(Clearwisdom.net) In the beginning of February 2004, most public roads were covered by heavy snow in many villages of Qingshan County, Yushu City, Jilin Province, and travel by vehicle was treacherous. In order to bring convenience to everyone, Falun Gong practitioners in Nianyu Village, Qingshan County overcame the cold weather and shoveled the snow from public roads. The longest road they cleaned up was around three miles. The traffic was brought back to normal.

Pedestrians and drivers gave their regards to Falun Gong practitioners when they passed by. Falun Gong practitioners put up a sign "Falun Dafa is good!" in the snow and told people, "The reason we do this is because we practice Falun Gong."

On February 20th, the fourth day of snow shoveling, many people participated in removing the snow, including an old lady in her eighties and young children. At that time, a vehicle from Qingshan Police Station was trapped in the snow and could not move. Falun Gong practitioners helped to dig out and salvage the vehicle. One hour later, three vehicles from Yushu City 110 Police, which was 40 miles away, and Qingshan Police Station arrived. Many policemen came and arrested at least 16 Falun Gong practitioners, including Ms. Liu who was over eighty years old. They were forced into the police vehicles and put in Yushu City Detention Center. Afterwards, their homes were searched. The reason was that they were Falun Gong practitioners and they did good deeds in public; therefore their homes were searched and they were arrested.

The same night, the No. 6 Division of the Changchun City Police Department surrounded the biggest bathing center of Yushu City to arrest sinister, underground gang gamblers, and the head members were taken to Changchun City. Afterwards, the Chief of Yushu City Police Department, Fan Hongguang, immediately went to Changchun to plead for the gamblers' acquittal.

People from Yushu City talked about these two incidents that happened on the same day. Local residents all said, "People are arrested for their good deeds while policeman plead for mercy for gangsters. What law is this?"

The Falun Gong practitioners who were unlawfully arrested for their good deeds are: Zhang Liyou, Zhang Junyan, Zhou Qiling, Liu Yujun, Liu Decheng and his wife, Wang Deyun, Yang Deyun, Wang Yuhua, Chen Wenbin and his wife, Chen Xiuyun, Wang Zhonghua, Guan Xiang, Bo Haiqin, Qi Jun's wife

Policeman Responsible:

Chief of Yushu City Qingshan Police Station, Zhang Dezhi (Note: He has arrested many Falun Gong practitioners.)

Qingshan Police Station Telephone, 86-431-3055110

(Dial country code and area code 86-431 before all numbers below except cell phone numbers)

Officials of Yushu City Police Department and Patrol Police Division:

Fan Hongguang, 3630472(work), 3621128(home), 86-13904390009(cell)

An Qifan, 3643101(work), 3660333(home), 86-13904395259(cell)

Song Desheng, 3630473(work), 3660038(home), 86-13904395586(cell)

Ma Ming, 3639266(work), 3628488(home), 86-13904395368(cell)

Su Wenxiang, 3627429(work), 3613666(home), 86-13904395309(cell)

Li Wei, 3630475(work), 3625850(home), 86-13904395008(cell)

Chen Junru, 3623706(work), 3646138(home), 86-13904390855(cell)

Cao Lizhong, 3620668(home), 86-13944058888(cell)

Political and Security Division of Yushu City Public Safety Bureau:

Zhang Deqing, 3650116(work), 86-13630547970(cell)

Zhou Xianguo, 3633042(work), 86-13630530976(cell)

Liu Guilan, 3660089(work), 86-13630547782(cell)

Shi Hailin, 3628540(work), 3638540(work), 86-13844150532(cell)

Sun Tiejun, 3636238(work), 86-13180876268(cell)

Qi Li, 3624887(work), 86-13844956168(cell)

Chen Lihui, 3643559(work)

Chai Wenge, 3638154(work), 86-13089427353(cell)

Han Yueyan, 3615012(home), 86-13504491096(cell)

Hao Lijuan, 3621165(home), 86-13943753899(cell)

Liu Yanzheng, 3644889(home), 86-13944953838(cell)

Li Chunhe, 3642293(home), 86-13944849448(cell)

Zuo Liang, 3631089(home), 86-13504791490(cell)

Yushu City "610 Office" Staff, members of Political and Judiciary Committee:

Li Fenglin, 3648634(work), 3630197(home), 86-13180991109(cell)

Sun Zhongxin, 3635235(work), 3658366(home), 86-13504396350(cell)

Feng Yuquan, 3632223(work), 3660312(home), 86-13844955566(cell)

Zhang Shulin, 3648734(work), 3624050(home), 86-13578846655(cell)

"610 Office" Staff

Wang Fengqing, 3615545(home), 86-13578624671(cell), 3622932(work)

Zhao Qingshuang, 6344063(home), 86-13943155700(cell)

Shi Weining, 3631555(home), 86-13944051353(cell)

Bai Zhenjun, 3637878(home), 8219058(work)

Zhen Shengli, 3614320(home), 86-13504495531(cell)

Xie Qinglong, 3650881(home), 86-13943159868(cell)

Wang Shuai, 3627222(home), 86-13630549590(cell)