(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa disciples Qin Wei and Zhang Yong were abducted by the "610 Office"(1) and the National Security Police while they were on a trip.

Mr. Qin Wei, 43, a graduate of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, was an art teacher at Bayi High School in Beijing's Haidian District. After July 20, 1999, he was interrogated extensively because he was a Falun Gong practice site assistant. He would be taken to the police station during the day to be interrogated about the source of the Dafa materials, and would be sent home in the evening. The police followed him and tapped his home phone. On October 27, 1999, Qin Wei went to appeal to the People's Congress but was detained for a month in Haidian District Detention Center as a result. On the eve of the Chinese New Year of 2000, Qin Wei again went to Tiananmen Square to validate the Fa, where he was badly beaten and then detained for 50 days. In March of 2000, he went to the Military Museum to clarify the truth and was detained for another month. At the end of June 2000, a few Dafa disciples were arrested while making copies of Dafa materials. Qin Wei went to the site to help them, but was arrested as well. He was detained for a month and then sentenced to one year of forced labor. Because he continued to practice Falun Dafa, his sentence was extended by half a year. During his detention at Beijing Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp, he experienced all kinds of inhumane treatment, including brutal torture and deprivation of sleep for 15 consecutive days. He is one of the witnesses of the criminal acts of the camp. After his release from the camp, he was forced to leave home to avoid arrest, and he became destitute and homeless.

Dr. Zhang Yong, in his thirties, was a post doctorate researcher at the Institute of Chemical Metallurgy, the China Academy of Sciences. On July 21, 1999, because he appealed for Falun Dafa, he was detained by Zhongguancun Police Station for 48 hours and was asked not to appeal in the future. Zhang refused. Afterwards, the officials from the China Academy of Sciences and the institute talked with him many times and tried to force him to stop practicing Falun Dafa. On December 26, 1999, Zhang Yong applied to watch a trial in Beijing Intermediate Court, but was detained for a day. On December 29, 1999, personnel from the Ministry of National Security broke into Zhang Yong's dormitory and searched the whole place. The next day, he was detained for 2 days in Zhongguancun Police Station. On April 13, 2000, Zhang Yong went to Tiananmen Square to display a banner, but was detained for a month. At midnight on July19, 2000, Zhongguancun police arrested him and detained him for 2 days. On August 1, 2000, he was sentenced to forced labor. During his half-year detention at Tuanhe Forced Labor Camp, he was verbally abused, forced to undergo brainwashing, deprived of sleep, and physically abused. He was also forced to manufacture products while in detention. In May of 2001, the China Academy of Sciences again forced his institute to send him to brainwashing class. Zhang Yong was forced to leave his home to avoid further persecution.

Yan Xiaohua, Zhang Yong's fiancée, (former PhD candidate at the Institute of Zoology, China Academy of Sciences, later expelled by the institute) was arrested in January 2004 by officers from the National Security Bureau in a restaurant while having dinner with a friend. She is currently imprisoned in Daxin County's brainwashing class (Beijing Law Enforcement Training Center). For a long time, the Beijing brainwashing class detained many Dafa practitioners. They were each trapped in a single room and kept isolated from the outside environment. Every room had two military policemen guarding the door. The means used here to persecute Falun Dafa practitioners are brutal and despicable, which include long-term sleep deprivation, cruel torture, physical abuse, high voltage electric shocks, sexual abuse, etc. The staff of the brainwashing class consists mostly of former Falun Gong practitioners who have renounced their practice due to brainwashing and torture. Xu Zhiguang, a PhD candidate from the Department of Precision Instruments, Qinghua University, was persecuted here for 7 months.

Ms. Zhou Yonghong, 37, a library staff member of the Beijing Second Foreign Language University, was arrested by Beijing Tongzhou District police in late February 2004, the first day of school after the winter break. Her whereabouts are currently unknown.


(1) The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.