(Clearwisdom.net) During the evening of the Lantern Festival in 2004 (a February holiday in China), I was accompanied by my father and mother to visit the New Century Square. Fellow practitioners preparing to hang banners at the site were sending forth righteous thoughts nearby.

The road was very slippery. The four of us carefully plodded on the ice and snow covered road towards the public square. At that moment I observed with my celestial eye many triangular shaped little demons of many different colors attacking our legs. They were trying to numb our legs or cause us to stumble to prevent us from reaching the square. I began to send forth righteous thoughts as well as sending out Faluns to eliminate them. At the same time, my mother and the others were also sending forth righteous thoughts as they walked along. They also sent forth sharp arrows, and using the divine powers, completely dissolved the flock of little demons.

As we approached the square, I noticed that the whole square was shrouded in darkness. There was a monster with a head similar to Jiang and a body like that of a robot. This monster was the leader and was issuing orders while seated on a black chair. Around him were a flock of tiny creatures with grotesque shapes. Some of them were protecting their leader, some were beating on drums and shouting loudly, and some were advancing towards the Dafa practitioners and preparing to attack them. I immediately recited the Fa-rectification formula, my father and the other practitioners were sending forth righteous thoughts and we were all walking into the public square. At that moment, the gods defending the Fa also appeared to assist in the defense of the Fa. The evil demons who rushed towards us could not reach us as they were disintegrated in a flash. The gods defending the Fa wore golden armor and had in their hands long spears and double-edged swords. They charged into the array of demons and fought with them at close quarters. A golden dragon from heaven spat streams of fire at the monsters to wipe them out. We continued to send righteous thoughts and advance until we reached the center of the square.

Because many people did not know that the firework display for the evening had been cancelled, the number of people in the square was more than usual. I discovered that very few of them did not have a demon controlling them from behind. In fact, most of them had many low level beings and robot-like evil demons taking control. I quickly sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the low level beings. Some of them exploded, some became puddles of pus-like liquid, and some ran away and disappeared without a trace.

Fellow Dafa practitioners on the square gradually increased in number. Every one of them was sending forth righteous thoughts and the Buddha's "wan" symbol to disperse the shroud of darkness. The upper atmosphere began to turn into a golden color and eventually became a huge golden cover that spread over the whole public square. At that moment the demons were panicking and rushing all over the place. Some of them who bumped into the golden cover fell back a few steps and became puddles of thick pus-like liquid. Many others headed for the chairman's platform and gathered together there. The Faluns and divine powers of the practitioners gradually amalgamated and formed a huge semi-circular golden cover over the chairman's platform, enclosing the demons so that they had no avenue of escape.

As the seconds and minutes passed by, the practitioners in charge of hanging up the banners still did not appear. I was getting a bit impatient, and my body was feeling cold. Both my feet were very painful from the cold. When my father noticed, he quickly told me, my mother and the other fellow practitioners: "Let us walk around the square so our feet will not feel the cold anymore." In fact, I could clearly see that the basic reason was that the demons from the other dimension were causing our feet to feel the cold and be in pain in the hope that the demons enclosed by the semi-circular cover at the chairman's platform could escape if we were forced to discontinue our sending forth of righteous thoughts. As we walked round the square, we kept on sending forth righteous thoughts and more demons were eliminated. Suddenly, we found ourselves behind the chairman's platform where there was a flower archway. At that instant, my father pointed at the archway and said to my mother: "Quick, look at the banner that has been hung up there!"

We quickly walked up and saw eight Chinese characters inscribed in gold on the red background: "Fa Lun Da Fa Jiu Du Shi Ren" (Falun Dafa Saves the World's People). Though it looked plain and simple, it had the unimaginable energy of the Fa in other dimensions. Every character on the banner was sending out Faluns and the "wan" symbols. People who either had or hadn't noticed the banner were having the demons behind them completely eliminated by the Falun and the "wan" symbols.

At this instant, my father and a few other practitioners saw the fellow practitioner responsible for hanging up the banners and asked my mother and me to go near him to and send forth righteous thoughts. But my body immediately began to feel cold and my feet were so painful that it pierced my heart. Hence I said to my father and mother: "Let us go home." As soon as I spoke, I could no longer see anything with my celestial eye. My father said: "Why did we come here? Do not forget your responsibility! You must ask Teacher to help you. He will strengthen your supernormal powers and use the divine powers of the Buddha Fa to shield you." I asked Teacher to help me in my heart and to strengthen the supernormal power. In a short while my whole body felt warm, and Falun were spinning around both my legs, rapidly and completely annihilating all the demons.

To assist practitioners in their effort to hang the banners, we went to the west side of the chairman's platform. At that time, a vendor with his stall close by shouted: "Look! These Falun Gong practitioners are too brazen..." My mother immediately went forward and asked: "What is the problem?" The vendor answered: "Look! That banner was hung up so quickly!" My mother said: "That is miraculous. These people are indeed extraordinary!" The vendor also said: "Really miraculous." After that, my father and mother began to chat with the vendor. Very naturally, the facts about Dafa were discussed... and as my mother was chatting with the vendor, I saw a banner appear between two trees. The red Chinese characters "Fa Zheng Ren Jian Pu Tian Tong Qing" (Fa Rectifies Human World, Whole World in Jubilation) and the golden yellow background reflecting the brilliant golden light from the lamps! At that instant, the practitioners were shouting loudly "Fa Lun Da Fa Hao" (Falun Dafa is great) in succession and the sound reverberated through the whole public square, vibrating the whole space! Following the hanging of the banners and the fellow practitioners' shouting, all the demons within the public square and those enclosed at the chairman's platform disappeared into thin air. The whole square was bathed in the brilliance of Buddha's light. Following that, the fellow practitioners commenced to hand out the fact clarification flyers that they had brought along with them. People accepted the flyers with pleasure. Some who had not received flyers took the initiative to approach the practitioners to ask for them.

Seeing that all the banners had been hung up, all the flyers distributed, and all the fellow practitioners safely departed, my father, mother and I walked out of the square. On the way home, I saw the fashen (law body) of Teacher looking towards me with a smile. I understood that was not just an encouragement for me, it was for all the fellow practitioners in this little town! To confirm the miraculous and remarkable victory of Dafa, I have told you here all that I saw. My father has put it all down in writing for me. My understanding is limited and I request that fellow practitioners kindly point out my mistakes so that they may be corrected.