(Clearwisdom.net) On March 8, the Taiwan Central Administration Building started a "Healthier Staff Campaign--Falun Dafa Lecture Series." During the past few weeks, the busy staff members in the building welcomed the lectures and exercise instruction.

Group exercise in the lobby of Taiwan Central Administration Building Interested staff member inquires Falun Gong information

Falun Dafa banners, photos and display boards were found throughout the building at lunch breaks. News about the Falun Gong lectures spread throughout the building. Those working in nearby government institutions also participated in the group exercises. Newcomers flocked to the group exercises and asked where they could find introductory classes. Some of them bought exercise instruction videotapes on their own, because they were not able to attend the exercises at lunch breaks.

Following Dr. Hu Naiwen and Dr. Ao Manguan's lectures on "Health through Compassion" and "Ultimate Health," a third lecture was given on March 24 by Professor Ming Juzheng of the Political Science Department of National Taiwan University. His topic was "No Politics Today -- The Miraculous Falun Gong."

Professor Ming said Falun Gong used to be directly under China Qigong Association. Ever since his first lecture in May 1992, Master Li Hongzhi had given fifty-two lecture series throughout China until his last lecture series in Guangzhou in late 1994. Altogether two hundred thousand people attended these lectures. Many of them had their long-term diseases cured on the spot. Falun Gong made a stir simply by spreading through word of mouth. By 1999, one hundred million people were practicing Falun Gong.

The main reason for its popularity was its miraculous health effect. Professor Ming said that many friends of his, who used have nasopharyngeal cancer, liver cancer and uterine cancer, found their cancers cured after they started to practice Falun Gong. According to a survey of 34,351 of people in China, in 1998, 90% of whom had difficult and complicated diseases, 80% were completely cured and 18.2% had some improvement. Only 1.2% of them did not experience an obvious change. The annual average savings in medical expenses was 3,275 Yuan RMB/person. The total annual savings was 41.7 million Yuan.

After Professor Ming's speech, Falun Gong practitioners demonstrated the peaceful exercises of Falun Gong. After watching the demonstration intently, many people in the audience asked for introduction literature and VCDs to learn more about Falun Gong. Some asked where they could find the book "Zhuan Falun." Those who had to leave early took literature with them so that they could read it in their offices.

The three-week-long activity to spread the Fa received strongly positive feedback. Even the vendors outside of the office building went to listen to the lectures at the door. A massage trainer in the Internal Affairs Department eagerly asked for the time and location of group exercises near the Zhongzheng Memorial Hall. She said her massage teacher suggested that she learn Falun Gong.

Ms. Li, one of the organizers of the activity, said many people had asked for Falun Gong introduction materials and were very happy to learn information about Dafa. Mr. Mo of the Personnel Administration Bureau said, "Thank you very much for telling me such a great thing! I plan to learn more about it from the Falun Gong websites."