(Clearwisdom.net) On February 15, 2004, Master published a new article, "Stop the Evil Acts with Righteous Thoughts." I have enlightened to the fact that this is Master's enormous mercy and compassion, unseen since heaven separated from earth, to give us Dafa practitioners greater abilities in the surface dimension, in order to more effectively stop persecution and warn against other manifestations of evil. The purpose of these abilities is to stop people from committing crimes against gods, and thereby save more sentient beings. Actually, Master has talked about this in many of his articles. As long as Dafa practitioners genuinely follow Master's teachings, then they can also manifest their supernormal abilities in the surface dimension. The following describes how, with righteous thoughts, I was able to stop the police and others in the forced labor camp from committing evil acts.

Prior to my detention in the forced labor camp, I had already had many experiences of using righteous thoughts to stop others from committing evil acts.

On October 1, 2000, I was arrested in Tiananmen Square and taken to a police substation in Beijing's Changping County. A police officer there tortured me by making me stand for a long period of time, and tried to persecute me even further. At that time I didn't know that righteous thoughts could stop the evil acts, but I recited Master's poem "Mighty Virtue" (1)

"Dafa never leaves the body,
Heart contains Zhen-Shan-Ren;
A great Arhat in the world,
Spirits and ghosts fear the most."

This stopped the police officer that had been committing evil deeds. At first, I was silently reciting while he was standing right in front of me, staring into my face. He turned to my side and whispered, "What are you doing?"

"I'm reciting my Teacher's verses," I replied, and then began reciting them aloud. As soon as he heard them, he turned in fear and ran from the interrogation room. After a long time, he finally came back and asked me to sit and talk with him. Following that, his attitude was much improved. This was the first time that I ever experienced the wonder of Dafa stopping evil in the surface dimension. When I first read Master's new article "Dafa Disciples' Righteous Thoughts are Powerful,"(2) prior to being detained in the forced labor camp, it made me feel very good, and I was able to memorize the article very quickly. During the more than seven hundred days spent in the detention center and forced labor camp, I recited this as well as other articles from Master almost every day. Only because of the divine power of Dafa and Master's benevolent caring for us were my righteous thoughts able to stop the evil acts in the forced labor camp, allowing me to walk away from that hell that exists in the human world.

  1. Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts to Keep Police and Others from Slandering Master
  2. In conversations with the police and others of ill intention in the forced labor camp, if they slandered Master, I would try to stop them with kind words. If this person listened and seemed influenced, I might continue talking; but if he would not listen, then I would send forth righteous thoughts. Normally, I could stop their evildoing. In conversation with those who seemed affected by my persuasion, I would ask them not to directly call my Master's name. Whenever they needed to mention Master, I instructed them to say, "your Master." I told them that in speaking this way, they would only benefit themselves and I was telling them this for their own good. When speaking like this, I brought forth a kind of great compassionate thought. This way, most of them would listen to me, and I would send forth righteous thoughts to stop those who did not listen. I could not let them disrespect Master in my presence.

  3. Using Righteous Thoughts to Stop the Brainwashing
  4. The forced labor camp would force Falun Dafa practitioners and other prisoners to watch CCTV's programs that slandered Falun Gong. When we watched them as a group, I observed them carefully and then, in the discussion session that usually followed, I would speak first and disclose how the content of the program was deceiving people, and point out how malicious it was. Usually after I finished speaking, the so-called discussion was either hastily ended, or even more people came to understand the shameless slander and attempts to frame Falun Gong by CCTV. The officials later decided to no longer force me to watch the programs with the group, and I would firmly refuse whenever they tried to force me to watch the slanderous programs alone.

    While I was held in a brainwashing class within the forced labor camp, they had specially setup a TV, VCD and video player in my room. I firmly refused to watch, so they had no choice but to give up trying to force it on me. After multiple terms of continual brainwashing for many days at a time, I was not the least bit shaken and I became even more steadfast in firmly cultivating Dafa.

    Later, they again illegally detained me alone in the so-called "psychological treatment room," which was yet another kind of persecution. Again, I refused when they requested that I watch slanderous videos. Some of them asked me, "Why do you willingly watch them in a group, yet refuse to watch them alone?"

    I said, "I'm very sure that all of these programs you want us to watch are all full of slander and lies, but there are some people who are not so self-assured, and who don't recognize them as lies. When I watch the videos in a group, I do it to clarify the truth to the others. Now you want me to watch them alone, but I have known all along that they are all lies, intended to deliberately deceive and harm others. It's a waste of time and electricity for our country, and no good could ever come of it."

    Just like that, I sternly spoke with a sense of justice to resist, and I've never once watched any of these evil videos alone.

    They asked me many times to read books that slander Falun Gong, and I always refused. When they saw that I would not read them, they read them aloud to me. Then I would send forth righteous thoughts to the book and to the reader of the book. Soon, this person could not continue reading any longer.

    In the forced labor camp, evil manifests in many kinds of brainwashing tricks, and I have broken them all by clarifying the truth, sending forth righteous thoughts and conducting myself with righteous thoughts. Their conspiracy could not succeed but made many people wake up, to a certain extent, to the knowledge that Falun Dafa is good and that our Master is great.

  5. Sending Righteous Thoughts to Stop Evil Acts
  1. When I was first sent to the forced labor camp, we were not allowed a regular sleep time for over ten days. Each night, we were kept awake until past midnight and then forced to get up around four or five o'clock. This situation continued for over ten days. I felt that it was not right, so I began sending forth righteous thoughts for over half an hour before going to sleep each night. Then, despite the objections of the jail cell leader, I was determined to get some sleep. The jail cell leader was left with no choice but to give up this kind of torture.
  2. On my first night in the forced labor camp, one jail cell leader called the four of us Falun Dafa practitioners into a dark room to listen to his warning speech. He sat in the chair, and asked us to squat in front of him. I thought, "Who is he to be giving a warning speech to us? I should send forth righteous thoughts." Immediately after I began silently reciting the powerful Fa-rectification formula, someone called him for something, and his speech was then ended.
  3. Once, a prisoner cursed Dafa and Dafa practitioners with very foul language, so I sent forth righteous thoughts to him with my eyes open. At first, he sat on the bed next to me while I looked him square in the eye and sent forth righteous thoughts to him. He suddenly fell to the bed complaining, "Oh, I have a miserable headache! It feels like my head is cracking open!" He then got up and ran from the room. We heard later that this prisoner had vomited blood at least three times. After this incident, he never again dared to treat Falun Gong practitioners as badly as he had done previously.
  4. I would often send forth righteous thoughts during the nightly roll call, sometimes with eyes open and sometimes with eyes closed. Once, while I was sending forth righteous thoughts with my eyes closed, a prisoner tried to stop me. At that moment, it felt like I was being attacked by a black shadow. Unconsciously, I waved my right hand upward without touching the prisoner's body. When I heard a strange sound, like "Dong," I opened my eyes to see that the prisoner had fallen and was sitting on the floor about one or two meters from me, staring at me with a wide-eyed look of terror. Without a word, he stood up and went back to his original spot. The next day, he vowed to never again interfere with my sending forth righteous thoughts, and even offered to pass information and things to other Falun Gong practitioners for me.
  5. Another time, I saw that several prisoners had surrounded a Dafa practitioner and were beating him, so I loudly shouted, "Stop the beating!" The raised hands of the aggressors immediately stopped in mid-air, and the brutal beating was abruptly ended.
  6. Whenever I had conversations with the police, if they appeared to be malicious, I would send forth righteous thoughts with eyes open. Once, a police officer asked me what I was doing, and I replied, "I'm sending forth righteous thoughts."

"Sending forth righteous thoughts for what?" he asked.

"Sending forth righteous thoughts is to eliminate the evil factors that influence you; that is, evil beings that exist in other dimensions. So I am saving you from their harm." He became silent, and afterwards it was obvious that his attitude had improved a great deal.

I could often stop the evil acts of police and others in the forced labor camp because of our great Master's compassionate salvation and the supernormal ability that we have received from Buddha's infinite grace. Each day, I would recite Master's articles of almost ten-thousand characters in length. No matter whether I was working or resting, as long as I had not yet completed reciting all the articles that I could remember, I would find the time to do so. Because I recited the Fa, I never felt overheated during the three ten-day periods of hot summer weather, nor did I ever get chilled during the nine cold spells following the winter solstice. I never allowed the police or anyone else to persecute me at their whim, nor would I even listen to any arrangements of the old forces. I just conducted myself according to the way Master has taught us, and Master would watch over me, help me and care for me. I often tell people, "Because I cultivate Falun Dafa, I am the happiest person in the world."

Simply because we have Master and the Fa, our clarifying of the truth is effective, and our sending forth righteous thoughts is imbued with divine power. We can manifest supernormal abilities while assisting Master in the human world; and thus fulfill our magnificent oath and wish, made in prehistoric times, to save sentient beings.

  1. From Hong Yin, January 6, 1996
  2. From Falun Dafa Essentials for Further Advancement II, April 2001