Postdoctoral Research Fellow at Harbin Institute of Technology Dr. Lin Yanqing Disabled in Labor Camp; Police Arrest his Wife and Parents-in-law (Photos)

March 14, 2004

( On December 4, 2003, reported that Dr. Lin Yanqing, a Postdoctoral research fellow at Harbin Institute of Technology, was again illegally sentenced to three years of forced labor by the "610 Office" after he was disabled from the persecution. [The "610 Office" is an agency specifically created to persecute Falun Gong, with absolute power over each level of administration in the Party and all other political and judiciary systems.] Ref: Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr. Lin Yanqing Remains Illegally Detained Even After Losing Seven Fingers as a Result of the Persecution (Photos))

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Xu Zhaotong (father), Li Fengying (mother), Xu Lei (daughter) and little Huixuan (granddaughter)

Lin Huixuan Xu Lei and Lin Huixuan

In 2001, Dr. Lin Yanqing's wife (Xu Lei, 32) and parents-in-law (Xu Zhaotong, 62; Li Fengying, 55), who were mentioned in the above news, were forced to become destitute and homeless in order to avoid being illegally arrested from their home. On the afternoon of February 19, 2004, they were arrested in Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province. Allegedly, at that time, the "610 Office" sent twenty or thirty policemen to arrest an elderly couple (Dr. Lin Yanqing's parents-in-law), a woman (Dr. Lin Yanqing's wife) and a little child (5-year-old Lin Huixuan, Dr. Lin Yanqing's daughter). The group of police included the policemen from the First Section of Harbin City Public Security Bureau and the local police station, the policemen sent from Beijing City (Shijingshan Police Station and Beijing City Public Security Bureau), as well as the security personnel from the Railroad Construction General Company where Lin Yanqing's in-laws worked before. Facing the group of angry police, Mr. Xu Zhaotong, Ms. Li Fengying and Ms. Xu Lei displayed a Dafa practitioners' persistently peaceful nature, which made it look ridiculous that so many police were needed. After Dr. Lin Yanqing's wife and parents-in-law were arrested, the wicked people planned to take them back to Beijing. Little Huixuan was forcibly taken away from the people she loves most, and separated from her mother. It is unimaginable what pain her little heart has suffered. Currently, the little girl is in the care of another relative.

Mr. Xu Zhaotong, Ms. Li Fengying and Ms. Xu Lei have practiced Falun Gong since the beginning of 1998. On January 1, 2001, they traveled to Tiananmen Square to appeal. They were arrested and released many days later. During the time she was held, Ms. Li Fengying's face was wounded. At that time, Ms. Xu Lei worked in a bank in Beijing and was an outstanding employee. She was forced to quit her job simply because she practiced Falun Gong and helped other practitioners who went to Beijing to appeal (She arranged for fellow practitioners to stay in her home and her employer found this out.) Even after they were forced to leave their home in 2001, the police continued to go to their hometowns: Yuncheng City, Shandong Province, Harbin City and Quanzhou City, Fujian Province, many times. The police also threatened and harassed Lin's relatives with indecent means many times.

Moreover, Dr. Lin Yanqing's own situation is also very dangerous. With regards to Dr. Lin's illegal forced labor camp sentence, apparently, neither he nor his family signed the document giving their consent. His appeal to the sentence of forced labor (Administration Reconsideration) was rejected without reason. Recently, Dr. Lin was detained in Lujiang Drug Rehabilitation Center, which is located at 47 Kuaian Road, Fuzhou, Fujian Province. The wicked persons became panicky after they were exposed on and did not dare answer their phones. However, they will not repent but proceed with more intensive persecution. Formerly, Dr. Lin's mother could visit him once a month. However, he was deprived of visitation rights for the past two consecutive months. Even during the Chinese New Year, Lin's mother did not see her beloved son even once. Recently, she was allowed to see Dr. Lin. Currently, Dr. Lin Yanqing is in solitary confinement in the forced labor camp because he persists in upholding his beliefs. He is not allowed to go out of the prison cell, even at mealtime.

In addition, the reason for Dr. Lin's arrest this last time was that Dr. Lin Yanqing and his family requested to register their permanent residence in Quanzhou, Fujian Province; however, the local police rejected this legal request without reason. They took him away to the brainwashing class using the excuse that Lin's uncooperativeness hindered their "work performance"; later, Dr. Lin, who has been disabled by the persecution, was sentenced to forced labor. Simply because of his beliefs, he is deprived of a citizen's most basic rights to have legal residence and is sentenced to forced labor although he has lost the ability to work. Is this a portrait of the human rights' "best period" as claimed by Jiang's regime?

Currently, the situations of Dr. Lin Yanqing, Ms. Xu Lei, Mr. Xu Zhaotong and Ms. Li Fengying are very dangerous. The situation of little Huixuan, who will soon be old enough for school, is even more worrisome. We call on all virtuous people to help them. We call on the international community and every human rights organization to help them. Help the elderly parents get their innocent son back; help the little child get her loving parents back. We also admonish all of the police, and other lawless personnel of the "610 Office" who took part in this unlawful activity, to stop this persecution and make amends before it is too late. Those who persecute Dafa practitioners bear heavy sins.

The following are the addresses and telephone numbers of the responsible parties.

The detention center where Lin Yanqing is detained: Fujian Province's Drug Rehabilitation Center

Area code of Fuzhou city: 591

The Forced Drug Rehabilitation:

Telephone Exchange: 3971679

Finance Office: 3970777

Politics Section: 3973300

Department: 3975781, 3970666

Administration Office: 3970780; the last name of the head of the Administration Office is Tang. It is a central phone. All inner phones are transferred by them and they are in charge of administering all brigades.

Police Hu Bo in the 9th Brigade (the person responsible directly to the persecution) 13600886642 (cell)

Fuzhou City's Public Security Bureau: 7557705

The Political Section of Forced Labor Education Administration Committee of Fujian Province's Public Security Department: 7857808

Area code of Harbin City: 451

Mailroom of Harbin Public Security Bureau: 84615818

Telephone Exchange: 84661144

The First Section in Charge of Falun Gong: 84661047, 84661049

Please refer the following websites for more telephone numbers of Harbin City Public Security Bureau (Add "8" in front of each phone number due to the increase of the digits of each phone number):

Area code of Beijing City: 10

Beijing City Public Security Bureau:

No. 9 Qianmen Dongdajie Street, Dongcheng District, 65128871

Liu De: Secretary of Party Committee of Beijing City Public Security Bureau

Ma Zhenchuan: Director of Beijing City Public Security Bureau

Shijingshan Branch of Beijing City Public Security Bureau: 68873814

Bajiao Police Station of Shijingshan Branch of Beijing City Public Security Bureau: 68873077

Babaoshan Police Station of Beijing City Public Security Bureau: 68852234

The telephone numbers of the work unit where Lin Yanqing's parents-in-law worked before:

Information Directory Desk of the General Hospital of China Railroad Construction General Company: 010-51888114

Telephone Exchange: 010-68866288

Director of Party Committee Office: Xie Hongfeng, 010-51880203 (home)

Dean of General Hospital of China Railroad Construction General Company: Yin Rui, 010-51888980 (home).

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