(Clearwisdom.net) My home is located in Laishui County in the Baoding district, Hebei Province. In March 2000 when the Chinese People's Congress was in session, the government stated on TV that they would actually meet with those who had appealed to high level authorities for help, and that the People's Congress would focus on the problems which had received many public complaints. So my wife and I went to Beijing to appeal for help on the Falun Gong issue and to seek justice. When we arrived at the Public Appeals office on Yongdingmen Street, I saw crowds of people. Later on I learned that those people were plainclothes police from all over the country. We were immediately arrested when we walked in that direction. They pushed us into a vehicle. I told them that I came to appeal, but they did not listen at all. We were forced into the vehicle and taken to a vacant hotel. The police searched us and beat us in a room, and took away 400 Yuan cash and our identification cards.

After we were taken back to our town in the Baoding district, the town head, Zhang Cheng, led more than ten people to beat us. I was put into the county's detention center the next day. The town government has detained me eight or nine times since July 20 of 1999. My family had to bring me food and I was followed even when going to restroom. In April 2000, I managed to get out of the local authorities' control and arrived in Beijing. I unfurled a large banner reading, "Falun Dafa is great!" at Tiananmen Square. The police from the Tiananmen Square station tightly handcuffed me behind the back. It was so painful that my whole body began to sweat. The police continued to tighten the handcuffs and I finally passed out. I did not know how long I was unconscious. When I woke up, my hands had become black and blue.

After Laishui County Police Department personnel from the Baoding district had taken me back from Beijing, they sent me to a brainwashing session held by Laishui County's Communist Party school. More than 70 Dafa practitioners were being kept there. People from Public Security, the prosecutor's office and law enforcement departments were in charge of the "transformation." They forced us to make statements that were against our conscience (defaming Falun Dafa and its founder), and write pledges to renounce Falun Dafa. If a person did not speak or write, they would keep torturing that person.

Just for tying up and beating people, they bought one thousand pieces of rope at one time. They soaked the ropes in water and twisted them into torture instruments, which were strong and hard when striking practitioners' bodies. In just a few days, they used up these one thousand pieces of rope. Each day the sound of cries was constantly heard in the compound. Angry voices, hitting tables and cursing were repeatedly heard. The police held whips made from electrical wires and followed behind Dafa practitioners. They beat practitioners at will.

Since I refused to give up my cultivation, the police used leather belts to viciously whip my lower body. Each lashing was like a knife cutting into my body. My legs felt like they were being filled with lead and mechanically moved forward, little by little; my mind became numb from the beatings and my ears were ringing. When I was once again arrested, my hip muscle was still very stiff.

In July 2000, the town administration sent me to the county's detention center after detaining me for more than 10 days. The detention card stated a 15-day detention; however, they would not release me after one month had passed. In order to protest this illegal detention, I began a hunger strike. They not only did not release me, but also called in police to beat me. Liu Yaohua beat us. Wounds covered my body. They used bamboo poles to beat us, too. When a bamboo pole was broken, the splinters plunged into my flesh, causing such extreme pain that I could not sit or lie down.

Because I was persistent in practicing Falun Gong, I was forced into a brainwashing class twice, a detention center twice, a custody center twice and into a forced labor camp twice.

When I was in the 4th Division of the Gaoyang Labor Camp, I was forced into slave labor. Each day we got up before sunrise. Thirty people were responsible for 800 mu (130 acres) of cornfields. The guards carried sticks. If we slowed down in our work even a little bit, we would be struck by a large stick. We harvested the corn by hand. The work was so grueling that our hands bled. Due to the suffering from the effects of the long-term persecution, my body became very weak, yet I still had to endure highly intensive physical labor. I lost more than 65 lbs. in three months. They did not allow us to take a rest at all. There are no human rights or laws here.