(Clearwisdom.net) The Guangzhou Huangpu Legal System School, located on the 5th floor of the Huangpu Drug Rehabilitation Center, is in fact a brainwashing center where they have stationed a group of thugs to persecute Dafa practitioners.

During the day, these people force the incarcerated practitioners to view Dafa-slandering videotapes. After 10 p.m., they start to torture those practitioners who refuse to give up their belief. They put a Dafa practitioner in a separate room and force the practitioner to squat halfway down, like riding a horse, to lower his back with his head down and with arms stretched out and raised high, or keep the practitioner in other painful positions. They also cover the Dafa practitioners' heads with a dirty trash basket, or deprive them of sleep for as long as up to 10 days, or allowing them merely two to three hours of sleep a day. If the practitioner cannot hold the halfway squatting position for long enough or disobeys their instructions, they will beat him.

They frequently beat and kick the Dafa practitioners violently. They grab the practitioner's hair and throw his head against a wall, or strike the Dafa practitioner's head with metal padlocks. Some of the thugs even violently strike the Dafa practitioner's head with a metal pipe. Some practitioners' fingernails were torn off during the torture. They also use sharp objects to pry open the practitioner's mouth and then force hot pepper mixtures down his throat.

These thugs also make use of depraved and obscene methods to torture Dafa practitioners sexually. For instance, they constricted a male practitioner's penis with book clips for a prolonged period of time. If the practitioner still refuses to give in to their demands, they will block the toilet drain, fill the toilet with water, and then force the practitioner's head into the toilet; at the same time they step on the practitioner's back and scream viciously. If the practitioner still does not yield, they would then tie the practitioner up and torture him further.

The perpetrators force detergents, shampoo and other irritating chemicals into the Dafa practitioner's stomach, causing the Dafa practitioner to constantly throw up and go through extremely painful suffering. In another instance, they hung a steadfast practitioner upside down in the air. Then they filled the toilet with water and forced the practitioner's head into the water, holding him there while he struggled. When the practitioner was close to drowning, they pulled his head out and put it back in the water shortly after.

The perpetrators often torture the practitioner until he loses consciousness. Some practitioners had to be sent to the emergency room for medical intervention. After the torture, they force the practitioner to wash the blood off his head, limbs, body and clothes right away, as they are afraid of leaving evidence of their crimes.

The brainwashing center calls these thugs "teaching assistants." It is these so- called teaching assistants who tortured the practitioners, regardless of gender and age; even older women were beaten up, ending up with black eyes and bruises all over their bodies.

According to one investigation, in the night of June 27, 2002, Ms. Li Xiaojing, a female instructor from Guangzhou University, was forcibly taken to the Huangpu Brainwashing Center. At about 6:00 p.m. the following day, an ambulance suddenly came to the Drug Rehabilitation Center. Many police officers ran into the brainwashing center and drove the Dafa practitioners into a meeting room to watch TV, locking them in the room. Then they cordoned off the area around Ms. Li Xiaojing's room. The ambulance left after 7:00 p.m., and the police stayed until after 11:00 p.m. It has been verified that Dafa practitioner Ms. Li Xiaojing died on that day. Because of the Chinese authorities' information blockade, we still don't know exactly how they tortured Ms. Li Xiaojing to death.

The thugs wrapped Dafa practitioner Ms. Zou Yuyun in two cotton-padded blankets continuously for several days in the hottest part of the summer and force-fed her. Several days later, Zou Yuyun had erythema (signified by red welts and spots, a serious skin ailment that can erupt and fester) all over her body, but she still refused to give in. The authorities were afraid of causing another death. They unwrapped her from the blanket but still forced her to wear long sleeved clothes to cover up the erythema. Zou Yuyun has been transferred to the Guangzhou City Brainwashing Center located at Chatou for further abuse and mistreatment.

Here we have exposed only part of the abuse, mistreatment, and torture under this persecution. Since the torture has been carried out individually and the authorities have been trying so hard to cover it up, there are still many more facts to be uncovered.

The brainwashing center puts newspapers over the windows in the rooms where Dafa practitioners are being tortured. Once a practitioner is tortured to the brink of death, they then take the practitioner to a hospital and shamelessly claim that they are taking good care of him.

The police officials and the Guangzhou City "610 Office" (1) personnel are behind the torture. They do not beat the Dafa practitioners themselves; instead, they hire temporary laborers to do it. They do not show up at the scene when Dafa practitioners are tortured, and they pretend that they do not know about it. In order to cover up their criminal deeds, they often arrange scenes like practitioners going downstairs to relax, etc, and the would record all of it to deceive the outside world about what it's like inside the brainwashing center.

Among those that the police hired were young girls in their teens. They were hired under the banner of doing actual work. In the beginning these young girls were also kindhearted. But as the police keep deceiving them with the lies against Falun Gong, they have changed. Before, they couldn't bear to harm Dafa practitioners, but they have turned to maliciously torturing Dafa practitioners by pricking them with needles and using other forms of torture.

Qiu Chaohua is the head of the evildoers, who personally persecutes Dafa practitioners in the center. He comes up with all sorts of ideas and way to torture practitioners. He beats up practitioners at will, not even sparing the older women practitioners who are his mother's age. The person in charge behind the scenes is Wang Youcheng, who was recruited by the "610 Office." It was under his instigation that the thugs torture and abuse the Dafa practitioners.

Below are the address of the brainwashing center and the names and photos of some of the perpetrators:

The address of the brainwashing center:

Guangzhou Huangpu Legal System School

Hongshan, Huangpu District, Guangzhou City, Zip: 510700

Tel: 86-20-82190331

Jiang Rushui, the director of Huangpu District's "610 Office" in Guangzhou City and the deputy secretary of the Huangpu District Political and Judiciary Committee of Guangzhou City.

Wang Youcheng, the person in charge behind scenes. Wang was a security officer in the Guangdong University of Foreign Language and Foreign Trade and was expelled.

Team leaders of the thugs:

Qiu Chaohua Tan Zhijian Zhan Yonglong

and Huang Yan (female).

Accomplices: Wang Jianbin,

Huang Houyun Yu Yuantian Zhang Hui Jiang Chunju Guo Xiaohuan

, and Liao Xianghong etc.

(1) The "610 Office" is an agency specifically established to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.