(Clearwisdom.net) There is a general understanding in our local area, and that is when disagreements happen among practitioners, we have to look at the things from the basis of Fa rectification; we should not simply attach to the idea of "looking inside." The conflicts should not affect Dafa work and we reject all the arrangements by the old forces.

With emphasis on this understanding, when encountering disagreements and problems, many practitioners put aside their personal conflicts and problems, gave priority to the Fa and finished the Dafa work first. However, even though practitioners have accomplished their Dafa projects, they did not let go of their attachments. The conflicts and differences were still present and problems were not resolved completely. Sometimes, when problems showed up on the surface on a very big scale, some practitioners stubbornly defended their own ideas and procedures and did not let go of their notions about their fellow practitioners. They basically have not treated themselves as practitioners by facing the problem or communicating with the other party so as to solve the problem. The reasons behind this are that practitioners have neglected their personal cultivation whilst they were doing Dafa work; they have not truly understood, from the principles of the Fa, the relationship between Fa-rectification cultivation and personal cultivation. Thus, the conflicts lingered for a long time and went unresolved. Even though Dafa work has been accomplished, it was not done to the standard of Fa-rectification Dafa practitioners' requirements and points of view. This is no different than if everyday people did Dafa work. The result would not be good and so the state of the whole body would not be good.

To expose the evil, clarify the truth, save sentient beings, and assist Teacher during Fa rectification is the role of Dafa practitioners today. However solid our personal cultivation is will be an important factor if practitioners are to do their role well. If practitioners cannot achieve the standards of cultivators, how could they possibly save sentient beings? To cultivate our inner selves and look within when encountering conflicts are the basic criteria of Dafa cultivators and we should be able to do this at all times.

Dafa principles will not change under any circumstance; Dafa is the standard to measure everything. Dafa will not be affected or changed by time, place, situations or people and every one of us is within it. If we do not deal properly with the relationship between Dafa work and personal cultivation, we will be just like everyday people doing the Dafa work.

To properly deal with the relationship between personal cultivation and Dafa work is extremely important. Dafa is linked from top to bottom in harmony and unbreakable. There is no exception and we have to be very clear about this.