Forty practitioners from Shuangcheng City, Helongjiang Province were illegally arrested recently. Within a couple of days, three practitioners had been tortured to death. Gu Xiuxian succumbed to her injuries on March 4, 2004, five days after she was sent to No. 2 Detention Center in Shuangcheng City. The names of the other two practitioners who died are unknown.

Ms. Gu Xiuxian (36), was a practitioner from Zhaoshitun, Kaoshan Village, Lanlin Town, Shuangcheng City, Helongjiang Province. At around 6 or 7 p.m. on February 28, 2004, she was taken from her home by over 10 people, including the chief of the Lanling Town Police Station, Zhao Yinglin, the town government officer, Li Jiaming, and the head of the village, Zhang Zhifa, and sent to Detention Center No. 2 in Shuangcheng City. Gu Xiuxian repeatedly explained the truth about Falun Gong to the policemen and went on a hunger strike to protest her detention. She was force-fed violently. Only five days later, on the morning of March 4, 2004 Gu Xiuxian died.

Since February 11, 2004, personnel from the "610 Office" and policemen in Shuangcheng City illegally rounded up Dafa practitioners. According to incomplete statistics, by February 28, over forty practitioners had been arrested. Based on the most recent information, among the arrested, three practitioners were tortured to death within a couple of days, including two unidentified practitioners. We have learned that this action was ordered by the assistant director of the political and security department in Shuangcheng City and was executed by the director of the national security department, Jin Wanzhi.

On February 12, 2004, policemen illegally arrested thirteen practitioners, eight female, including Lu Guizhen, Yu Xianna, Liu Junshuan, Lin Yanjie, Zhang Hongmei, Wang Xiuju, Meng Qingzhi, Mu Xiuqing, and five male, including Zhang Shiping, Jia Ying, Yao Shiguo, Wang Shiwei, Guo Shijun.

On the night of February 13, 2004, the "610 Office" personnel from Shuangcheng City seized six practitioners from Guanghui Village, Lequn Township.

On February 27, 2004, they illegally arrested over 20 practitioners, including Kou Fangqi, Na Zhenxian, Zhang Hongxia, Wang Yunshan from Xiqin Village, Shuangcheng City, and Liang Shuwen, Fu Zhiying, Zhang Fengtian, Sun Xiuqin from Jinchen Village, six unidentified practitioners from Handian Town, one from Danchen, and four others from Chaoyang Township and Qianjin Township.

On the night of February 28, 2004, Wei Zhixue from Chaoyang town police station, Shuangcheng City and others from the Shengde Village committee seized practitioners Zhang Hongru and Pan Mingzhen. On the same night, they captured a total of six practitioners from Shaoyang Township, four whom were sent to the Shuangcheng Detention Center. Practitioners identified by name are below.

From Xinxin township, Ms. Jin Guirong, Ms. Wu Yanqiu, and Mr. Liu Jingrong ; from Xianjie Village, Lianxing township, Zhou Shengkai; from Xingtuan Village, Lianxing township, Zhang Guiyun; from Anjia Village, Lianxing township, an elderly lady named Li.

Institutions and people responsible for Gu Xiuxian's death may be reached at the following phone numbers:

China Country code: 86

Lanling town police station: 451-53200110;

The mayor of Zhao Shaitun Village, Zhang Zhifa: 451-57854966;

Detention Center No.2 in Shuangcheng city: 451-53118256;

The chief of No.2 detention center: Liu Qingyu: 451-53122717 (O), 451-53117978 (H);

The instructor of No.2 detention center in Shuangcheng: Sun Shiyou 451-53122717 (O), 451-53116188(H), 13504818966 (C);

The vice president of No. 2 detention center: Zhu Xiaopo 451-53122717 (O), 451-53115376 (H), 13604812389 (C);

The person mainly responsible for the arrests:

Director of the country security department Jin Wanzhi: 13836095820 (C ), 451-53005826 (H), 451-53117733 (O);

The Assistant Director of the political and security department, Tong Huiqun: 451-53117733 (O), 451-53122377(H), 13704889707 (C);

The relevant numbers of the Shuangcheng city committee and police station:

610 Office: 451-53165610;

Zhang Guofu: 451-53115778 (H), 451-53115596 (O);

Jiang Hongwei: 13936022121 (C);

Liu Shanzhong: 13091722617 (C), 451-53169372 (H);

Feng Haijun: 13074597976 (C);

Police station:

Zhang Shengchen: 13936110007 (C);

Li Xinsong: 13804621188 (C), 451-53161888 (H);

Chen Yangxin (former director of the detention center, current instructor at the Chenjiao police station): 451-53117178 (H);

The city police stations:

The chief of the Hongqi police station: Shi Weiguo, 451-53124211 (O), 451-53115326 (H);

The chief of the Mingzhu police station: Xin Chao, 451-53124348 (O), 451-53117668 (H);

The chief of the Zhiguo police station: Jia Junpeng, 451-53124483 (O), 451-53126845 (H);

The chief of the Zhanqian police station: Wang Jinwu, 451-53182219 (O), 451-53117986 (H);

The chief of the Zhanbei police station: Li Bingquan, 451-53184807 (O), 451-53115393 (H);

The chief of the Chenjiao police station: Pei Congtai, 451-53122875 (O), 451-53115599 (H);

Director of detention center no.1: Li Zhongxiu 451-53124803(O), 451-53117887 (H);

Instructor at the detention center no.1: Jia Shuangfu 451-53124803 (O), 451-53115891(H), 13804636627 (C);

The Assistant Director of detention center No.1: Guo Qingwen 451-53124803 (O), 451-53116009 (H), 13054279932 (C);

The village police stations:

The chief of the Wejia police station: Xiao Jitian 451-53250513 (O), 451-53116010 (H);

The chief of the Lianlin police station: Wang Yonghe 451-53201298(O), 451-53117856 (H);

The chief of the Zhoujia police station: Jiang Yuxiang 451-53276885(O), 451-53160618 (H);

The president of Political and Judiciary Committee in Handian town: Sun Jihua 451-53230081, 13936489088 (C), 13199527365 (C)

The chief of the Handian town police station, Shuangcheng city: Zhang Chunhua 451-53230407(O), 451-53115873 (H), 13945116883(C);

Assistant chief of the Handain town police station: Yu Zhanjun 451-53230407 (O), 451-53230286(H), 13104080676(C), 13936045882 (C);

Handain town police station, Sui Guangcheng 451-53230407 (O), 451-53230386(H), 13504818048 (C);

The chief of the Xinshan police station: Liu Hongtong, 451-53233110 (O), 451-53115608 (H);

The chief of the Dongguang police station: Liu Baogang, 451-53277407 (O), 451-53115925(H);

The chief of the Danchen police station: Han Shuanghai, 451-53243013 (O), 451-53117976 (H);

The chief of the Nongfeng police station: He Zhongxian, 451-53260160 (O), 451-53115863 (H), 13804626365 (C);

The chief of the Xinxing police station: Wang Guangzhong, 451-53227512 (O), 451-53115899 (H);

The chief of the Xinfu police station: Yu Wenquan, 451-53210037 (O), 451-53115862 (H);

The chief of the Yongsheng police station: An Chenyu, 451-53268580 (O), 451-53117104 (H);

The chief of the Chaoyang police station: Sui Zhongqiang, 451-53246009 (O), 451-53115808 (H);

The chief of the Lianxing police station: Zou Xiaoling, 451-53241568 (O), 451-53115860 (H);

The chief of Qinglin police station: Bai Shenggang, 451-53240616 (O), 451-53121997(H);

The chief of Dongzheng police station: Xin Peiyan, 451-53263034 (O), 451-53163383 (H);

The chief of Jinchen police station: Liu Buocheng, 451-53248017 (O), 451-53115276(H)

The chief of Xiqin police station: Sun Jinxing, 451-53217518(O), 451-53115357(H)

The chief of Duanjie police station: Xu Dongsheng, 451-53225104 (O), 451-53116768 (H);

The chief of Tongxin police station: Sun Ming, 451-53296233 (O), 451-53163517 (H);

The chief of Linjiang police station: Chen Ce, 451-53266013 (O), 451-53115386(H)

The chief of Wanlong police station: Fa Dongjun, 451-53212520 (O), 451-53116398(H)

The chief of Shuiquan police station: Zhao Shipo, 451-53236110 (O), 451-53131578 (H);

Lequn town police station in Shuangcheng city: 451-53220003

The mayor of Guanghui village, Lequn town, Shuangchengg city: Jin Zhongguo 451-53294098 (H).