(Clearwisdom.net) A while ago, I thought I was so busy at work and needed to spend time on Dafa related things after work, so I did not spend much time studying the Fa. I brought an MP3 player with me and listened to the Fa while commuting to and from work. It was very convenient, but gradually I realized one obvious issue - I could not study the Fa with focus or respect when the environment was not right, and this impacted the quality of my Fa study. At that time, I thought I would gain a little if I studied a little and I would not be wasting any time. The two incidents below have changed my understanding and my way of doing things.

One incident happened on a bus. I took some money with me to buy paper to make truth clarification materials. It was very noisy on the bus and I wanted to listen to the Fa (Actually, it was too noisy to listen to the Fa calmly). The money I had intended to use to buy paper, which was a sizeable sum, was stolen. Another incident happened while I was listening to Master's lecture with an MP3 player and shopping in the market. The MP3 player suddenly stopped working. I took it to the factory for repair, and they said they had never seen problems like that before.

These two incidents happened to me one after the other and affected me deeply. As a Dafa disciple, I know that things do not happen accidentally. If what I had done was consistent with Master's requirements, then why did I run into problems like these?

Later on, through studying the Fa and reading articles from Clearwisdom.net, I found my loophole - the state of mind I had when studying the Fa. This is a very serious issue. Master told us to study the Fa with concentration. I did not do so. Although it seemed that I used all my time to study the Fa, it was superficial. In addition, not to study the Fa with focus is disrespectful to Dafa and to Master. The old forces took advantage of my loopholes and caused damage to the Fa-rectification. Although later on, through sending forth righteous thoughts to totally negate the old forces' arrangements, it did not impact Dafa work, and the MP3 player was repaired quickly, the lessons learned were deep.

I wanted to write this down so that practitioners who study the Fa with palm pilots or MP3 players can use it as a reference.