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Zhengzhou Dafa practitioner Song Xu, 31, graduated from the Institute of Economics and Trading which is part of Agriculture University located in Henan Province in 1998. Since July 20, 1999, he has gone to Beijing several times to appeal on behalf of Falun Gong. In November 2002, Song Xu was again arrested and secretly sentenced to eleven years. Since his arrest, he has been on hunger strike to protest the persecution. As a result he is now extremely weak and is bedridden. The prison refuses to release him.

Song Xu was arrested on February 4, 2001, and sent to the Zhengzhou Baimiao Forced Labor Camp where he was subjected to inhumane torture for remaining steadfast in Falun Gong. On the night of February 9, policemen tied Song's hands and feet to the two ends of a bed and stuck socks in his mouth to silence him. They then flipped the bed over and left him hanging in this position for nine hours. His hands and feet were so swollen that the rope to tie his hands and feet could no longer be seen. The pain he suffered was unbearable but he could not utter a word because his mouth was gagged with socks. The Unit Head waited till the next day before he cut the ropes. Yet the Unit Head savagely shook his feet, which caused him to suffer tremendously. Song was not able to walk as a result of the torture. Yet when he needed to use the bathroom, authorities stripped him naked in sub-zero temperature weather and carried him to an open pit toilet on a cement floor. After he was finished, the labor camp personnel shoved a stick into his rectum, then used a hose to spray his anus with cold water.

In order to protest this unjustified persecution, Song Xu began a hunger strike, during which time the policemen pried open his mouth and forced a concentrated saline solution through his nose. He was on a hunger strike for more than seventy days. In mid June, Song became emaciated and weak. His blood pressure dropped to 70/20. It was not until he was in critical condition that he was released for medical treatment.

On November 10, 2002, Song went to visit a friend who was recovering from a hospital stay. On his way a policemen grabbed him by the hair, twisted his arms and took him to the Zhengzhou police station by force where the policemen deprived him of sleep for three days and nights. As soon as he dozed off they hit him. They put him in handcuffs and shackles and dragged him along the cement floor by the shackles. His palms were lacerated from the abrasion and became infected. During his seven-day stay in the police station, he was beaten almost daily.

On March 7 and 8, 2003, in a small room on the second floor of the Jinshui District Court House, without notifying his family, without the public witnessing the proceedings, and with the presence of a few policemen, Song was secretly sentenced to eleven years in prison. Afterwards, Wang, an instructor from the Wenhua Road police station, told Song's family, "Don't appeal Song's case. It's useless to tell anybody. Song Xu's case will not be overturned."

We were told that since his arrest on November 10, 2002, Song has been on a hunger strike. He has become extremely emaciated and has become as thin as a stick. He stays in bed all day long. After being on a hunger strike for fifty days, he showed symptoms of acidosis and was sent to a hospital for emergency care where he was guarded by numerous military policemen. He was denied visitation rights from anyone. Several of his friends were arrested and detained in detention center for trying to locate him.

A while ago Song was detained in a prison in Xinmi County. He cannot take care of himself and his life is in danger. His family has made requests many times to let him out on bail for medical treatment but the prison refused their requests.