Case 1:

Falun Dafa Practitioners Ms. Fu Ruxian, 61, and her sister Fu Rufen, 54, were arrested by the police at Chongqing Train Station on their way to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa. They were brought back to Tongnan County that night and placed in a drug rehabilitation center. National Security Brigade captain Zhang Liang directed drug addicts to search them and found 4,750 Yuan. Zhang Liang then put the money into his own pocket without writing any receipts.

On the third day, they took the sisters to a jail where Zhang Liang interrogated them. In front of another policeman Zhang said to them: "Your living or dying depends on what I say. As long as you are willing to pay, I can let you go with my one word." But how could they have any money? The 4,750 Yuan that Zhang took away was Fu Ruxian's retirement savings. Because they had no money, Zhang detained them for another 36 days. Upon their release, Zhang demanded that their families each pay 1,500 Yuan for bail. Their family members said: "Why not deduct it from the 4,750 Yuan that was taken from them?" Zhang replied: "No way. I need another 3,000 Yuan before I will let anybody go. In addition, each person has to pay 5 Yuan a day for living expenses." Their families had to borrow money from loan sharks to pay Zhang. Half a year later, Zhang wrote a note declaring that he had confiscated the bail bond. Regarding the 4,750 Yuan, unsurprisingly, no one knows its whereabouts.

Case 2:

In September 1999 Zhou Jian of Tongnan County, a practitioner in his forties, was taken from his home by Zhang Liang and a group of other policemen, and was imprisoned in the detention center. Later they moved him to a jail, and finally to a drug rehabilitation center, and refused to release him for a long time. To save her husband, Zhou's wife went to see Zhang and was asked to pay 20,000 Yuan plus a bail bond. He told her, "We guarantee that we won't arrest him again after his release." But not long after Zhou's release, Zhang and his gangs arrested him again. Zhou's wife was helpless and sighed, "I have no more money to pay." Unable to get any more money, Zhang sent Zhou and five other practitioners to Xishanping Labor Camp in Chongqing City for forced labor on January 10, 2000.

Case 3:

Female Practitioners Fu Ruhuan, Fu Rufen, and Zhang Shengqun went to Beijing to appeal for Falun Dafa on December 27, 1999, and were arrested and sent back to Tongnan County. The first thing that Zhang Liang did was to ask people to search them for money. Finding 100 Yuan on Fu Ruhuan and 100 Yuan and 60 cents on Fu Rufen, they complained about how it was too little.

Case 4:

Practitioner Zhang Shengqun in Shouqiao Village was abducted and taken to Tongnan County on March 1, 2003, and was illegally detained for five months. They wanted him to pay 3,000 Yuan, but because he had been extorted several times in the past and had little money left in his home, his family paid 400 Yuan and wrote a promissory note for the rest. The receipt that they got from Zhang stated that he was jailed for 15 days instead of five months.

Case 5:

Ms Zheng Fengying, 56, lived in the Third Commune of Shouqiao Second Village. One day in 2001, while she was preparing for her husband's birthday celebration, the evil people found an excuse to convince her to go to the village office to answer some questions. Without even letting her change her clothes before leaving home, they locked her up as soon as she got there and extorted 3,300 Yuan from her.