(Clearwisdom.net) After studying Teacher's new article "Stop the Evil Acts with Righteous Thoughts," I have come to realize more clearly the solemn and compassionate side of righteous thoughts.

At the Tuanhe Labor Camp in Beijing, the police and collaborators [former practitioners who have turned against Dafa under brainwashing and pressure] have been forcing practitioners to undergo brainwashing. However, determined practitioners were able to maintain a calm mind and to keep sending forth righteous thoughts. A policeman threatened a practitioner, "If you do not transform and make me lose my bonus, I'll teach you a lessons (referring to using electric shocks)." This practitioner was not upset at all and he just kept sending forth righteous thoughts. The next day, this policeman was hospitalized because of some acute illness.

A 40-year-old collaborator was very rampant in brainwashing practitioners. Practitioners kept sharing Fa principles with him and at the same time they sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate evil elements behind him. Several days later, this collaborator's lips became very swollen and developed canker sores. He even had difficulty eating meals. Moreover, his eczema suddenly became worse and he could not even walk. This incident awakened several other collaborators and also frightened the police.

Mr. Li is a retired policeman. However, he still stayed at the labor camp participating in the persecution of practitioners. Every time the police used electric shocks on practitioners, he would be the one who applied such shocks on practitioners in person. Once he met practitioner Mr. Wang who had very strong righteous thoughts. Wang kept sending forth righteous thoughts and sternly warned Li not to do any more evil. On the same day, Li lost his voice. Several days later, he was ordered by the labor camp to go home.