(Clearwisdom.net) On December 18, 2003, Dehui resident Sun Ke spoke out about the injustice done towards his younger brother, Falun Gong practitioner Sun Qian, who was detained and beaten by police in front of the Dehui City Court. As a consequence of Sun Ke's complaint, the police forged a document to frame him, and he was sentenced to one year of "reeducation" in a forced labor camp. In the labor camp Mr. Sun is suffering harsh injustices. He is presently mentally confused, does not want to eat or drink, and has gone into shock several times.

On December 18, 2003, the Dehui City Court carried out an illegal trial of thirteen imprisoned Falun Dafa practitioners, whose terms had been extended by over fourteen months. Sun Ke is the older brother of Dafa practitioner Sun Qian. After Sun Ke received the notice of the trial from the local police station, he came to the court and requested to enter as a visitor but he was denied entry. Mr. Sun argued for his brother and said, "The extended prison term is nothing but an illegal detention. If you don't release these people, we, the family members, will go to Beijing to sue you!" After Sun Ke said this, Commissar Li Jin directed a group of police to subdue him. Some grabbed Mr. Sun by the hair, some forcefully took him by the waist and some grabbed his arms. They overwhelmed him and take him away. At this moment, another Falun Gong practitioner's family member (Mr. X) stepped forward to advise the police to stop their wrongdoing. As a consequence, he too was swarmed by the police and arrested, and he was taken to the police station together with Mr. Sun.

In the guardroom, policeman Wang Chunsheng from the Criminal Production Brigade, along with seven or eight other policemen, beat Mr. Sun. They beat him on the head, used their feet to kick his lower back, and struck his back with their arms and elbows, all the while verbally abusing him. Policeman Xiu Chuang caught hold of Mr. Sun's cotton-padded jacket, covered Mr. Sun's mouth with it, and shouted, "I'm covering you up with this until you are smothered to death!" Mr. Sun then went into an all out struggle and eventually managed to push the jacket away from his mouth. When Wang Chunsheng saw that he had not succeeded in suffocating him, he shouted, "Bring a cap to put on him and beat him!" Mr. Sun was beaten mercilessly for a long period of time until his whole body was covered with cuts and bruises. Then the police set about creating false documents to frame Mr. Sun, and they tried to force him to sign. But Mr. Sun refused to sign. Wang Chunsheng, Xiu Chuang and Li Feng said to each other, "He will not sign it, but we can. It's all right if we sign." Then they made up some false material against Mr. Sun. Afterwards, the Court Chairman, Zhao Hongtian, brought in an older man and a policewoman to threaten Mr. Sun, attempting to extort a false confession. Mr. Sun refused, so they fabricated some evidence to support the above-mentioned false material and it was signed by Wang Chunsheng. In this way they sent Mr. Sun and the other practitioner's family member who was also arrested to the detention center.

While he was detained, the police threatened Mr. X in an attempt to contrive false evidence against Mr. Sun. Mr. X was brought in for interrogation three times within a period of five days. A policeman and policewoman from the court conducted the first interrogation. The policeman said, "You just say that he [referring to Mr. Sun] was out of control and ignored our warning to settle down." "He wasn't out of control and he didn't ignore any warning. It's not good if you write even one word that is false!" replied Mr. X. The policewoman threatened him saying, "Be honest! Confess!"

During the second interrogation, a policeman from the police station's Security Brigade said to Mr. X, "It's been decided that Sun Ke should be sentenced to labor re-education; do you desire to share the same fate as him?" Mr. X answered, "No, I do not." The policeman responded, "Then you have to cooperate." Mr. X said, "Tell me what I need to do." The policeman responded, "What I asked you is about what you saw," and he continued to say, "Did Sun Ke stop a police car or not?" "No!" replied Mr. X. The policeman still continued, "Did he ignore our warning?" "No!" replied Mr. X. This then caused the policeman to throw his notebook and shout, "Just wait, you'll be sent to labor camp!"

In the third interrogation, two police officers took the false documents with them that they had made up earlier. One of the officers said, "If you don't sign, I'll detain you for another five days. Then if you still don't sign, your detention will be continued further. All of this is within my authority; I'll carry this out until you sign!" The other officer said, "If you don't sign these documents, I'll lock you up in jail forever!"

Because of the upright resistance of Mr. X, those policemen were unable to get their false evidence. But they went ahead and fabricated information all the same to frame Sun Ke, an upstanding citizen. The fabricated charge was as follows: "The above-mentioned person did not listen to the police telling him to calm down, and forcefully waded in against the police. He intentionally stopped a police vehicle. He unreasonably insulted, threatened, and lashed out at the police many times, seriously disturbing public order." Using this excuse, they sent Mr. Sun to a forced labor camp for a one-year sentence.

Because Mr. Sun's younger brother Sun Qian, along with another twelve Falun Dafa practitioners, persisted in practicing Falun Gong, they were illegally arrested and detained in the Dehui City Detention Center in October of 2002. On July 22, 2003, China's highest procuratorate, Assistant Attorney General Zhao Dengju, published the stipulation that "Detaining a person beyond the scheduled term is illegal." Mr. Sun used this stipulation to reason things out with leaders at the police station, and with the Procuratorate Department, the Justice Department, and other departments, all in accord with the law. However, each of these departments would not honor the stipulation and shifted their responsibilities onto each another. With no other alternatives, Mr. Sun and the other twelve Falun Gong practitioners' family members went together to Beijing to appeal in accord with the law, which shocked the authorities in their local district.

Mr. Sun has a strong sense of justice and knowledge of the law, which played a key role in the family members legally requesting the release of the practitioners and in their subsequent appeal. But because of their action, the police decided to retaliate. On December 18, 2003, Wang Chunsheng found an excuse to frame Mr. Sun outside the courthouse. He has suffered great mental and physical harm in the labor camp, and his 80-year-old mother and young son are now left alone to fend for themselves. They are without any source of income, and are in an extremely difficult situation.

According to witnesses, Mr. Sun's words were indeed impolite when he was arguing with the police, but this was only because he was frustrated by the gross injustice being perpetrated against the Dafa practitioners. He felt that it was unfair that his innocent younger brother was being illegally sentenced. His actions definitely did not warrant a criminal offense.