(Clearwidsom.net) Dafa practitioners consistently clarified the truth about Falun Dafa to a policeman from our local police station. Over time, he became friendly towards the practitioners and started consciously helping and protecting Dafa.

Not long ago, when a practitioner was making Dafa truth-clarifying materials at home, someone reported him to the authorities. As a result, the practitioner was arrested and sent to the local police station where this particular policeman worked. The policeman saw the whole thing. He thought, "In the past, he frequently told me the truth about Dafa, and today, I had better help him out. They will search his home soon, so I should notify his family ahead of time to remove all the Dafa material before they show up." He rushed to his bike and rode to the practitioner's house.

The family had just finished relocating all the Dafa materials when the police car coming to search showed up at the door. The police searched the house; however, they could not find anything.