not stick out. She didn't look like she had died from hanging herself.

When interviewed, Ma's boss said that the factory had signed an agreement with Ma's parents, in which the parents promised not to inquire further about Ma's death. But when Ma's mother was asked about it afterwards, she said in tears, "She was my child. How could I not inquire about her death?" Obviously, people in Ma's workplace told lies to shirk their responsibilities and to cover up their crimes.

Case 7: Yu Guizhen Died after Complete Mental Collapse Caused by Torture with Drug Injections

News from Shandong Province: For refusing to renounce her belief in Falun Gong, 55-year-old female Falun Gong practitioner Yu Guizhen from Chengguan Town, Pingdu City, Shandong Province was sent to a mental hospital against her will. Officials from the local "610 Office" are responsible. Mental hospital staff injected her with drugs that can destroy the central nervous system and lead to psychosis and death.

Sources report that Ms. Yu Guizhen's chronic illness disappeared after she had begun practicing Falun Gong and had since then become a steadfast practitioner. When the persecution against Falun Gong began, personnel from the "610 Office" and from the police department viciously persecuted her many times.

In May 2002 [Chinese lunar calendar], Pingdu City police illegally arrested Yu Guizhen. She held a hunger strike in protest. Personnel from the Political and Security Section and from the "610 Office," including Shi Weibing and Yu Bin, savagely beat her. The news source also revealed that Shi Weibing violently and repeatedly hit Ms. Yu Guizhen's head. Seeing she wasn't going to give in to their demands, he sent her to the Wangcun Labor Camp in Zibo.

Ms. Yu Guizhen was forced to sit on a small bench in the labor camp (a form of torture, since the bench is only 6 inches off the ground and quite narrow). They locked her in a dark place and in a restroom and gave her no food or water. Despite all this mistreatment and abuse, Ms. Yu Guizhen refused to give up her belief in Falun Dafa. The labor camp authorities ordered a group of collaborators [former Falun Gong practitioners who have gone astray due to torture and brainwashing] to attack Ms. Yu Guizhen. Not only did she not "reform," she also changed the collaborators' minds and helped them to return to the practice of Falun Dafa. In the end, the labor camp authorities released Yu Guizhen unconditionally.

In August 2003 [Chinese lunar calendar], while Ms.Yu Guizhen was explaining the true situation of Falun Gong and the persecution to people in a local market, Dai Yugang, an official from "610 Office" arrested her and again sent her to Wangcun Labor Camp. When the labor camp authorities heard it was Yu Guizhen, they said, "We can't take her! We can't get her to abandon her faith. She even changed other people's minds and had them revert back [to practicing Falun Dafa]." The police then took her back.

According to the news source, "610 Office" officials, led by Dai Yugang, came up with a malicious scheme to send Ms. Yu Guizhen to a mental hospital and cause her to have a mental collapse. The perpetrators tricked Yu Guizhen to go to Tonghe Mental Hospital. They tied her up in bed everyday, with her limbs spread out. They then force-fed her unknown drugs and injected her with other drugs that, when improperly administered, damage the central nervous system. As a result, Yu Guizhen's nervous system suffered catastrophic damage. She lost control of her physical functions; her vision became blurred and her mouth became twisted. She drooled constantly and lost her ability to think rationally.

The police eventually released Yu Guizhen, after extorting 10,000 Yuan from her family. After she returned home, Yu Guizhen, who had suffered a mental collapse from the torture and drugs, suffered excruciating pain throughout her body. One of her legs became paralyzed. Even so, the police often went to her home to ruthlessly harass and threaten the family. Her husband was so scared that he cut off all connections with the outside. On November 13, 2003, Yu Guizhen, who had suffered a complete mental collapse from the cruel persecution, hung herself and died.

An official at Pingdu City "610 Office" recently admitted that Yu Guizhen had been sent to a mental hospital and confirmed that she had died by hanging herself after she was released from the hospital.

Case 8: Retired Teacher Ms. Zhang Shuzhen from Beijing Died from Injection of a Toxic Substance

According to a news source from Beijing, 51-year-old Zhang Shuzhen had lived at 39 Shi Fo Si, in Haidian District, Beijing. She was a retired teacher from Yuanda Middle School in Haidian District. She started to practice Falun Gong in 1992. In 2001, police arrested her and sent her to Qinghe Forced Labor Camp for distributing Falun Gong truth-clarifying materials. In order to force her to give up her belief in Truth-Compassion-Tolerance, the officials in the labor camp deprived her of sleep for several consecutive nights. The police shocked her with electric batons, seized her by the hair and struck her head against a wall. Furthermore, depraved people infused unknown liquids into her anus, which caused violent pain in her stomach, making her abdomen swell up bigger than that of a pregnant woman. The police used various torture methods in the attempt to force her to reveal the names and addresses of other Falun Gong practitioners. Ms. Zhang was firm and did not say a single word.

Sources said that the police afterwards sentenced Zhang to one year and six months of forced labor. She suffered violent stomach pains on the way to Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp. Fearing to shoulder the responsibilities, the labor camp officials ordered her family to take her home. She passed away at 7:00 p.m. on October 9, 2002.

A staff member from Yuanda Middle School in Haidian District confirmed the time of Zhang Shuzhen's death

(To be continued)