(Clearwisdom.net) I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. Before then, I had a seriously interrupted heartbeat. Sometimes while riding a bicycle, I would suddenly lose my vision completely and fall unconscious. Therefore, I was accompanied by my fellow workers on my way to and from work, in case I might fall from my bicycle. I also had a badly herniated disc in my lumbar vertebra. When I became seriously ill, I could not talk, cough, or yawn and could not take care of myself, much less to do housework. Once after I got ill, I lay in bed for half a year. The leader of my work unit came to see me and told me that I would be fired in six months if I could not go to work. Therefore I struggled to get to work yet always fell sick during working hours. I was a bookkeeper. If I worked for a while at my accounting job, I would not be able to straighten up at my waist and my joints would dislocate. When this happened, I couldn't go to work for several days. I could do nothing but fret about it. I also had problems with my cervical vertebra, swollen shoulder joints, swollen fingers, and serious joint pain in both legs. Furthermore, my two legs could not bend, and water was stored up in the hollow of my right knee forming a lump like an egg. I don't remember how many injections I had taken in nerve block therapy, but it never was truly effective.

I had tried different hospitals in Beijing many times but the situation never improved. From the bottom of my heart I felt sick and tired of my health and life. Due to a third party's interference, my husband often didn't come home, and our family was close to breaking up. This mental suffering was hard to describe. At the time, my kids were 14 and 9 years old, and they needed my care. Therefore, I suffered the pain every day and lived only for the sake of my kids. My face was constantly awash with tears as I went through the motions of daily living.

Just when things couldn't get any worse, I fortunately discovered Falun Dafa. On the third day of practicing, I saw the turning Law Wheel, and on the fifth day, my menstruation came back after being absent for more than two years. My heart problems, herniated disc in my lumbar vertebra, problems with my cervical vertebra, swollen shoulder joints, and serious joint pain in both legs and other illnesses and pains all disappeared like a cloud of smoke. I knew that Teacher had purified my body and heart. I really experienced the situation of having a light body without any illness and great spiritual and physical well-being. While walking or riding a bicycle, I felt like I was being pushed forward by a wind at my back, with my legs and body so light they felt as if they would fly off with the wind. This was something I'd never experienced before.

From that time on, I have been reading Dafa books eagerly, always feeling in the bottom of my heart that this Dafa is what I had been waiting for during all my years of bitter struggles and painful endurance. I had almost no mental barriers, and the process of comprehending the ideas in the books was always quick. Dafa has brought to light why a person has disasters, tribulations, hardships and diseases, which has unlocked my sealed heart and lifted me from the bitter sea of suffering. Whenever I had time, I would go together with fellow practitioners to the countryside to spread Falun Dafa, hoping that more people could learn this wonderful practice and benefit from it.

In Falun Dafa Essentials for Further Advancement ("Sickness Karma"), Teacher said,

"This is why I have said that all of today's mankind has come to this point with karma rolling on top of karma; besides sickness-karma, a person has other kinds of karma as well. So people have hardships, tribulations, and tensions in their lives. How could they only pursue happiness without paying for karma? People nowadays have so much karma that they are soaked in it, and they will encounter unpleasant things at any time and in any situation. Bad things await a person the moment he steps out the door. When there are disagreements, however, people do not endure them and fail to realize that they are paying off their karma from the past. If a person is not treated well by others, he will treat others even worse, thereby producing new karma before paying for the old. This makes society's moral values decline daily, ..."

The more I read Dafa books the broader and brighter my heart became and the more clearly I understood that what one has suffered in his life must have its reasons. Now, I have no complaints or hatred toward anything or anybody, and I no longer dwell on those people and things that once hurt me.

The political gang headed by Jiang has used its power and propaganda to spread lies and to form their "court with one person laying down the law." This has poisoned the Chinese people. I will tell all people, using my own experiences, that we practitioners just want to be kind people. We only strive to continuously purify our bodies and hearts, gradually reaching a higher realm where we always consider other people before ourselves. By giving each practitioner a healthy body and thus reducing the burden for families and all of society, Falun Gong is a good practice that has only advantages for any country or any nationality. I hope that all people have the right understanding of Falun Dafa, and that they will treat Dafa and Dafa practitioners well. I also want to sternly warn the evil gang headed by Jiang and Luo that history is fair and righteous. In the end, good will be rewarded with good, and evil with evil. The issue of who is right and who is wrong will soon become very clear to all.