In Zhuan Falun Teacher says:

"One time I had my mind connected with four or five Great Enlightened Beings, Great Daos, whose levels were extremely high. You want to talk about high levels?--they were so high an ordinary person would be stunned. They wanted to know what it was I was thinking. During all these years that I've been cultivating it's been absolutely impossible for other people to read my mind. Other people's abilities can't get in even a bit. Nobody is able to know me, and nobody is able to know what I'm thinking. They wanted to know what was going through my mind, so after I agreed to it, they connected my mind with theirs for a period of time. After they were connected it was a little hard for me to bear. It doesn't matter what my level is--since I'm among ordinary people, I am doing something intentional, saving people, and my mind is on saving people."

After reading this paragraph, I enlightened a bit and began to deny any external factors interfering in my mind, forbidding any bad factors entering my thoughts without my permission, and clearing the participation of dark minions and rotten demons. What I need is all by the arrangement made by Teacher and not anything else added by others. Thus, the dark minions and rotten demons cannot make use of any of my thoughts and cannot aggravate and deepen my thoughts through stirring up attachments.

After denying those things, I found that the factors left are the manifestation of my own attachments, which are losing their roots. Once I saw them, they disappeared and died. The old forces regard our individual cultivation as the most important thing. However, regardless whether we can cultivate well or not, it is a process of growth, maturing and eliminating attachments while validating Falun Dafa which the dark minions and rotten demons are not worthy of participating in. We should complete the mission of assisting Teacher to save all sentient beings, validate the Falun Dafa principles, and cultivate selflessness.

This is a bit of my enlightenment from my personal cultivation. Please point out mistakes so that they can be corrected.