(Clearwisdom.net) I am a person who has frequently made mistakes with regard to the relationship between members of the opposite sex. Although I once made up my mind to correct myself, sentiment prevailed whenever I encountered this issue. At that moment, Teacher's words would become unheeded advice to me. Teacher answered the question on the relationship between members of the opposite sex in the lecture at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference in 2003. I was shocked at that time and decided to correct all my previous mistakes and conduct myself to become a qualified Dafa disciple. However, the pain resulting from forcefully correcting my mistakes made me lose confidence in myself for a while and I was struggling, going back and forth on the sentiment.

I read several times the article "On the Relationship Between Members of the Opposite Sex and the Issue of Marriage," published by Clearwisdom editors (http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2004/2/2/44681.html), and I then realized that I have been regarding the extremely degenerate and corrupted standard for the relationship between man and woman in the modern society as "normal" and acceptable. It is exactly like the article has pointed out: "Those people who break the rule when it comes to relationships between members of the opposite sex frequently think that people in today's society "all behave like that" and compared to many people, they are doing pretty well." These practitioners did not apply the standard of the Fa to themselves and related the Fa that Teacher pointed out in Zhuan Falun [as being applicable] only to everyday people: "When some people do bad things and you point it out to them, they don't even believe you--they really can't believe they're doing something wrong. ..." I felt sorry for myself that even though I had studied the Fa for such a long time, I still had not assimilated to the Fa at all. Teacher has taught us everything in Zhuan Falun but due to my own attachments, I did not follow Dafa, which is the key to letting go of attachments; instead, I protected my own everyday person's mentality and attachment to tarnish Dafa's reputation. To think back, it is beyond the words "to feel ashamed" to describe what I have done in the past. I am waking up now, very thankful that Teacher has scooped me up again from hell, used the article on Clearwisdom.net to dissolve and break my attachment, and given me another opportunity to refresh and renew myself.

Teacher said, "Sometimes when I see the things that you do it really makes me sad. Yet if I were to really give up on you, that would really pain me, too. I really don't want to abandon you just like that." ("Teaching and Explaining the Fa at the Metropolitan New York Fa Conference") I sincerely hope that my personal experience and understanding can help awaken practitioners who have not corrected their conduct in this regard. We should no longer commit these sins like before while being muddle-headed.

I also have a new understanding regarding the issue of lust. Teacher said in Zhuan Falun, "In the ordinary world there's marital relations between husband and wife, and only with this can human beings procreate. This is how mankind goes forward." I finally understand the principle at this level that the purpose of gods allowing humans to become husband and wife is to let human beings procreate. Yet I mistakenly regarded being madly in love and becoming part of a loving couple who would die for each other as the highest manifestation of love. Why did the Fa that I had read so many times and memorized so well not reach into my mind and heart? It was my own degenerate notion of sentiment that completely misunderstood gods' original intention of arranging a relationship between husband and wife. As a person who is cultivating to become a Buddha, a Dao, or a God, if he or she is doing things to destroy this arrangement and to corrupt the morality of human beings, it is truly against the principles set by gods and is completely deviating from the Fa. For practitioners with attachments in this regard, please examine yourselves with a calm mind and decide whether you would like to follow Teacher's Fa or not. If we do have a thought to let go of these attachments, Teacher really will not abandon us! Teacher even guided and brought me, a person who was extremely attached to the sentiment between man and woman, back to the righteous path, and helped me let go of the long-lasting burden of sentiment and escape out of suffering. I believe you can do it as well!

I truly feel relieved and fortunate at this moment because we can let go of everything to which everyday people are attached.