(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Tang Jianping was a 29 year old Falun Gong practitioner from Weiyuan County, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province. He had been detained in the Weiyuan Detention Center several times for his determination in practicing Falun Gong. The police tortured him by various means, causing him to become unconscious from the beating and torture. He was deprived of sleep for ten days and nights. Later, Tang Jianping was transferred to a labor camp. During that period of time, his internal injuries became worse. He experienced swelling of the chest and abdomen, difficulty ingesting food and water, vomiting blood, and blood in his urine. He was released in early 2002, and his health became worse and worse. He died after vomiting a large amount of blood on August 28th, 2002. (An earlier report of his death can be found at http://www.clearwisdom.net/emh/articles/2003/1/18/31047.html)

Tang Jianping was a Team Ten resident of the Fifth Street Region of Yanling Town, Weiyuan County, Neijiang City, Sichuan Province. He was kind and modest. After he began practicing Falun Gong, he lived his life according to the standard of "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance." His neighbors all praised him for being a good young man. He used to work for the Kangda Company in Weiyuan County, where he worked hard without resentment or complaint, taking on difficult jobs first and thinking about others at all times. Therefore, he was highly thought of by his fellow coworkers. Tang Jianping was married in 1997, and had a son in 1998, named Tang Zihang. The whole family was very happy and peaceful.

In October 1999, Tang Jianping went to appeal in Beijing according to the citizen's rights guaranteed by the Chinese constitution and spoke favorably of Falun Gong based upon his personal experience. As a result, he was illegally detained in Beijing and was then taken to the Weiyuan Detention Center where he was persecuted for not renouncing his belief in Falun Gong.

On July 20, 2000, Jianping and other fellow practitioners went to Beijing the second time and were beaten by police in Tiananmen Square. He was later sent to the Weiyuan Detention Center, where he was subjected to inhuman torture. Under the direction of police, the regular prisoners used every means possible to torture him. They would beat him unconscious, and then revive him with cold water. One time he remained unconscious for the whole day. His entire body was covered with wounds, and his nose bled from being severely injured. After his release, he began to vomit blood frequently. His workplace was forced to dismiss him. At that time, his wife lost her job as well. This threw the family into poverty. Tang Jianping then had to do hard labor in order to make a living.

On October 1, 2000, Falun Gong practitioners hung up banners such as "Falun Dafa is good!" everywhere in Weiyuan County in order to resist the persecution and protect the people from being deceived by lies. The county "610 office" and the public security office mass arrested Falun Gong practitioners, including Tang Jianping, who was illegally arrested again. This time, he suffered severely in both body and mind in the detention center.

The police interrogated him over 90 times using coercion and threats. The police even thought it was a first to treat a detained person this way. Instigated by the police, the prisoners tortured Tang Jianping for a long time. The police were still not satisfied, so they whipped him with bamboo sticks [Note: the flexible bamboo makes a brutal weapon, causing extreme pain and damage to the skin]. They used many inhuman ways to torture him, such as using shackles, handcuffs, etc. Tang Jianping never gave in to the evil. He insisted on his constitutional right to his belief, that "Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance" is good, and no one should be found guilty for being a good person and speaking the truth.

Tang Jianpiing was brutally tortured and degraded using the following means:

  1. Beaten unconscious; a dozen prisoners beat him unconscious then revived him with cold water;
  2. Using a stiff brush on his anus until it bled;
  3. Ripping off his pubic hair with force by pushing him down;
  4. Jabbing his Yintang acupoint (a very sensitive point between the eyebrows) with the middle finger constantly until it became swollen and bloody;
  5. Forcing him to eat cigarette butts from off the ground;
  6. One prisoner punched him from one side, then another prisoner punched him back from the other side, until he fell unconscious;
  7. The criminals hit his ankles with the soles of shoes causing them to swell and disabling him;
  8. Depriving him of sleep for ten days and nights. He was tortured in the day and not allowed to sleep at night. This sort of pain was even worse than death;
  9. Stripping off all his clothes; the prisoners rode on his back and lower back, treating him like and animal and forcing him to crawl on the ground by pulling his ears;
  10. Each prisoner slapped his face 6 times, and his cheeks became immediately very swollen;
  11. Each prisoner punched his chest three times until he fainted, then revived him with cold water.

In 2001, the family had no income and couldn't sustain itself due to Tang Jianping's long-term detention. Tang's wife became very scared and worried. In this situation, she couldn't endure such pressure and she divorced Tang Jianping. That left only a two-year-old son and an elderly grandparent in the family. A once happy family was broken up because of this persecution ordered by Jiang Zemin (former leader of China, but currently directing the persecution behind the scenes). At that time, Tang Jianping's health had deteriorated to the extreme, but instead of releasing him, the police put him in the Xinhua Labor Camp, Mianyang City, for one-and-a-half years to face further persecution until he could be forced to renounce his belief in Falun Gong. During that period of time, his internal injuries became worse. He experienced swelling of the chest and abdomen, difficulty ingesting food and water, vomiting blood, and bloody urination. The labor camp didn't allow the Weiyuan Public Security bureau to notify Tang's mother until then. His mother took him home on January 8, 2002, on the Chinese lunar calendar. His parents borrowed money in vain to heal his injures. His health became worse and worse, until on August 28, 2002, Tang Jianping died alone at home due to a large amount of bleeding. The false charges against him were never cleared.

Note: People from all different levels of society are urged to investigate Tang Jianping's case. Tang's mother is Yuan Jinrong; her phone number is 86-832-8228078.