(Clearwisdom.net) At approximately 8 o'clock on an evening in February 2004, seven police officers from Shandong Province came in two police vehicles to arrest Falun Gong practitioners who lived in a village within their jurisdiction. They abducted a male practitioner first, and then attempted to arrest a female practitioner. The husband of this female practitioner was not home at that time, so she locked the door. Without knocking on the door, the police pried open the door and broke into her home. They dragged her out, and some of the police even kicked her from behind.

As she was being dragged out, this female practitioner shouted, "Help! Criminals are attacking me!" Upon hearing her cry for help, her fellow villagers rushed out with sticks and hoes to see what was going on. They surrounded the police. The police hurriedly explained, "We are from the police station." The villagers replied, "It doesn't matter even if you are from the police station. Her husband is not home. Why do you want to arrest her?" The police showed their IDs and said, "We have IDs. We're in charge of Falun Gong." The villagers did not budge and said, "We don't care."

The police wanted to push away the villagers, but the villagers said, "If you come forward, we'll beat you with sticks. You said you're in charge of Falun Gong. Show us evidence [to justify your attempt to arrest her]."

The police took out some Falun Gong truth-clarification materials and said, "This is the evidence [note: they wanted to show that the female practitioner posted truth-clarification materials]." The villagers said, "That's fabrication." Seeing the villagers stare at them with anger, the police had to leave. Some villagers noticed that their vehicles did not even have a license plate.

Early the next morning, the police came again; however, the female practitioner was not home. The police found an old paint barrel from her home, and put it in front of her door, attempting to fabricate evidence that she painted truth-clarification signs.

According to the villagers, the town government had once held a meeting for all village party secretaries. They also intended to hold a brainwashing class later on, but the party secretaries all refused to cooperate. It is obvious that the people are awakening and coming to know the truth.