(Clearwisdom.net) As Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples, all of us know the importance of truth clarification. Master said, "It's like a master key..." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Atlanta Fa Conference") which is unlocking one lock after another and helps to save people. During the truth clarification we have become increasingly more clearheaded and purer. Learning from my own experiences and past lessons, I found that during my truth-clarifying efforts, many of my realizations and perceptions that were not pure enough were revealed. Furthermore, for whichever issue I could not clarify clearly, I myself must have problems with that issue.

Over a period of time I got very good results in clarifying the truth to people outside of my family, but I did not do very well in clarifying the truth to my family members. When I calmly thought about it, I found that it was my attachment to emotion that hindered me. I always felt that the family members should easily be able to understand the truth. When I saw that they could not understand the truth I became worried, so the results were not always very good. When I realized the problem, I promptly corrected my thoughts and the environment immediately changed. Now all my family members have basically gotten to know the truth.

When I came out of the labor camp I always had some grievances toward the ruling Party. When I clarified the truth, there were often some ordinary people refuting me, saying that I was against the government. I explained that I was not against the government and I just hoped that people could know the truth. However, I did have grievances in my heart! I had not fully based my views on the Fa and had not used compassion to clarify the truth. This very attachment was exactly what the old cosmic forces had utilized to prevent beings from being saved. When I truly understood my problems and then got rid of them, my compassion emerged. Only then did I realize that those who do not know the truth are the real victims. When the government is manipulated to enforce this persecution, then the individuals who are involved in the persecution will eventually ruin themselves. So aren't they to be pitied? Aren't they miserable? After realizing this point I had no more grievances left, not even a trace of it. I only felt that those who still do not know the truth are really to be pitied. Since then, almost no one has accused me of being against the government because they can only feel my compassionate heart of trying to offer people salvation.

When I clarified the truth, some people said to me, "an arm is never as powerful as a leg." They told me that the persecutors are so strong and I would sooner or later get hurt. At the beginning I did not know how to respond to this attitude. Later, I found that I still paid attention to that because of some of my remaining human notions. I believed that the government was "very powerful" and I was very weak. I failed to truly understand the issue from the perspective of the Fa. Faced with the righteous Fa, all things become nothing, and they are nothing in the gigantic universe. It is the illusory human environment that makes them appear powerful. In plain words, when I think, "it is powerful," it then becomes "powerful." After I understood this principle, I found that their power is nothing. When the ordinary people are "kindly persuading" me to not get hurt, I was unable to clarify the issue clearly, simply because I still held on to the human emotion of worrying about loss or gain, or of being afraid of getting hurt. I had not yet reached the state of being able to sacrifice everything for the principle of the universe. After I became aware of this point, a powerful, unstoppable force arose in my heart. It was the force that emerged when I melted myself into the Fa. After I understood all these principles, the effectiveness of my clarifying the truth in this respect became better.

When I exchanged understandings with fellow practitioners, some of them frequently mentioned that it was very difficult to clarify the truth to people who work in the government. Many of those who work in the government know that the government is wrong, but they still use the rationale of protecting the government to argue. Regarding this issue, I voiced my views. In fact, after so many years of mental contamination, many people who work in the government are unable to judge things from the perspective of the good and evil, or right and wrong. When they see goodness, they do not necessarily support it; when they see evil, they do not necessarily object to it. Instead, they view things by following the government's slogans or by using their own selfish mentality to express things. We should let these people know that these views are the degenerated notions. We must maintain our powerful righteous thoughts. We should become so pure that we can influence them and make them realize that, to be genuine human beings, they should stop what's evil and promote what's good. In this way, they can have a chance of being saved from certain perdition.

In the meantime we should even more clearly acknowledge that these individuals who work in the government are also victims of this persecution. The persecution has greatly damaged the government's reputation and discredited the reputation of those who work in the government. By acknowledging their victim status, we can very easily break through their human notions.

What I discussed above are just some simple examples. Master said, "... everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts." ("Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.")

We should carefully examine ourselves to discern which of our mentalities have created this environment. Master cited the example of [our work with] the United Nations' Human Rights Commission [see "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference" for details of this example]. Through this example we should carefully think it over, in a broad way, why the Chinese embassies are still evil toward us, and why there are still some rumors circulating that the overseas Dafa practitioners are involved in politics. Let's keep improving ourselves during our continuing effort to clarify the truth, and let's become purer and purer. Let us use our mighty, righteous thoughts to eliminate all of the evil factors. Where we still leave loopholes is exactly the place for the evil to cause us harm. We should not continue to provide the evil any such loopholes for them to exploit.

April 8, 2004