(Clearwisdom.net) On January 23, 2004, at the northern side of Yimeng Mountain District of Shandong Province, a family of four who cultivates Falun Dafa were on their way to visit relatives on a snowy, slippery road. The van they were traveling in overturned and plunged seven meters (almost 25 feet) down a cliff. Upon hitting the ground, the van bounced up and fell into the drainage ditch nearby. The car was damaged. The father and daughter had minor scratches on their faces, while the wife and son were not injured at all. The father did not have any fear at all at the time, in his heart he thought, "How come it has not reached the ground?" The daughter was also thinking in her heart, "Everything will definitely be okay."

However, the younger brother of the father, who was traveling with them, suffered broken bones. He has been hospitalized for one week. The brother's wife and son were both safe and sound. It was said that the brother was deceived by the evil and had opposed his older brother's practice. Perhaps this is a warning to him. The villagers at the roadside saw the scene of the accident and said that it was a miracle the four were unharmed.