Police at the Banqiao Women's Labor Camp in Dagang District, Tianjin City spared no effort in torturing Falun Gong practitioners jailed there. In the spring of 2003, policewomen Li Wenjing and Guan Na of Team Two in Brigade Two instructed four inmates who were incarcerated for drug offenses, including Wo Juan and Wang Guohuan to drag a practitioner named Yang Fenxia to a confinement room.

Li Wenjing kicked Yang's feet and legs with her boots many times, and she also slapped Yang's face. The two policewomen also ordered the drug addict-inmates to strip Yang naked, and then use pliers to pinch her entire body. As a result, Yang's body was covered with bruises. They poured safflower oil on her genitals and pulled her hair very hard. After seven days of such torture, Yang was reduced to only skin and bones. Twenty days later, Yang was released from the confinement room. There was not much hair left on her head. The inmates said, "We've never seen anybody like her who could endure such beatings."

Lu Guangxing from Wuqing County beat practitioners most viciously. Backed up by the police, she beat practitioners Wang Chunling, Wu Yuling, Zhang Xia, Feng Yuru and others. She bit Wang Chunling; hit Wu Yuling's face with shoes and wooden sticks. As a result, Wu's face was severely swollen and she could not open her eyes. Inmates Zhao Donghong, Lin Xun and some other inmates also participated in the beatings.

In Team One of Brigade Two, police captain Gao Huachao led her accomplices to torture practitioners. She also forced practitioners to stand for long periods of time. Several times she had practitioners He Lihua, Li Jinyan, Qi Lianzhu, Dong Yuying and Sun Xiuqin stand, not allowing them to sleep or use the restrooms for five days straight.

63-year-old Sun Xiuqin used to suffer from various diseases and she was near blindness. After she practiced Falun Gong, her illnesses all went away. She was very firm in practicing Dafa. Because of her strong belief in Dafa, the local government tore down her house and took away all her belongings. They also sent her to a labor camp, where the police tortured her non-stop and also extended her term of detention without cause.

Li Huiying was an officer of the Bohai Petroleum Company Labor Union of Tanggu District, Tianjin City. Because she refused to give up her belief in Dafa, Lu Guangxing beat her hard until her face was severely swollen.