Around July 22, 2001, a Guangxi TV Station falsely reported that Luo Guili, a student majoring in refrigeration and air conditioning, (Class of 98) at the Guangxi Light Industrial School, set himself on fire in the Guangxi Nanning People's Square and died in the Nanning First People's Hospital at 8:40 on July 2. The TV Station fabricated a lie that Luo immolated himself as a result of practicing Falun Gong and to "promote himself to a higher level." The station did this in order to create propaganda that defamed Falun Gong and Falun Gong practitioners using this incident and broadcast these lies over several days in large areas.

Many people were interviewed during the news reports in those days, including Luo's parents, the school management, a middle school teacher, and a middle school classmate. But not a single recent classmate or personal friend was interviewed. This brings up the question: why did Luo really immolate himself?

One recent classmate who indicated that he knew Luo Guili very well said that Luo immolated himself in protest, because he could not find a job after graduating, and because both his parents had lost their jobs. Hence he felt depressed and wanted to bring attention to their difficulties to society. He wrote a suicide note before the self-immolation which contained this information. The real incident occurred in front of the ruling Party office in the area.

In one of Guangxi TV's reports, an individual that was purported to be Luo, was interviewed to prove the charge that that he was a Falun Gong practitioner. The alleged Luo Guili lay in bed and answered a reporter's questions, saying, "I felt that I had a bad mind nature and poor enlightenment of wisdom, so I wanted to burn them off." His voice was weak but was continuous and clear. Just think, how could a patient speak so clearly after suffering burns over 92% of his body, and going in and out of consciousness many times? In addition, it was very dark in the room during the filming. The camera was shooting from an angle above the patient's leg. Half of his head was blocked by a lamp. The audience could not see his face clearly at all. His answers were not closely related to Falun Gong. To outsiders viewing the tape, the interview showed appearances of being staged.

This fabricated incident reveals how once again Jiang and his followers rely on the production of lies and deception to persecute Falun Gong, and attempt to destroy the remaining morality and conscience of mankind.