(Clearwisdom.net) In early 2002 a factory held a staff management meeting with as many as one hundred managers and technical specialists. The factory head, who was also the party secretary of the factory, presented a speech, during which he articulated the ideological status in the factory. He said seriously, "In our factory, the ideological cultivation among Dafa practitioners is very high. We support Falun Gong practice."

He then told what he had experienced, "After the 2001 salary adjustment, a Dafa practitioner worker walked into my office. I asked him how I could help him. He said that he would like to discuss the salary issue. I was hesitant and repeated that salary adjustments for workers were established on a pre-defined document, and that I knew he had worked very hard and desired a better rate, but he had to understand the situation. After listening, he smiled and said, 'Secretary, please listen to me. I did get a high rate of salary adjustment; it was higher than that received by my team leader. However, my team leader worked very hard and was very productive. Therefore, I would like to give the difference in pay rate to my team leader, because he is more deserving and I feel that I am doing the right thing because I am a Dafa practitioner.' I (the party secretary) was shocked. I did not expect this at all. Looking at his sincere and serious face, I released a long breath. It is really difficult to find people like that these days."

As soon as the factory head finished his talk, the deputy stood up and said, "I would like to add a few words and say that Falun Gong practitioners do not do bad things, as their Master has taught them well."

There was silence at the meeting. People were shocked by what they heard from their Party secretary and deputy head, and were moved by the evidence. Actually, the secretary wanted to make a point that, "This sacrifice did not occur to many of us. The party members and managers didn't do such a noble thing, but this unassuming Dafa practitioner did."

The deputy head's additional comments were based on fully understanding this individual. This particular Dafa practitioner was a factory salesperson who does a lot of traveling. When he is on a business trip, he stands for the factory. Buyers often take him out for dinner, using various methods to bribe him in order to get a good deal. However, he would only do the right thing and refuse any inducement, the first time, the second time, year after year, as the factory head had observed. The deputy head asked the practitioner why he could consistently do the right thing without fail. The Dafa practitioner repeated that, "Our Master asks us to do good things." That was why Dafa practitioners are so good, as emphasized by the vice president in the meeting.

In reality, Dafa practitioners' behavior was very good and the practitioners' work teammates were in agreement that they are good people. There was a lot of discussion at that meeting, "They are good people, but the government does not allow them to practice, and fabricates lies about Falun Gong. There is no doubt that they are good, as can be seen by their actions."

People want a good social environment, a noble general mood of society, and a healthy body. Falun Gong practitioners can make those things happen and they actually did.

Actually, when people know the truth of Falun Dafa and understand what's good and bad, and how it relates to everyone, it will be clear what needs to be protected and what needs to be resisted, because this determines everyone's future life.