(Clearwisdom.net) I started practicing Falun Gong on January 11, 2004. Before that, my wife, my daughter and my parents-in-law had been practicing Falun Dafa, and I had already benefited a lot from Falun Dafa having a good effect on my family.

Before I started practicing Falun Gong, whenever my wife asked me to help her distribute and put up truth-clarification flyers, stickers or banners, I was happy to help. For example, a banner that I had put up on a tree has been hanging there for almost three years. Although the color faded, the banner is still displaying the righteousness and wonderfulness of Falun Dafa to the pedestrians passing by.

One day I heard some people with a misunderstanding, talking about Falun Dafa. I told them, "Please don't believe what is shown on television. My mother-in-law practices Falun Gong. She used to have all kinds of illnesses and had to take medicine year-round. But now she is very healthy because she practices Falun Gong. She told me, 'the book tells us that killing or committing suicide are both prohibited, because they are great sins.' Think about it, why wasn't there any self-immolation before the persecution started? It is purely framing people. The principles of 'Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance' they are practicing are not wrong. If the whole country practiced Falun Gong, that would be wonderful. With no corrupt officials, how wonderful that would be!" After hearing these, they said, "You're right, thank you for telling us about these things today." After I got home, I told my wife about what had happened. She said, "You did the right thing. This is the best way to promote Dafa. It is saving people and your contribution and virtue are great."

Although I did not truly start practicing Falun Dafa until the above-mentioned date, I had felt that Teacher had been protecting me all these years. For example, while I was driving, no matter whether my car was having problems or whether a big rock suddenly appeared on the road that almost hit my car, the danger would be averted and nothing serious happened. It is truly like what is said, "One person practices Falun Dafa and the whole family benefits."

On December 29, 2003, my lower back was injured. The doctor told me, "You have to go home and stay in bed. It might take at least two to three months to heal." I could not take care of myself, and I couldn't even roll over. The pain became worse at night and I could hardly sleep. I had no other choice but to take pain relief pills. However, I got abdominal pain after taking the pills. I stayed in bed for 14 days like this and consumed several hundred Yuan of medicine, but my health did not improve, and instead it became worse. In the evening of January 11, 2004, my elder sister and her husband (both are Falun Dafa practitioners) came to see me and persuaded me, "Study the Fa and practice the exercises!"

I decided to start listening to Teacher's lectures right away. A little while after I started, a miracle happened: the pain in my lower back was gone, and I could sit up after being unable to get up for 14 days! I saw Teacher in a white shirt sitting in front of me and lecturing on the Fa to me. A moment later, I found images of Teacher teaching the Fa all over the walls and ceiling. I told my wife to come and have a look, but she said she could not see anything. Later I saw several Buddha's sitting next to me and they were all smiling at me. I also saw elaborate Chinese architecture in the sky. The buildings were golden and shiny and so beautiful. In a moment however, I saw the earth suddenly crack open and the crack was several meters wide, and dirt and water were flowing into the crack with a gurgling sound. The crops were all mature, but suddenly a big fire burnt everything into ashes, and on the ground, pus and blood were mixed together and were all over the place, and it was very disgusting...

Then I saw blue sky, but a dark cloud blocked it. I saw white balls like ping pong balls floating in the sky. Some flew higher, some dropped to the earth, and some stayed in the sky without moving upward or downward. This perhaps means that the ones flying up are Falun Dafa practitioners, the ones staying are human, and the ones dropping down are surely going to hell. Suddenly, a light column appeared next to me, it went right to the top of the sky, and from the bottom to the top, there were rings spinning and moving upward along the column, and they turned into golden color at the top. All this was very fascinating. From the bottom of my feet, three silver-white nets flew away from me, and I felt a comfort that I had never felt before. While I was listening to the Fa lecture, the scenes appeared in front of my eyes without stopping. When I was tired of sitting too long, I lay down and continued listening to the Fa. As soon as I lay down, I felt a big warm hand holding me up at my lower back at a height of half a foot and put me down, and this went on nine times. I felt very comfortable. I knew that our benevolent Teacher was adjusting my body. Feeling a warm current flowing through my body again and again, I was extremely happy.

Things went on like this from 10pm on January 11 till 2:30am the next morning. While I was listening to the Fa, scenes like this appeared again and again in front of my eyes. I truly experienced the wonderfulness and magnificence of Falun Dafa.

I could stand up and walk the next day, and I needed nobody to support me and help me to go to the bathroom. I studied the Fa with my wife and daughter, sent forth righteous thoughts and practiced the exercises together. While I was practicing the exercises, as soon as my mind wandered, Teacher would immediately show up next to me wearing a white exercise suit, and there was a mountain next to Teacher. When I held the wheel on top of my head, Teacher would also hold the wheel on top of the head, and my mind would stop wandering. As soon as I started practicing the exercises, my hands would have two beams of white light, which made my hands very warm. If I wanted to see, a lotus flower three or four meters in diameter would appear in front of me. Its petals were extremely bright, and it had an extremely bright white light column, and the petals would dance up and down as if they were greeting me.

These are what I saw at my level. I just wanted to share this with my fellow practitioners to let them know that Teacher is protecting us and holding us up at every moment, so as not to let us stumble. Everyday we are bathed in the Buddha's light. Let us treasure this precious chance and improve diligently. On the path of validating Dafa, clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings, let's do well the three things that Teacher has asked us to do. Let's study the Fa well and get rid of all kinds of attachments, assist Teacher in the human world, fulfill our great prehistoric vows, and follow Teacher to go home.