(Clearwisdom.net) Recently in Nanning City, Guangxi Province, several elderly practitioners have passed away. All of them appeared to be experiencing sickness karma. This is clearly a manifestation of the old forces' interference. Most of the practitioners were taken advantage of by the old forces because they were not diligent enough in cultivation or still held onto some attachments.

In a certain city in Guangxi Province, a Dafa practitioner was studying the Fa together with dozens of other practitioners, when he suddenly lost consciousness. Other practitioners immediately started to send forth righteous thoughts to help him eliminate the evil, but the effect was not good. Then they put a picture of Teacher by this practitioner's side and everybody asked Teacher to help. Soon that practitioner regained consciousness. He told other practitioners that he felt a cloud of black substance suddenly cover him, and absorb something from his body. That's when he lost consciousness and did not remember anything after that. Practitioners started to help him analyze what attachments he might still have. It turned out that he missed his son, a practitioner who was sentenced to prison, and he couldn't concentrate on Fa-study. After this incident, he realized the importance of cultivation. Anything that is not let go of may lead to interference.

Each of us should pay serious attention to these things and find our omissions. When we see other people's deficiencies, we should kindly point them out and help each other. Especially when we see fellow practitioners around us showing symptoms of resolving sickness karma, we should help them find attachments and not allow the old forces to exploit their loopholes and cause damage to Dafa.