(Clearwisdom.net) I often hear people say that infants begin to cry loudly right after their birth. That is to say that life is bitter right after birth. This is very true! Before I learned Dafa, I almost did not have a good life for a few days. I had pain in my abdomen, pain in my waist, dizziness, sleeplessness, stuffy chest, and my ankles were so swollen and so heavy so that I had difficulty walking as if they were filled with lead. In October 1987, I had a lumpectomy in the right lateral section of my abdomen in Lanzhou People's Hospital. I suffered a lot and spent a lot of money. After the surgery, I had complications that were painful. I had to rely on injections to remove the inflammation. My spirit was low as a result of poor health.

I went back to the hospital to have an examination in 1993. The result showed that a new tumor developed where the previous surgery took place. Further more, there was another tumor discovered on the left side of my womb. In May 1994, I had the second surgery at No.2 Hospital in Weifang City. This surgery removed my womb completely. One month after the surgery, I felt uncomfortable in my neck and lower back, as if there were heavy things pressing there. Sometimes, I was even sleepless for as long as a week. I was having a very tiring life with heavy housework. I felt I would rather die than live. I hated my life, it was too bitter, too bitter.

My health was getting worse. I could not stand it. When I went to the hospital to have physical therapy, the two doctors, who were Falun Gong practitioners, recommended that I practice Falun Gong. I did not pay much attention then. I had to go back to the No. 2 Hospital, where I had the surgery originally to conduct another test. Three hard knots had developed in the surgical scar. It was determined that there were three pieces of surgical thread in the knots. The doctor said that such a thing rarely happened. What a misfortune, one after another! Two of the three pieces of thread were removed in the corrective surgery. The area where the third piece was did not heal well. I had to place medical ointments on it. It was not removed until after it suppurated. My teeth also ached so much at that time that I could not eat. No words can describe my bitterness as a result of being plagued by these various diseases and conditions.

One day in December 1996, I received a Falun Gong pamphlet with the explanation, "The Gong cultivates a person when he is not practicing. This occurs non-stop 24 hours a day. No other qigong is comparable with Falun Gong in terms of healing illness and keeping fit." I practiced the cultivation path ever since then. I listened to cassettes of Master's lectures in Jinan and learned the exercises. Then I bought a copy of the precious book, Zhuan Falun.

I listened to and read the Fa again and again without feeling bored. Not long after, Master began to purify my body. At the beginning, I seemed to have a cold, but it was gone without medication after three days. Then I had diarrhea, loose bowels and throwing up all at the same time. Although they occurred frequently, I could still work. I felt better several days later. All my hard to bear conditions of sleeplessness, dizziness, congested chest, and swollen ankles have disappeared since then. I finally had smile on my face. I was saved. Master asked us in the Fa to pay attention in cultivate our xinxing (mind nature, moral character), not fighting back when being beaten and cursed and being a good person according to the principle of Truth-Compassion-Tolerance.

My life was changed. I understood the purpose and the importance of life. I organized an exercise site in my area. More and more people joined us. There were more than 30 people in the group. I required myself to follow the standards of a practitioner under all circumstances, taking hardship as happiness, no anger and no hatred and having a harmonious relationship with family members. I have not taken a single pill in 8 years. I have a happy life. Dafa has changed my life. From bottom of my heart, I want say: "Falun Dafa is great."