(Clearwisdom.net) At noon on November 14, 2003, I visited my husband's relatives' home to give them a VCD of Teacher's lecture. I caught a mini-bus, which would take me to my destination in ten minutes. Right as I was boarding, the driver began yelling at me for no reason. After getting on the bus, I heard a passenger say, "She probably didn't hear the driver yelling."

The fare conductor replied, "Maybe. Otherwise no one would just sit there and take it."

Then I said, "Yes, I heard him, but I am a Falun Gong practitioner. Master Li has told us not to hit back when attacked, not to talk back when insulted, and to think of others first in all our endeavors. I understand why the driver is yelling. It was not done maliciously, so I shouldn't be mad at him."

The driver was embarrassed and quickly asked me, "Aren't you scared?"

"Scared of what?" I replied. "I was jailed in a forced labor camp for twenty months. Look at the electric shocks that I endured," I said, showing him the scars on my arms.

The other passengers came over right way, hoping to catch a glimpse of them too. Some of the passengers were shocked. "So it's true! They beat you, but for what?"

"They tried to force me to give up practicing Falun Gong. Eighteen people beat me for two hours, making my body black and blue, in order to make me sign a guarantee statement. Later, they shocked me with two high-voltage batons at once, causing blue sparks to arc across my chest, back and neck. They pressed the batons against my skin until it scorched, leaving scars like this one on my arm. Many imprisoned practitioners endured horrible torture. As a result, some people's feet were left crippled, and others suffered from cerebellar atrophy. They also stabbed our fingers and toes with needles. So far, over eight hundred death cases have been confirmed, and more than a hundred thousand practitioners are illegally jailed."

Hearing what I said, all of the passengers were astounded. One of them commented, "The Party is far too ruthless."

The driver asked me, "So they would have not beaten you, had you signed a statement renouncing the practice, right?"

"Right. They would have released me right way, but as a human being, I must support justice by having the courage to speak out about the truth."

Upon hearing this, everyone on the bus agreed with me. I continued, "We suffered unspeakable tortures, but we never yielded. Those guys in the forced labor camp, from the top levels down to the bottom, admired us and gained further respect for Master Li.

They said, "We really admire your Teacher for having so many steadfast disciples." Taking a risk among strangers on the bus, I had spoken out about what I needed to say.

Then four new passengers boarded while two others left the bus. To make sure they could all hear the truth, I added, "Please remember that Falun Dafa is good!"

When I finally got off the bus, the driver and the fare conductor both said, "Take care, ma'am."

"Thank you," I replied.

I regained my freedom on December 28, 2002. In January 2003, my father-in-law's critical health condition required hospitalization, and I thought I should go there to let him know the truth before he passed away. Three times I had been sent to a forced labor camp for going to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong. I told my father-in-law about the tortures I had endured, but he was apprehensive and did not allow me to tell others.

Four days later, I learned that he had begun spitting up a lot of blood, so I went to the hospital where he was staying, in another city. With my husband and mother-in-law, I carefully looked after him. I asked him, "Dad, why don't you practice Falun Gong with me?"

"How does one practice it?" he asked. So I left him a copy of Master Li's poem "Dafa is Good" and asked him to read it after I left that night. The following day, I brought him a cassette player so he could listen to Master Li's lectures in Ji'nan. After hearing the first lecture, he burst into tears and held my hands, "Now I understand you. It really isn't easy for you. What your Teacher lectured about is how to be good people. When I heard the propaganda on TV, I just assumed that your Teacher blamed the Party, but in the lecture he didn't mention a single word against communists. He leads us to be good people." Within three days, my father-in-law had listened to four lectures. He said, "Falun Dafa's reputation will surely be restored. Please be patient and wait for that day. Cherish these tapes; they are priceless." Upon hearing that, I knew that another life had been saved. Two weeks later, he passed away, but I had no regrets.

My mother-in-law claimed to have been a Christian for thirteen years, but in that time she had not improved her character and was no different from everyday people. Her hostility toward Falun Gong was intimidating. In September, she suffered a heart attack and had to be hospitalized. I took care of her, cooked the food she liked and went to the ward to clarify the truth to her. On the first day, she had a roommate, Ms. Zhou, so I made sure to speak to Ms. Zhou the night before she was scheduled to move out. Because I was always thinking of others first, I had a pure mindset when I spoke. When I talked to Ms. Zhou, my mother-in-law overheard it too. That night, we covered issues from the so-called "Self-immolation" to "SARS," and all her misconceptions disappeared. After over twenty days in the hospital, my mother-in-law saw my truthfulness, compassion and forbearance as a practitioner, and she felt sorry for having previously treated me so badly.